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Tomato "Dubrava": characteristics and description of the variety

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A variety that has a truly Russian name is immediately associated with something good, powerful. Indeed, the “Dubrava” tomato, although it has a compact bush size, is on average no more than 45 cm, it is densely covered with foliage, its fruits organically merge into the overall picture. There is a second name for tomato, which can often be seen along with the first one on the package - it is “Oak”.

Reviews about tomato "Dubrava" even seasoned summer residents leave very good. Someone prefers to grow it at home on the window, someone in a loggia, someone in the country, which characterizes the variety as universal and capable of producing good yields in different conditions. It is also worth noting that tomatoes "Dubrava" will not require you to expend time and effort. For that you like and love. So let's talk about the characteristics and description of the culture.

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Characteristics and description of the variety

  • Culture refers to the species with early ripening. You can harvest the first harvest of tasty fruits in about 85-110 days.
  • The tomato develops well in the years when summer is not very warm, as is the case with heat. He does not react to temperature drops on the street.
  • Productivity tomato gives good. For a temperate climate, it is somewhere around 5 kg or more.
  • It is noteworthy that this species does not need to stepchild, which greatly saves time and effort. In addition, incorrect actions during pinching can lead to diseases and wilting of the aerial parts.
  • The bush, as mentioned earlier, is not high. The maximum he can grow up to 70 cm, but, as a rule, no more than 45-50 cm in height. Because you do not have to think about supports or ropes for tying. Also, do not need to form a bush.
  • One of the biggest advantages is that Dubrava tomatoes do not get sick. Late blight, the most insidious and common disease, seedlings are not infected. But still experienced gardeners advise to do pre-sowing seed treatment in order to disinfect them, if suddenly the seed material is of poor quality. To do this, make a weak solution of manganese in water.
  • Fruits varieties have a rich red color. They are compact. On average, weight from 60 to 120 grams. The skin is dense, there is unexpressed ribbing. Their quality is excellent.
  • Versatile sizes make tomatoes suitable for winter twists whole, for fresh food, for preparing juices, salads, tomato paste.
  • The taste and aroma of tomato tomatoes, causing appetite.
  • There is one more very important plus for the tomato “Dubrava” - this is the possibility of planting it on the plot in the same place from year to year. The only thing that, of course, will need to make organic fertilizer.

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  • The place on the site is better to choose the sun, the soil should not be acidic. During planting, you can make humus. Then the tomatoes will give the maximum yield.
  • If you decide to grow this variety at home, as many people do, then make sure you have to pollinate it yourself.
  • Tomato "Dubrava" shows better results in terms of yield, if planted after such predecessors as legumes, greens, cabbage, cucumbers, also shows good results after carrots.
  • Excellent response to fertilizer.

As you can see, there is something to love this variety.It is perfect for growing in most regions.

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