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Puzata Hut Tomato

tomato puzata hut reviews photos yield

And how to find out which grade is good and which is not, you ask. After all, manufacturers always write beautifully on the packaging, but not always as a result you get what is promised there. It is understandable who will speak badly about their products. In order not to get into an unpleasant situation, visit our website more often, where there are many descriptions of varieties of tomatoes. And today we are talking about a very productive tomato - Puzata Hata. Description of the variety, photos, reviews will clearly give you to understand what kind of fruit you get, how to grow them.

general description

There are varieties that delight their performance, here "Puzata Hata" can be attributed to them. This is a universal tomato - it grows well in the greenhouse and on the street. Can grow in any region of our country. The payoff is huge, there are many advantages, among which, of course, the high yield, which the variety brings quite early. Well, the fruits, the weight of which can reach up to a pound with good care, you see, can not but rejoice. These are not all the benefits, but you will learn about them from the characteristics.

If we talk about the cons, they are not. Well, of course, if the need for tying and shaping is not considered a negative side for you. After all, these methods of farming are many which tomatoes are necessary, and even tying up bushes when they produce such large fruits, and complaining that time and effort are wasted is impractical.

Tomato "Puzata hut." Characteristics and description of the variety

  • High-yielding variety - more than 11 kg of fruits can be obtained from one square meter.
  • The taste of these tomatoes is excellent, in the pulp, which is very juicy, there are few seeds. There is also no acid in it.
  • The color of ripe fruit is saturated red.
  • One brush forms 3-5 tomatoes.
  • Bushes grow up to 1.5 meters in height, require support.
  • The leaves on the branches is an average amount, which makes it possible to ripen tomatoes quickly and evenly.
  • Treats types with early terms of fructification - you will be able to collect the first tomatoes in 85-100 days after sowing.
  • Unpretentious tomato, but loves fertile soil. On it, the fruits will always be larger.
  • Mass of tomatoes - 250-300 grams. With good care, the Puzata Hata tomato variety, according to reviews and photos, can produce a crop weighing up to half a kilogram.
  • The fruits have pronounced ribs, they can be easily distinguished among other tomatoes on the market. Pear-shaped form.
  • The skin is thick, well-kept flesh, while at the time of eating it is non-rigid.
  • There is a good resistance to cracking.
  • It has a universal table purpose - suitable for canning, but not as a whole, because tomatoes are very large, for eating in a salad, fresh, for getting tasty and healthy juice, sauce, pasta.
  • Contains many useful substances.
  • Interminant type.
  • It has resistance to a number of diseases, but prevention is needed before seeding.
  • Suitable for feeding children.
  • Excellent tomatoes are stored, during transportation do not deteriorate. Profitable to grow for sale. Fruits can be harvested when they are still green; they will quickly ripen at home.

You have already partially met the Puzata Khata tomato variety, its photo and description, but all of this will not be complete, if not to say how to grow this truly heroic tomato.

Agrotechnics growing. "Puzata Hata"

Crops begin in March. Important for this variety presowing treatment. “Zircon” will help to give a good immunity, and in order that the roots, which are very powerful in a given tomato, are well formed, you can use “Kornevin”. Then you sow seeds in peat pots or a container.In the first case, you do not need a picking, in the general container, you will transplant seedlings in the phase of 2-3 true leaves. Soil, you can buy immediately ready, you can mix the humus and sod ground, put a spoonful of ash or superphosphate here.

Next, you cover the crops. Be sure to moisten the soil, and sink seeds at 1.5-2 cm. It is best to water this tomato with warm, settled water when the seedlings appear and then continue in a permanent place. Until the moment of transfer, you can feed with a complex preparation once, and planting in open ground is carried out in May or June, when the cold weather passes. On one meter square do not plant more than 3-4 bushes, they are immediately tied up.


You must be prepared that in the first days after planting there may be cold weather, and you must cover the seedlings.

When you planted seedlings, then with the advent of the first stepsons you can begin to form 2-3 stems. That is, you remove all shoots in the sinuses, except 1-2 in the uppermost and main stem, so the bushes will continue to grow. Water for watering take warm. You can also pinch the growth point.

Remember that tomato “Puzata hata” according to reviews, you see the photo, yields are higher when the soil is fertile. This means that during the transfer of seedlings you immediately add mineral fertilizer to the well. It is also advisable to add compost to the soil in the fall, dig in the weeds, and dig it all up in the spring.


Remember that rotting grass will give good fertilizer, but it will also attract parasites. Therefore, before planting seedlings spill a lot of boiling water with potassium permanganate.

With regards to disease, you must do pre-sowing treatment, sanitize the soil, and also use drugs containing copper for the prevention of phytophthora. You can also spray the bushes periodically with a weak solution of manganese. If aphid attacked, then it is wasted with soapy water. If the whitefly butterfly or thrips is bothering your bushes, they are plagued either with purchased preparations, but they are not always safe for health, or they use folk remedies. Insects do not like the infusion of celandine, as well as different smelling substances. Therefore, you can dilute cinnamon and black pepper and spray bushes with annoying insects.

Top dressings bring regularly, alternating organic chemistry and mineral preparations. Tomatoes respond very well to manure. It is bred approximately 1/10 and insist 7-10 days. Then spill the bushes. Chicken manure is more concentrated, you need to be careful with it, but there is a dry product for sale with accurate instructions. Also sold a lot of mineral fertilizers for tomatoes and vegetables. It is better to take those fertilizers on which there are marks about their environmental friendliness.

Also useful and foliar feedings. This means that you do not apply fertilizer at the root, but by spraying. Nutrients are absorbed through the leaves. Such feedings alternate with root ones, but remember that any spraying is carried out only early in the morning so that there is no burn or in the evening. Do not feed in rain and fog, there will be no sense from your actions. With regards to Puzata Khata, you can spray it with an aqueous solution of superphosphate. If you feed on time, water with warm water, loosen the soil, the crop will be high, stable and in any weather.

Do not forget about good support. You can simply put high, strong sticks, you can make vertical ropes or wire. Well helps and trellis. Be prepared that the support will be needed not only for the main stem, but also for the branches with large tomatoes, because they will simply break under the weight of their own crop.

Here he is such a tomato "Puzata Hata". Photos are pleasing to the eye, but what a taste and aroma! Well, you can find out about this already in the new season.

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tomato puzata hut reviews photos yieldtomato puzata hut reviews photos yield

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