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Characteristics and description of a variety of tomatoes "Sanka"

The peculiarities of tomato varieties are different, each of them was bred by breeders with specific goals, some were achieved, some were not. Well, what kind of "Sanka", read on.

general description

Tomatoes Tomatoes "Sanka" valued gardeners for unpretentious nature. They do not require increased attention to themselves, they bear good fruit in different climatic conditions and on different soils. Also, gardeners love a tomato of this variety for the fact that it evenly fruits until the end of summer, ripens quickly, and the bushes do not need to stepchild. And this is additional work, which also requires time and effort. With tomato "Sanka" most of the issue in the cultivation of tomatoes disappear. By the way, the cultivated variety was more than once considered the best for the past years. Tomatoes do not need a garter, and this makes the gardener's work easier. The seeds, collected in one season, germinate perfectly and produce a high yield for another summer.

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Tomato "Sanka": Characteristics and description of the variety

To understand that we are not just talking about the pros of a tomato, you need to know what kind of varietal characteristics are so loved by gardeners in our country.

  • Tomatoes "Sanka" have compact size of the bush. They are not more than 60 cm tall. As a rule, the bush is 40-60 cm tall. There are summer residents who claim that they were able to grow this variety to a meter tall, but this is a rarity. Compactness makes it possible to grow in a limited area.
  • As mentioned above, tomato "Sanka" is a very unpretentious variety.
  • The variety is considered early because the tomatoes ripen in 90-100 days from the time the seedlings are planted.
  • Purpose universal in tomatoes "Sanka".
  • The description of the variety must contain one more very important information - tomatoes of this species have a high resistance to most common diseases.
  • The tomatoes themselves are very tasty, have a delicate tomato flavor. For these qualities, the fruits and loved. However, they are still fleshy and nourishing.
  • Sort "Sanka" can be grown in greenhouses and on open ground. In the first case, the fruits will weigh about 150 grams, in the second 100 grams, which makes compact tomatoes convenient for homemade spins. The color of the tomatoes is red.
  • The grade differs in uniform and plentiful ripening. One compact bush gives about 4 kg of fruit.
  • Fruits can be used for any purpose, that is, you can eat them fresh, make salads from them, spin them whole for the winter and in the form of tomato pastes and sauces. You can also make juice.

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Growing and caring for tomato "Sanka"

Growing and caring for tomato The cultivation of this variety is carried out according to the standard scheme. Seeds collected from the fruit, or buy them on the market. Before planting, soak for 15 minutes in a weak solution of manganese. This is done for disinfection, at the same time you can see which seeds will yield (they sink to the bottom), and which will not (they will float). After soaking, the seeds are washed with water and put to dry.

Crops are produced in a common container, followed by picking or into peat tablets, which are later transferred to peat pots. You can immediately plant the seeds in pots, filling them with nutritious soil.

Seeds deepen by one centimeter, after which they moisturize and place containers under the film until the germination of sprouts.Next, placed on the sunny side until May. In May, the seedlings begin to harden, bringing it to the street.

Caring for tomatoes after planting is very simple, but do not leave the seedlings to fend for themselves, referring to their unpretentiousness. Tomatoes do not need to tie up, stepchild, but you should not forget to water them. Then they will bear fruit evenly and together, and the fruits will be juicy.

It is also important to remove weeds that can twist the seedlings, depriving them of the strength to growth and development. In addition, weeds contribute to the fact that a lot of moisture and disease accumulates in the soil.

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Do not forget about the Colorado potato beetle, it must be harvested, pickled or processed tomatoes in advance before planting. But this method is considered not very justified, since seedlings retain harmful substances.

Tomatoes produce well and early, so you need to harvest in time, because otherwise they will overripe and fall.

Now you understand why Sanya is so loved by gardeners. It is appreciated for good returns and minimal investment of labor, time and money.

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