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Green Tomatoes: Description and Characteristics of Emerald Varieties

Description of the series

Trying to find the common in tomatoes whose ripe fruit is green, it becomes clear that only the emerald fruit of the fruit unites them.

They also have a common drawback - it is not clear when the fetus is ready for consumption. Sometimes it happens that tomatoes are on ripening and when it comes to consumption, they have already lost their taste and commodity value. In the market, such fruits will also not be successful, since it will be necessary for each buyer to explain that the fruit has already reached its biological maturity. This aspect and stops vegetable growers before their widespread use.

Selecting varieties of green tomatoes with photos and descriptions, it becomes clear that many of them are not included in the state register of breeding achievements and are part of the collection. From this variety have not lost their attractiveness and also in demand.

Taste of Emerald Fruit

In pursuit of extraordinary taste, growers are ready to search for several seeds of the most cherished varieties over the years, and becoming the owner may come disappointed or, on the contrary, an extraordinary pride in owning something unusual.

Conducting a tasting assessment, each person is looking for something of his own, interesting precisely for his taste buds.

Some people find in the green tomato a taste of kiwi with its specific sourness and interesting flavor. Someone does not even repel the taste of lime, and they are ready to grow tomatoes in order to savor sourness.

Many people find in these tomatoes an extraordinary sweetness and varieties remain on the vegetable beds forever.

Variety review

Considering green tomatoes, varieties, photos, you can appreciate their diversity. Forms, size, biological features can be described, but the taste can be comprehended only after a tasting. To comprehend the delights and flavors you need to sow and grow, and perhaps one of the varieties will become the most beloved.

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"Green Sugar"

Tomato introduced the breeding company Sedek to the market. The variety refers to mid-ripening and its sugar taste can be comprehended 110-115 days after the emergence of full sprouts.

The grade is recommended both for film shelters, and for cultivation in a kitchen garden.

The plant is indeterminate, but not very tall and rarely exceeds 150 cm.

The peculiarity of the variety is prolific fruit bearing over time Long growth and ripening will allow you to fully enjoy the taste and it will last until late autumn.

Tomato "Sugar Green" will give the fruits of flat-rounded shape. In technical maturity, they are dark green in color, and as they mature, they gradually take off their dark cloak and lighten. Their “body” becomes softer, is filled with an exquisite aroma and acquires yellowish-green shades.

Tomato brush is formed by 4-5 fruits. Tomatoes have a weight in the range of 200-300 g, while large formations can be both on the lowest and upper brushes.

Soft greens of the fruit are deceptive, ripe fruit is fleshy, moderately juicy, with sweetish flesh. Organic acids that fill the ripe fruit so well balanced with sugars that allow themselves to feel, but at the same time feel incredible pleasure.Tomato "Sugar Green" has a broad tail aftertaste, it long reminds of the taste that you want to feel again and again. The taste of this tomato will satisfy both lovers of sweet tomatoes, and those who wish the tomato to remind of itself with balanced sourness.

Tomato yield is prescribed in the range of 6-7 kg with m2 greenhouse areas.

Grade advantages:

  • excellent balanced taste;
  • long aftertaste;
  • interesting appearance;
  • the duration of fruiting;
  • The author attributes tomatoes dietary property.

Chile Verde

The variety was released by the biotechnology agricultural firm.

Mid-season ripening, and only in film greenhouses or in the southern regions.

The plant is tall, powerful, fast growing and fast growing. Requires constant monitoring of stepsons and regular, timely fertilizing nutrient solutions.

Since tomatoes are not very large, up to 100 g, the formation of shoots can be afforded in 2-3 stem. A complex tomato brush can produce 7-9 oval-shaped fruits. Although the plant is powerful, it is very difficult to maintain a mass of 700-900 g on the inflorescences and the shoot requires careful fixation.

Tomato fruit is oval, regular-elongated with a small elongated tip. Vegetable growers are constantly trying to grow peppers similar to a tomato, and in this case, a tomato similar to pepper. Glimpse at the tomato "Green Chilli" or "Chili Verdi" may seem that the fruits are similar to pepper, which is why this name.

The tomato is smooth, even, dense and shiny. Fruits leveled in weight about 100 g. In technical ripeness, the fruit is green, but when ripe, the delicate skin is covered with a yellow blush and the tomato immediately gives out its ripeness.

When cut, you can observe emerald pulp, which is darker in the center and lighter towards the periphery.

Taste qualities of a tomato are equated to dessert fruits. Gentle pulp, moderately juicy and balanced.

The yield of tomato bush surprises even experienced growers. Sharing impressions, some talk about a figure of 15 kg from a bush. To get such a crop, growers generously feed bushes throughout the growing season.

Those who planted tomatoes, talk about the high taste of tomatoes in conservation.


  • high yield;
  • good taste;
  • excellent product yield leveled products;
  • recyclability.
Tomato "Chile Verde" or green chilli has already found its admirers who appreciated the taste and yield.

Green Copy

"Green copy" tomato called green copy or Green Copia.

A variety of medium ripening. The height of bushes easily reaches 180-200 cm. Knowing that tomatoes are very large-fruited, their weight reaches 500 g, it becomes clear that it is difficult to get a harvest without forming into one shoot and carefully tying each fruit inflorescence.

Not all the fruits that are formed on the shoots are very large. Their weight can be up to 500 g on the bottom and up to 200 g on those that are higher.

Externally, the fruit seems painted by the artist. Flat-rounded tomatoes became the palette for the master, who covered them originally with green paint, then painted yellow strips of strokes, and after sprinkling pink paint, and she covered the canvas with careless spots.

When cut, the tomato looks even more interesting. The pink center at the periphery goes multicolored from yellow to green, interspersed with each other. The game of colors carries along the vegetable growers, and each new fruit first becomes a subject for consideration and only after it is a vegetable.

Tastes are also very high. The pleasant, sweet pulp sometimes appears balanced acidity, which maintains a decent harmony in the aftertaste.

The fruit has a fruit flavor trail in which some pick up pineapple and some smell of kiwi.

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The fruit is truly salad.Having a high yield and enjoying it full, vegetable growers are trying to put it into processing. However, a green copy tomato is not able to crawl into a jar, but tomato products are of good quality with the exception of color.

When processing, red-fruited tomatoes are added to the tomato, otherwise its color does not have an appetizing appearance, but this does not affect the taste.


  • interesting color of ripe fruit;
  • decent, balanced taste;
  • good yield;
  • opportunity to use on tomato products.

"Green grapes"

Already from the name of the variety, it becomes clear that the tomato “Green grapes” is green in color, and looks like grapes in size.

And indeed, a variety bred in the USA grants its fruits with huge tassels similar to grapes. The weight of one tomato is from 10 to 30 g, and the diameter does not exceed 4 cm.

The variety of early ripening and in full size reaches 150 cm in height. Refers to tomato cherry tomatoes. Since the bush is not very burdened with the harvest, then the culture can be carried out in 3 or even 4 shoots. The landing site is chosen as a greenhouse, and a garden or garden.

The fruit is leveled, classic, round shape. But the color is light olive. However, not all tomatoes have the same color. One brush, depending on the light intensity, can carry “grapes” of different green intensity.

The taste of the fruit is very pleasant, dessert, balanced, sweet. Appointment of tomato fruits of this variety are dessert, dietary and baby food.

The yield of tomato is large enough. Having planted a couple of bushes in a greenhouse or garden, you can more than provide the family with a delicious, dessert tomato.

Anyone who has a tomato in his collection, sharing his impressions, speaks of the extreme resistance of the variety to pathogens and pests, as well as weather conditions.


  • excellent yield;
  • exotic, pleasant, balanced taste;
  • resistance to disease and weather disasters;
  • interesting olive color.

Green Sausage

Tomato "Green Sausage" variety rare and exotic. Mid-season ripening. Referring to the indeterminate. It does not exceed its 120 cm long stand. The plant requires constant attention, pinching and tying up. The grade is intended for cultivation both in an open garden and in greenhouse shelters.

The leaf plate of tomatoes of this variety has an elongated, thin shape and those vegetable growers who first encounter such a phenomenon start to panic, not realizing that such a leaf is the absolute norm.

Fruits of a grade extended, to 10 cm, with the pointed top. Their body is moderately dense. The skin is smooth. The pattern covering the skin of the fruit can not be called completely colored, because the cut shows that the tomato is green inside. The skin is intensely yellow, and along it in the vertical direction are green stripes of different widths and lengths. Gradually ripening, the greenery becomes less, but there are red blotches of varying intensity.

A cut of the tomato opens the seed chambers, which are filled with pulp, with a small amount of seed. The flesh is thick, sugary.

The taste of the fruit is high, the taste is sweet with a pleasant fruity notes. Good tomato and canning. Banks are filled tightly, remove the finished product easily. The skins tightly keeps the pulp from cracking under the action of high temperatures. Ready pickled tomatoes look good on a plate. Their dense walls are sufficiently fleshy and the juice does not “break out” when biting. For tomato products, the variety is also suitable, the density and sweetness make themselves felt.

The yield of the variety affects even experienced growers. Some data suggest that up to 20 kg of tomatoes can be collected from a square meter of greenhouse.


  • excellent taste properties;
  • universality of use;
  • high yield;
  • resistance to diseases.

"Green Giant"

The name itself can tell everything about the variety. Tomato "Green giant" is the largest of the tomatoes whose fruits in biological ripeness are green. The description of the ripening period puts the vegetable growers into confusion because some claim that the variety is of early ripening and others is average.

The author varieties Reinhard Kraft (Germany).

Vegetative form of tomato is powerful. Potato type leaves are large and light green. Indeterminate plant type. The height of the bushes within 150 cm.

The fruits of tomatoes are large and very large, from 300 to 500 g. In the hand of such fruits, 2-3 pieces each.

Tastes excellent. Vegetable growers, sharing their impressions, suggest that these tomatoes occupy the first places in the tasting competition of tomatoes in the USA.

Tomato yield within 8 kg per bush. Tomatoes juicy, delicate, with an interesting fruit bouquet on the palate. The skin of the fetus is dense, but it is not able to protect the fetus from cracking.


  • excellent taste data;
  • excellent yield;
  • disease resistance.


  • cracking fruit.

Green Honey

Tomato "Green honey" determinant. It is called a cocktail-type tomato, but for this it is slightly too large, since the average fruit weight reaches 60 g. The variety is of average ripening time.

The vegetative form is powerful, spreading, reaches a height of one meter and requires tying. Fruit brush carries on 4-6 fruits.

Reviews of tomatoes "Green honey" is not unambiguous. With the fact that the taste of the tomato is good, sweet and balanced, all vegetable growers agree, but there are serious differences in the issues of formation.

  1. Some argue that the tomato should be kept in one shoot. However, the yield will not exceed 2 kg per bush;
  2. Those who do not recommend strongly pinch, argue that the yield of 4 kg from the bush is very real.
Vegetable growers are very enthusiastic about taste. Fruits are sweet and have interesting, fruity, balanced notes. Each tomato carries 3 nests filled with juice and seeds.

The skin of a leveled, round, shiny tomato is dense, green-yellow in color with a bronze tan.

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Fruits are used as salad. It would be a pity to subject such tasty tomatoes to conservation. However, vegetable growers who have marinated surpluses speak of an extremely pleasant, balanced taste of canned products. Peel perfectly protects the tomato from cracking, and the fruits remain intact after heat treatment.


  • you can do without pinching;
  • excellent taste;
  • universality of use.

If you are going to grow collection tomatoes, try to give preference to proven producers and distributors when buying seeds. Otherwise, you may be disappointed by re-grading and under-received harvests, although sometimes it happens quite the opposite.

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