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Characteristics and description of the hybrid "Mazarin F1"

Description variety "Mazarin"

If you want large tomatoes to grow in your garden, which will cause your pride, and your crops to impress your neighbors, then this is Mazarini variety for you. This is one of the best tomatoes, which was bred by breeders. The work was carried out more than once before the variety was bred in the form in which it is now. Tomato improved several times, and the end result exceeded expectations. Now these tomatoes are very popular and loved by summer residents.

But, not to be unfounded, let's talk about the tomato "Mazarin", its characteristics and description of the variety:

  • The biggest advantage is, of course, the weight of tomatoes, each of which can reach 800 grams. This is with regards to the first brush, on the rest, fruits of 350-450 grams are formed;
  • the shape of the tomatoes may resemble a heart; maybe a cone;
  • It is noteworthy that there are few seeds in the fruits. The flesh is juicy, fleshy;
  • Tomatoes have excellent taste and pronounced aroma;
  • the surface is smooth, its color is closer to crimson than red;
  • bushes of a grade have average height, but well developed aerial part;
  • requires staving to form a better crop;
  • the first harvests of large and juicy tomatoes can be harvested in 110-120 days after sprouting. "Mazarin" is more attributed to the early species;
  • great advantage of the variety in its good adaptation even to the harsh growing conditions. Namely, if the street is hot plus 40 degrees and there is little rain, the tomato still picks up the ovary and forms a crop;
  • And one more plus is, of course, resistance to the most insidious disease - phytophthora. Also immune to many other ailments;
  • Tomato can grow both in the greenhouse and in the open field. But here it is worth noting that in the first case the harvest will be higher, the weight of the fruits too, and they also taste more pleasant. In the open field, tomatoes will also be tasty, but still slightly inferior in quality greenhouse;
  • one brush forms up to six fruits.

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With regards to the opinions of people, it is very positive about this variety. Also experienced gardeners say that this variety has one small drawback - it is weak seedlings. But he decides. They recommend handling seedlings very carefully and tilting them slightly to the south during planting.

Tomato "Mazarin", reviews, photos, the yield of it you already know, now let's see how this species is planted.

Features of growing

Mazarin2To grow a Mazarin variety, you must purchase seeds in a store, but contact only good suppliers. In one package you will have only 20-25 seeds, so keep this in mind, because, as we said above, the variety does not have a high content of seeds in the fruit. Also get good soil and capacity for cultivation. It is better to immediately take a separate one in order to bypass the picking stage, since at this moment the seedlings are often injured.

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Landing should be carried out in the third decade of February. Pour the soil into the container, put the seeds, lightly sprinkle them and moisten the sprayer. After that, cover with foil and put on the windowsill. During the week, the first shoots will appear. About a month later, the seedlings should have 2 pairs of true leaves. Many seedlings are compared to carrot seedlings externally.

Transfer of seedlings is carried out when the weather is already fully established.In the southern regions - this, of course, earlier than in the middle lane. Therefore, in the second case, it is better to grow a tomato in the greenhouse.

Further, everything is the same as with all other tomatoes. "Mazarin" need to stepson, tie up and water as it dries. Also do not forget about the Colorado potato beetle and weeds.

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To ensure higher yields, add superphosphate and potassium sulfate during planting. And in order to make the planting comfortable, do not place more than 2-3 bushes on one square meter.

We think you agree that this variety is very good indeed. Therefore, we advise you to try to grow it.

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