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Varieties of tomatoes for the greenhouse, resistant to phytophthora

Tomatoes are most susceptible to it, but it can also affect many other cultures. The disease destroys the planting completely, depriving the crop. Most often plants suffer in greenhouse conditions, where constant moisture and heat contribute to the development and spread of the disease. But how to save seedlings from death and damage? There are several ways:

  • disinfect seeds and soil before planting;
  • disinfect the greenhouse itself;
  • process plants during their growth;
  • choose varieties of tomatoes for the greenhouse that are resistant to phytophthora.

The latter method is a great alternative to the previous three. After all, no matter how hard you try, do not handle seedlings and the greenhouse, still there is a chance of infection. In addition, the disease can get from a nearby greenhouse. And if tomatoes are stable, then the problem will disappear by itself. So, below we will list what kind of varieties such that even the nastiest ailment is not terrible. But for a start, information is for those who do not know what blight is.

all-types-tomatoesHow to recognize that tomatoes are affected by blight?

Late blight is very tricky. This is a fungal disease that spreads very easily. Spores of the fungus can be easily transported by wind, on clothing, on pet hair.

The disease spreads quickly - if the temperature is above plus 15 degrees and the humidity in the greenhouse is high, then in a very short period the harvest and the seedlings will be destroyed.

It is very easy to notice the signs of ailment - the above-ground part and subsequently the fruits themselves become covered with dark spots, after which the crop begins to rot and perish.

The danger of the disease is that it can persist for a very long time in the soil, fruits, and seeds. Even if you have collected healthy tomatoes on a bush where there were fruits affected by blight, they will begin to deteriorate during storage. Disputes are very tenacious; it is very difficult, costly and time consuming to fight the disease. Therefore, it is better to immediately buy the right varieties that will not be sick with this disease.

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Resistant to phytophthora varieties of tomatoes

Variety Variety "Openwork F1"

A hybrid variety that has an early ripening period, the bush grows to a compact size, on average not exceeding 80 cm. It is distinguished by large fruits. Their weight can reach up to half a kilogram. The skin color is crimson, it is itself dense, resistant to cracks. The shape of the tomatoes is flat and rounded. The average weight under normal growing conditions is about 300 grams.

Tomato is used universally, that is, it can be eaten fresh, but the pulp is not so juicy, while the taste is good, you can make homemade preparations. Fruits are very well stored, ripen evenly, which makes it possible to sell them and transport them over long distances. Resistant not only to phytophthora, but also to many diseases.

Variety Variety "Bourgeois"

Treats tomatoes with average terms of ripening, bushes have powerful stalks, grow on average length in 90 cm. Fruits have pleasant taste and aroma, are used for preparation of various dishes, can be used and fresh. Tomatoes have an aesthetically attractive appearance, their skin is smooth, gives a glossy shine. The flesh is not loose, the average weight of one tomato is 250 grams.

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Sort Sort "Doll F1"

Hybrid variety resistant to many diseases. The first harvests can already be harvested after 85 days from sowing seeds. The bush grows to one meter, the branches are powerful. Often the length of the bush about 50 cm, which, as a rule, forms 20 tomatoes. Their weight can be different - from 200 grams to 0.5 kg. Tomatoes have a flattened shape, the color of the skin is crimson. Taste and aroma are pleasant. Purpose - universal.

These tomatoes for the greenhouse from polycarbonate, are considered the best grade which can be grown up for sale. Experienced gardeners always plant it.

Variety Variety "Spring of the North"

It has compact dimensions, with a height of only 40-50 cm. The tomato requires formation. Fruits bring early - after about 95 days. The skin color of tomatoes is pink. It is dense and does not crack. Very tasty and delicate tomato flavor.

Experienced gardeners praise the grade for the fact that he does not get sick, has excellent adaptability. Most often they are grown for the production of juices, fresh food. It pays for itself well during cultivation for sale, as it gives a stable and good up to 10 kg per square meter of fruit. Tomatoes easily carry transportation.

tomato budenovka reviews about it for those who grew itVariety "Budenovka"

Very popular among experienced agronomists grade. It does not require complicated care, diseases do not affect it, its fruits ripen evenly, and the skin does not crack. Because they go on conservation and for sale.

The bush grows up to one and a half meters in height. This means that it needs to be formed. Fruits well, if you set aside 2-3 stems after forming. The mass of fruits can vary from 150 grams to 400 grams. The fruits are heart-shaped, their pulp is fleshy. If the care is correct, then one bush can produce up to 8 kg of juicy fruits.

The Budenovka variety has one interesting feature - its fruits begin to redden first from the inside, while the surface will remain green.

Grade Grade "De Barao"

This variety has been known throughout the country for many, many years. These powerful and tall tomatoes can grow to a three-meter height. In this case, the leaves on the stems a bit. The variety is very hardy - he is not afraid of illness, weather adversity. Due to the fact that the bushes are strong and high, they need to be formed and tied up.

The tomatoes themselves have the shape of an oval, their skin is dense, the flesh is fleshy. The weight of a single fruit is small - an average of 100 grams. Therefore, it is very convenient to preserve it entirely. But you can eat fruit and fresh.

It is also noteworthy that the variety can have a different color of the most tomatoes. Fruits tolerate low temperatures, travel.

Variety Variety "Octopus F1"

Very interesting variety, which is often those who see it for the first time, calls a miracle. The thing is that tomatoes grow like a tree. If the greenhouse has a heating system, the variety can be grown all year round. A variety can grow as a tomato tree if it is formed.

In ordinary greenhouses, the yield is more than 10 kg per bush. Fruit tomato for a long time. Fruits are formed in the form of brushes, on which 5-6 tomatoes are hung. It has a universal purpose. Tomato tree can be formed constantly, it lives up to one and a half years. Grade growth is unlimited. Tomatoes for the greenhouse of polycarbonate varieties "Sprut" - this is a very good option for growing for sale.

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Variety Variety "Mikado"

It has early ripening. Shrubs grow tall - up to two meters. Large fruits give, their taste is very pleasant, tomato aroma. The average weight of a tomato is 300 grams. But there were cases when, with proper care, the fruits reached a weight of almost a kilogram. Perfectly goes for the preparation of salads, can be used for preservation, for juices. Be sure to create a bush and remove excess shoots.

Grade Grade "Happiness Russian F1"

Tomato refers to species with early ripening. Its length can exceed two meters, because the bush requires to be tied up.It can be grown for sale, as tomatoes are easily transported over long distances, their appearance does not deteriorate, the skin does not burst.

The advantage of the variety is excellent taste and aroma. The flesh is juicy, has a sweetish taste. Most often, tomatoes of this type are eaten fresh, juices can be prepared from them.

Variety Variety "Intuition F1"

This is an old and one of the first varieties that forms the fruits with brushes, and was bred by our breeders. Variety refers to the tall, the fruit gives early. Their color is scarlet, the shape is round. The flesh is tasty, juicy, dense. The weight of one tomato on average 110 grams.

Due to the compactness of the fruit, great for canning in general. Fruits are formed uniformly, they are the same, proportional. The variety is grown for itself and for sale. Tomatoes do not burst, they are well transported, they are stored for a long time.

It requires a shrub to remove the stepchildren in time, form it into one stem for a better crop.


Another bright representative of the family Solanaceae, which has good performance, and loved by many gardeners. Bushes of this tomato are very high. In greenhouse conditions can grow more than three meters in height. The crop forms in the hands, on which many fruits ripen. On average, their number can vary from 20 to 50 pieces. The fruits have a compact shape, weight about 50-60 grams. Tomatoes are often used for spinning whole.

The hands during fruiting are very heavy and can break branches under their own weight. This suggests that they need to be tied up, and the bush itself is formed. Formation can be carried out in several stems. You also need to constantly monitor the timely removal of stepsons.

These varieties are among the best. The effectiveness of their cultivation has already been tested by many summer residents through many years of experience.

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