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Tomato "Giant red": powerful bushes with weighty tomatoes

Currently, breeders around the world have already bred more than 10 thousand different varieties and hybrids of culture, among which there are only 2 cm in diameter fruits, and those that have a mass greater than 1.5 kg.

general description

Our today's tomato in the beds of summer residents is already an old resident. They took it back in the 80s of the last century, they entered the register at the end of the decade. But as you can see, the variety is relevant to this day, which means it has something to love. It cannot be said that “Giant Red” is a tomato, which has only advantages, it still has disadvantages, but the weight of the fruits and their taste allow everything to be compensated.

If we talk about the place of cultivation, it is best to grow a variety in the southern climate, if we are talking about the street, in hotbeds - in a temperate climate, in a warm greenhouse - in the north. "Giant red" got its name for a reason - it's all about its very large, fleshy fruits, the weight of which you will learn further. They are sweet, tasty, great for processing in cooking.

Characteristic and description

  • Bushes of indeterminate type, form shtamb.
  • It requires grading and shaping. Three stalks are left in the street, in the greenhouse - two.
  • Large-fruited variety - up to 600 grams or more, the weight of one tomato.
  • The average yield - up to 4 kg per bush.
  • The height of the stem can exceed 180 cm.
  • Support is required for both the bushes themselves and the branches with the crop.
  • It has a medium early ripening period - 100-110 days.
  • Demanding to the ground.
  • Very red juices, pastes, ketchup are made from Red Giant tomatoes. Whole fruits are not canned due to size.
  • It cannot be transported over long distances and stored for a long time.
  • It is disease resistant.

You have already been able to understand that this variety does not have only positive characteristics, but still the summer residents are correct to him. It is worth noting that the fruits ripen early and they are tasty. In early summer, getting large and juicy tomatoes is a big advantage.

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Scientists around the world to this day can not exactly agree on what kind of tomatoes are. Disputes have been going on since the 19th century, someone believes that it is a berry, someone - vegetables, but in 2001 they were equated with fruit.

Disease and Pest Resistance

You could understand above that this grade has a very good resistance to all common ailments of the nightshade. Summer residents noted that if care is bad, then only in this case there is a risk of illness. But insects bother the Giant red tomatoes in any cultivation - in the greenhouse and on the street. Most often harm ticks, thrips, beetle, whitefly, aphid. All these parasites can be derived from such drugs as Aktara, Prestige, Zubr, Konfidor. Spicy herbs planted nearby, beds with garlic, onions, calendula, also help.

Advantages and disadvantages

Introducing you to new varieties and hybrids of tomatoes, we are always talking about the pros and cons, and often the tomatoes are pretty good in terms of the fact that nothing bad can be said about them. Tomatoes "Giant red" still have not only dignity.

Advantages of the variety:

  • very large fruits - the first harvest can even reach a mass of 850 grams;
  • excellent disease resistance;
  • high taste, sweet and very juicy flesh;
  • wide use in cooking.

Varieties of variety:

  • the harvest is not stored for a long time, not suitable for transportation;
  • requires attention during cultivation;
  • demanding of soil;
  • not everywhere can be grown on the street;
  • quite average yields for large-fruited varieties;
  • prone to attacks by insects.

Plant or not this variety, you decide. Always weigh all the advantages and disadvantages, supplement the beds with other options to compensate for all possible risks.

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Crops begin in March according to the lunar calendar. Seeds can be processed in a growth stimulator, germinating them is not necessary. Soil used purchased or a mixture of it with the same turf land. Since the variety is demanding to fertility, it is better not to experiment with your compositions, if you are a beginner.

Tomatoes "Red Giant" do not tolerate acidified soil. pH should be in the range of 6-6.5. Anything below requires liming. The soil is checked by litmus.

The soil is distributed in cups or in a common container, shed it in advance with boiling water from parasites. After sowing the seeds to a depth of 1 cm, moisturize and close the film. After the shoots need to dive, if they are in the common tray, feed urea once before transfer to the ground. The temperature in the house should be 23-25 ​​degrees. Hardening is carried out before transfer.

The soil on the site must be well prepared, and the greenhouse treated from the walls to the ceiling. It is necessary to dig a plot, remove the grass, make humus, compost and sand in approximately equal parts. One meter planted no more than three bushes. Watered with settled water. The soil can be closed with mulch.

Every 10 days you need to make supplements, alternating organic matter and mineral supplements with potassium and phosphorus in larger quantities. Be sure to loosen the area, put the supports or trellis.

The bushes are tied up about once a week, in the upper sinus the stepchild is left to form the second stem. Removal is carried out in the evening and not in the heat.

As the crop ripens, supports are placed under the branches. That's all that we wanted to tell you about the “Giant red” tomato, its characteristics and description of the variety, as well as about the agrotechnology.

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If you choose this tomato, you will receive very tasty fruits in return for your care. These tomatoes can quickly feed the entire family due to its size.

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