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Tomato "Sugar Nastasia": a novelty for gardeners

Here is a variety of tomato "Sugar Nastasia" reviews, photos, yield a novelty for gardeners, but has already misled those who have tried. What is wrong with Nastaya?

Official information

The variety was declared for registration for the introduction into the register of breeding achievements in 2013 of LLC Govrish Breeding Company, Moscow. The testing trials lasted two years, and in 2015 the variety was entered into the registry under number 8653895.

Originator varieties LLC "breeding company Gavrish" Moscow.

The variety is recommended for cultivation in all regions of the Russian Federation for growing in private greenhouses in household greenhouses such as lettuce and medium-term ripening.

What is in the package?

Gavrish, a variety originator, brings to the market goods in colorful packages that show beautiful, raspberry, heart-shaped tomatoes.

The description of the variety corresponds to the image on the package and indicates that the weight of the tomatoes is more than 400 g, and the height is not more than 150 cm.

Reviews of those who have already managed to buy, sow and grow say that tomatoes really:

  • crimson;
  • heart-shaped;
  • delicious;
  • up to 200 cm.

But the weight of the tomato failed, and more than 150 g has not grown.

Why this happens is known only to negligent packers. But back to the true.

Tomato "Sugar Nastasia" from Gavrish is very young. This variety has not yet received proper distribution and fame, but if you manage to find the pure seed, it will be good luck.

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Characteristic variety

The vegetative form is indeterminate, tall, demanding a single trunk and timely sticks.

The leaf is dark green, medium in size.

The fruit of Nastasya is very interesting, it is flat in shape and large, medium density and medium ribbing. The weight of the tomato fruit is in the range of 250-300 g. The color of the tomato in its unripe condition is light green, and the ripened tomato is red.

At a section from 4 to 6 nests are well looked through. They are filled with tomato pulp and a small amount of seeds.

Not very often, during the varietal testing, the registration-tasting commission assessed “excellent” for the taste, but the “Sugar Nastasya” tomato received it. The taste is so balanced, pleasant and desirable that it resembles those tomatoes that were grown in the last century and the taste of which everyone wants to recreate.


The authors of the variety have created an excellent product worthy of being represented on the seed market and the yield of the variety is proof of this.

When testing for “Sugar Nastasya”, the figure was fixed at 9.0-11.0 kg / m2 greenhouse area.

From the selection of new products, perhaps this is not the highest yield, but given that the tomato has an excellent taste, the yield deserves respect.

Disease resistance

The registration committee did not provide information on the resistance of the variety to diseases.

Regular inspection of the bushes will help identify pests and pathogens in a timely manner and prevent an increase in pathogenic enemies.

It may take a little time and reviews of vegetable growers will tell how resistant the variety is to diseases and pests, but for now it is necessary to regularly and timely carry out treatments with fungicides.

The first treatment is carried out as soon as the ovary of the tomato is about the size of a small nut, and then after 15-20 days, depending on the situation.

The merits of the variety

Brand new. Few people could appreciate his merits, especially since under his name it is not clear what is being packaged. However, having become the owner of the seeds of the variety “Sugar Nastasia”, vegetable growers will enjoy its qualities:

  • large fruits;
  • interesting flat shape;
  • excellent taste;
  • good yield.

It is difficult to talk about the shortcomings of the young variety. It will take quite a bit of time, and vegetable growers will share their impressions in full.

Features agrotehnika

Considering the Sugar Nastasia Tomato, the characteristic and description of the variety suggests that the tomato is large-fruited, tall and fruitful. In order for a variety to show all its potential and reveal its potential, careful preparation of seedling material and fertility of the landing site is necessary.

Rassada period

For tall tomatoes, the main thing in seedlings is to build up a strong, strong root system. The larger the area of ​​absorption of nutrients, the more vigorously the tomato will increase the vegetative mass, set fruit and yield.

Looking at this feature in the seedling period it is necessary:

  • timely sowing (so that the age of seedlings when transplanting into the greenhouse is 55-60 days);
  • timely dive of seedlings (in the phase of 2 real sheets);
  • diving into an individual container with a volume of at least 500 ml;
  • transfer to the ground with high nutritional value.

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Landing in the greenhouse

Conducting transplanting seedlings must carefully prepare the ground for transplanting. To this end, the soil is withdrawn and enriched by using for this purpose:

  • fresh humus of animal origin 1/3 of a bucket;
  • ripe compost - 1/3 of a bucket;
  • excavated for enrichment soil - 1/3 bucket;
  • coarse sand - 1 kg per bucket mix;
  • superphosphate - 2 tbsp. l per bucket mix;
  • ammonium nitrate - 2 tbsp. spoons on the bucket mix;
  • potassium sulfate - 1 tbsp. spoon on the bucket mix;
  • oven ash - 0.5 liters per bucket of the mixture.
Landing is carried out carefully, without destroying the earthen room. Dropping the root system into the pit, it is filled with pre-prepared nutrient soil mixture and watered abundantly with water until completely wet.


The tomato is tall and genetically predisposed to the return of a large fruit. Therefore, the formation should be carried out only in one shoot.

As soon as the stepchildren begin to form, they are cut off or broken off, leaving a stump of 2-3 mm in height.

We must not allow outgrowths of stepchildren, they delay nutrient elements to themselves to the detriment of fruiting.

As soon as the seedlings are planted, immediately you need to worry about tying up the escape. Each inflorescence of “Sugar Sugar Nastasia” carries 4-5 fruits weighing 300 g. The slightest curvature in the future when recruiting a large mass of fruit formations can lead to breaking and loss of harvest.

Top dressing

Given the large removal of nutrients they need to be replenished regularly.

  1. The first feeding is carried out with nitrogenous compounds in 2-3 weeks after transplantation to a permanent place. To do this, dissolve 2 tbsp in a bucket of water. spoons of carbamide and 0.5 liters are poured over each bush after thorough deep watering;
  2. It is better to conduct the second feeding with organic fertilizers in 2-3 weeks after the first one. To do this, in a bucket of water dissolve 1 kg of cow, horse or pig manure and pour 0.5 liters under each bush;
  3. After 2-3 weeks, they feed with the addition of 2 tablespoons of superphosphate or potassium sulphate to a bucket of water.

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Compliance with the cultivation of tomato cultivation will help get a great harvest of beautiful tomatoes.

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