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Cucumber varieties ideal for pickling

ogurcy dlja zasolki

Growing cucumbers in their summer cottage, seeking to get a crop for winter storage. Not only compliance with the recipe makes the vegetables tasty and crispy, but also the correct selection of vegetables is important.

Selection rules

Information "universal" on the package with cucumber seeds does not always guarantee that as a result the crop will be suitable for pickling and preservation. You can make sure that cucumbers are suitable for winter storage, you can by appearance and other signs.

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  1. Peel color. The color of vegetables is determined by the type and age. For blanks choose vegetables dark green color. Do not take for such purposes cucumbers, which have ripened and have a yellowish peel. She is rude and very hard.
  2. Spines and bumps. Spikes cucumbers have a black or white color. For blanks it is recommended to use cucumbers with dark thorns, they perfectly pass the brine. But the varieties with white thorns are types for salads. If they are used for canning, they will not be crisp, because the thick skin does not absorb brine well.
  3. The size of each cucumber. Cucumbers more than 10 cm in length are not recommended for use in canning. Small cucumbers are easier to place in the bank, they look attractive.
  4. The quality of the peel. For blanks, do not take vegetables with too thin skin, they will not crunch. It is best to use cucumbers, the skin of which is difficult to poke a fingernail.
  5. The flesh. It should be dense, while the seed chamber should take no more than 20%.
On a note!

On sale many varieties intended for salting and preservation. There are many universal species on the market. They are both suitable for harvesting and fresh consumption.

TOP-list varieties for canning and pickling

For salting and pickling You can use different hybrids and species. There are a number of popular types of cucumbers, which are most often used for such purposes.

Mother-in-law F1

The early ripe grade intended for conservation. It is characterized by fruits of small size, round shape, pleasant dark color, black thorns, tubercles of medium size. Differ in excellent taste, good aroma, seeds small. The average length of vegetables is 10-12 cm with a weight of 100-110 g.

Modern gardeners appreciate for good endurance, resistance to temperature extremes, droughts. Do not lose yield in the open air.

ogurcy tescha f1

Barrel pickling F1

Hybrid gherkin type, pollinated by bees. Differs in excellent indicators of productivity. The variety is resistant to disease, especially anthracnose. The harvest is represented by small green vegetables with white stripes. Bumps on the peel of a large size with black spikes.

Suitable for cold pickling and any other kind of blanks. On cucumbers taste pleasant, without bitterness, crunchy. The length of each is from 9 to 11 cm, the average weight is 80-95 cm.

ogurcy bochkovoj f1

Far Eastern

A variety of medium aging with high yields. Fruits are light green, medium sized tubercles with black spines. The pulp is aromatic, pleasant to taste without signs of bitterness.

The average length of the fruit is 11-13 cm with a mass of 120-130 grams. Up to 3 cucumbers are formed at each node.

ogurec dalnevostochnyj

F1 crane

Early ripening variety that is required by bees. Fruits are intended for harvesting and fresh consumption. You can safely plant in the open field, under the film shelters.Fruits have a wide cylindrical or oval shape, up to 6 ovaries can be formed in a node. Fruits of approximately the same size (length - 10-12 cm, 90-100 gr.).

On a note!

Differs in good immunity, plants of this variety are resistant to anthracnose, powdery mildew, bacteriosis and other diseases.

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Parisian Gherkin

A variety of medium ripening, requiring pollination by bees. It grows well in greenhouses or in the open field, has good yields. Resistant to many common diseases: mosaic virus, spotting, cladosporia, and so on.

Fruits of the gherkin are colored dark green, have large tubercles, black thorns. The length of the fruit reaches 11 cm with an average weight of 50-120 cm. 1-3 ovaries are formed in one node. It tastes good without bitterness.


To get tasty and crunchy cucumbers from the can in the winter, it is important not only to follow the recipe. It is necessary to responsibly consider the choice of vegetables. They must be suitable for canning, marinating, cold salting.

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ogurcy dlja zasolkiogurcy dlja zasolki

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