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Classic variety of tomatoes "Cardinal"

Many people think that, for example, in order to collect as many fruits as possible, you need to constantly be in the garden, doing your daily agricultural practices. But this is a mistake. It is enough to choose a good grade, and already some of the work will be done for you. We will tell you today about the variety of tomato "Cardinal", a photo of which you have already seen at the beginning, and its description will make it clear what you can do at least, and get the maximum.

general description

This variety is considered by many summer residents to be a classic, as it has been grown throughout the country for many years, and summer residents are faithful and very satisfied with it. It is not surprising that the "Cardinal" commands respect, it has a lot of positive characteristics, which will be described below. But most importantly, it is juicy, tasty, raspberry fruit, whose mass reaches 600-700 grams.

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The fruits have a universal purpose, they are great in salads, fresh and in winter, in the form of juices, sauces. Yes, and fresh tomatoes will always delight with its taste and aroma. Cultivating the same variety can throughout the territory of our country, which is very valuable, can also produce excellent yields both in the greenhouse and in the open field.

There is little hassle with the Cardinal tomato, all that you can lower the grade for is only that the bush needs to be tied up, as it is high and the fruits are heavy. The stalks may break under their weight, but how can you blame a variety for being tied up because of its excellent recoil.

Tomato "Cardinal". Characteristics and description of the variety

  • kardinalTomato refers to varieties with medium early ripening.
  • The height of the bush can reach 160-170 cm, is an indeterminate species that requires a garter. In the greenhouse, the tomato will grow even higher, and its height may exceed two meters.
  • The bush is powerful, densely covered with greens. It needs to be formed for maximum yield of two stems.
  • One brush can form up to 10 fruits, whose weight can reach up to 600 grams. Therefore, it is necessary to tie up bushes with tomatoes so that they do not break.
  • The variety is cold-resistant, it showed itself well during cultivation in Siberia, in areas of high-risk farming. Also, weather drops are not terrible. Even in the cold summer, the Cardinal has a high yield.
  • A big plus of tomato in its high resistance to disease. Which again saves time on processing drugs, making the crop more clean.
  • The fruits have a crimson-pink color, a very pleasant aroma and taste.
  • The variety has a universal table purpose.
  • Tomato "Cardinal" has excellent seed germination, gardeners reviews say this.
  • Photos and yield indicators show us a decent variety, which also has a thick skin. But at the same time it is not hard. Due to this skin, the fruit is very well stored, can be transported over long distances.
  • The shape of tomatoes resembles a heart, juicy pulp, small seed chambers.
  • Tomatoes "Cardinal" contain a lot of sugars, various nutrients, which makes them nourishing and healthy.
  • Variety hybrid, which gives him a number of useful advantages.

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4kardinal-sortSeeds for seedlings are sown in March. Since they have good germination, it is not necessary to additionally process seed material.You can also not pickle from diseases, as the hybrid is highly resistant, but this is at your discretion.

Seeds are best sown at once in a pot of peat, as this will eliminate picking, and during transfer to open ground the root system will not be injured, as it is possible to plant seedlings together with such packaging. This will quickly begin to grow and develop bushes.

When planting seeds, it is best to take garden soil, add ash, humus, and superphosphate to it. Such a soil will be very fertile, and seedlings will actively grow. Crops must be covered with a film until the seedlings appear.

When the seedlings have risen, she needs to provide good watering and light. If it is not enough, then we need lamps. The transfer to the street is carried out in May. Before this, the seedlings for two weeks hardened.

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At a permanent place in advance to provide support. In the hole during planting is to add mineral dressing in the amount of one spoon. Further, care will be to water, remove the stepsons and the formation of two stems, remove pests. When the fruits begin to form, then tied up and brush.

Now you understand that this variety requires not so much attention, and the yield will delight all summer. Such tomatoes are worthy applicants.

Video review of tomatoes "Cardinal" variety

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