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Tomato "Emerald Apple": an interesting and original

Considering the Emerald Apple tomato reviews, photos, yields, everything suggests that already many growers were able to grow it and try the taste of apple tomato.

Official data

The breeding of the Emerald Apple was begun in the last century, in 1998, and already in 2000 the variety was entered in the register of selection achievements of the Russian Federation under the number 9805141.

Originator varieties ZAO Scientific and Production Corporation "NC LTD" Moscow region. Shchelkovo.

The variety is recommended for cultivation in all regions of the country, under the film shelters and in vegetable gardens, as well as on the fields of small farmers' business executives, as the average ripening period, salad destination.


Vegetative form

Tomato bushes are tall, indeterminate, spreading.

Leafy plates of rich dark green and medium size.

Inflorescences are complex and intermediate type. The first bunch is formed over 8 or 9 leaf, following through 3.


Weak ribbing and flat-round shape is inherent in all fruits. Originator varieties serve the average weight of a tomato in the range of 250-300 g, but vegetable growers say that tomatoes do not reach such a weight and there are no more than 250 g, and the average weight is 150-200.

On each cluster 5-6 fruits are fastened. By density, they are elastic, dense. On a section 4-6 nests filled with pulp are visible.

Tastes are rated as “excellent”. Those vegetable growers who grew and enjoyed the fruits were very pleased. Tomatoes perfectly behave in salads, both independently and in mix with other varieties.

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Gestation period

During the growth of the formation of green with a huge dense green spot near the stem. With the onset of ripening, the dark green gradually disappears and the tomato brightens.

Fully ripened fruit emerald green with a slight yellow tinge. Vegetable growers who have already grown a tomato say that an emerald apple is a bronze reflux when ripe, but the flesh remains saturated green.

Emerald green color plays its role not in favor of tomato. Many growers complain that they are forced to abandon the cultivation of the variety due to the fact that collecting fruit from the garden in one basket, then they can not figure out where the ripened and green.

Such a nuance leads to the fact that vegetable growers, waiting for the reddening, perederzhivayut tomato, and he begins the process of rotting. Thus, the lion's part of the harvest goes to scrap.

Considering the "Emerald Apple" tomato characteristic and description of the variety, as well as growing it, to avoid overgrading, you need to carefully separate the other varieties, plant the seedlings, and when harvesting, fold the fruit into a separate container, which imposes its own characteristics.


Considering the yield of a variety, the legal figure is from 5.5 to 6.2 kg per square meter.

Given that the variety is tall and sprawling, it becomes clear that the product yield is very small.

The fact that the yield is not high, and especially in comparison with modern varieties and hybrids, is noted by all vegetable growers who grew the “emerald apple”.It is a fact that stops lovers from further landing on their beds.

Although the tomato is intended for small farms, no farmer dares to grow tomatoes with low yields and dubious marketability.

Resistance to external factors and diseases

Originators and the registration commission do not provide information on the resistance of the variety to diseases.

But those who have already dealt with this variety, they say that the apple is an apple that keeps well under unfavorable conditions. Temperature drops and humidity, as well as prolonged cooling and persistent heat do not disrupt the process of fruit set, growth and aging.

Sufficiently resistant variety against late blight and other fungal and bacterial diseases of tomatoes.

The advantages and disadvantages of the variety

Among the advantages of emerald tomato are the following indicators:

  • interesting and original color;
  • good taste;
  • disease resistance;
  • resistance to weather changes.

The disadvantages are also obvious:

  • low yield;
  • permanent formation;
  • demanding to be tied up;
  • the inability to determine the moment of ripening from ripening.

Varietal characteristics when growing

Tomato of an average ripening period, therefore, to speed up the flow of lettuce tomatoes to the table should hurry with the sowing of seeds for seedlings.

Rassada period

If in your region seedlings are planted in the garden in the second half of May, then the second half of March is quite suitable for sowing seeds. If you use the wetting and germination, the last numbers of March are also suitable.

It makes no sense to sow dry seeds and 2-3 weeks to wait for seedlings. It is better to wet the seed in a damp cloth and leave in a warm place during germination, and sow in 3-4 days, but only those that have shown their viability.

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The choice of soil should be approached responsibly. If you use a ready-mix for seedlings, then feeding will no longer be necessary. These soils are prepared by experts and they are:

  • balanced in acidity;
  • prepared according to the nutrient needs of tomatoes;
  • have the perfect balance of components to ensure air and water permeability;
  • tested for pathogenic pathogens, and if necessary, disinfected.

It is possible to sow the seed in the general capacity by placing it on the surface of the compacted soil and sprinkling it with earth by 1.5 cm. You can cover the sowing with a film or glass. The temperature should be maintained within 24-25 ᵒC throughout the entire period of germination, and then lowered to 16-18 C during the day, and 14-15 ᵒC at night.

Shoots should be kept in the brightest place. Watering is carried out in the morning hours with warm, settled water so that the earth lump is completely wetted.

As soon as two true sheets appear, they dive. To do this, each plant tear off the lower part of the root by 1/3 and transplanted into individual cups filled with soil by 2/3.

As the ground grows, the cups are added; this will increase the amount of root system.

Transplanting seedlings

Considering Emerald Apple tomatoes, reviews, photos, who planted, everyone says that the variety is very resistant to external factors. He tolerates transplanting perfectly, but it must be taken into account that tomato, the culture is thermophilic, and before transferring the seedlings to open ground, it is necessary to conduct its acclimatization.

1-1.5 weeks before disembarking, seedlings are taken out onto the street, leaving it in the fresh air for an ever longer time.

As soon as the threat of recurrent frosts is over, they disembark.

When making a transplant, they try not to destroy the clod around the root system, but to escape the escape as much as possible.

Since the plant will require a garter, the fixation system (stakes, supports, etc.) is installed immediately.

Planting care

Considering a green apple tomato, reviews, photos, everything suggests that the plant requires constant pinching and shaping.

The plant by its genetic nature is sprawling and prone to increased formation of stepsons. Formation should be carried out in 2-3 shoots, and all the other stepchildren should be cleaned in time, as soon as they reach 3-4 cm.

To ripen in a timely manner the plant should be clarified, for this the lower leaves are removed.

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Regular abundant watering, feeding, with alternating organic and mineral fertilizers, as well as mulching, the main agricultural measures on the way to obtaining a high yield.

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