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Top 10 most popular varieties of tomatoes


Consumer demand is an excellent indicator of product popularity, and tomato seeds are no exception. Finding out which most frequently purchased tomatoes, it is easier to choose varieties for the new season. They pay attention not only to the colorful photos, but also to the peculiarities of the culture: zoning, ripening terms, the destination of the fruits (lettuce, pickling, preservation). Famous varieties and novelty tomatoes are presented in the top.

De barao

Tomato "De Barao" made a splash with Russian gardeners in the difficult 90s, and still does not give up popularity. Although the timing of the variety - srednepozdny, grow it even in the North-West Siberia, planting in shelters.

On tall, up to 2-2.5 meters tall bushes, 8-10 brushes are formed. Usually, an indeterminate tomato is carried into a 1-2 stem, tied to trellis or stakes. Fruit harvesting begins in 120-125 days, in a state of technical ripeness.

Tomatoes are oval, with a thin and dense skin. Color depends on the type:

  • bright red;
  • pink;
  • brown, almost black;
  • gold.
On a note!

Breeders deduced several varieties of the De Barao variety, with fruits of various colors and shapes.

The average weight of tomatoes is 80-120 grams. The taste is sweet, pleasant, with a characteristic tomato aftertaste. De Barao is resistant to infections, tolerates a little shading, yields a crop even in a bad season for tomatoes.

Seeds for sale offer agrofirms:

  • Gavrish;
  • SeDeK;
  • Aelita;
  • Siberian garden.

Bull heart

Years go by, but still, in the top of the best-selling tomatoes, the Bull's Heart variety. Large-fruited, tasty, determinant (tall and spreading) tomato, with good care, presents an excellent harvest.

The plant reaches 2 meters in the greenhouse, growth, as in all children, is limited. The first brush is formed about 8 sheets, in this tier the largest fruits usually grow. Weight - 400-600 grams, although some copies can weigh 700-800 grams.

The skin color is purple-red, inside is sugary, resembling a watermelon. The taste is sweet, with a barely perceptible piquant sourness. On ridges, the cultivar is cultivated only in the southern regions, the usual practice is growing in shelters. In terms of fruit harvesting, the variety surpasses many other tomatoes. From the ridges they collect 3-4 kg from a bush, in greenhouses the figures are higher, 10-12 kg each. Since Bull's heart is a variety, gardeners often grow seeds themselves for subsequent sowing. But to preserve the taste and weight of tomatoes, it is recommended to update with new seeds.

Puzata Hata

From the group of indeterminate varieties interesting Puzata tomato hut. He is praised for the yield, the original appearance of the fruit, great taste. The plant grows up to two meters (on the ridges - up to 1.5 meters), forms 5-9 brushes with ribbed fruits. Each weighs 170-250 grams. An interesting form of tomatoes - in the form of a pear, with a pronounced ribbing (as if the fruit is divided into shares).

The color of the skin and pulp is red-orange. On the cut the fruit is sugary, juicy. When eating there is a sweet, pleasant aroma.


  • cutting;
  • salads;
  • preservation.

Fruits do not lose shape in the blanks, they look beautiful in assorted.

Pink honey

Suitable for cultivation in shelters, as well as on ridges in the open Tomato Pink Honey. The name is not given by chance, the taste of the fruits of this variety is impressive even for gourmets: sugar, sweet, really tomato.

They start harvesting early, after 110-112 days the fruits are ready for harvesting (technical ripeness stage). Weak-leafed bushes usually lead to 1-2 trunks, removing side shoots as they grow. In the brush is formed by 4-5 fruits. On the lower tier, the fruits are larger, up to 600 grams, the higher, the smaller the tomatoes (250-300 grams). The shape of the tomatoes is in the shape of a heart, the color is pinkish-crimson with modulations. Mature fruits look beautiful and unusual ..

Basically, the tomato goes on salads, fresh. It makes delicious juices and sauces. The fruits of pink honey cannot be stored. After maturation, they must be immediately recycled.

Big Mama

Inexperienced gardeners dream to grow large tomatoes, not to mention the summer residents with experience. The Big Mummy's Tomato will help you to make your dream a reality, featuring unpretentious care and large fruits.

Variety from the group of stunted tomatoes, grows to 80-100 cm. Foliage a bit, but since the fruits are large, requires the installation of supports and garter. Lead the plant in 1-2 stem, removing the side shoots.

Tomatoes weigh 250-35 grams. The skin is thin, inside - juicy and fleshy flesh. Despite the large weight, the fruits do not crack, retain their attractiveness and taste even after short storage. Use - salads, juices, sauces.

Black truffle

Exotic varieties firmly "registered" in the plots of domestic gardeners. Among them - black truffle, surprising fruits of unusual shape and color.

Shrubs grow up to one and a half meters, high foliage. In the stage of formation and ripening of the fruits of the hand, they strongly bank to the ground, therefore support and garter are required. Tomatoes are pear-shaped, dense, with a glossy dense skin. Color - burgundy, at the stem turns into a brown, almost black shade. Everyone who has tried Truffle, praise him for his sweetness, spicy delicate aroma.

Despite the original shape and color, the variety is unpretentious, it is possible even to beginners. Benefits:

  • stability;
  • high set of tomatoes;
  • keeping quality;
  • universality in use (salting, preservation, is tasty fresh).

The fruits of the truffle are beautifully cut.

Petrusha gardener

In 2013, the Petrusha gardener variety appeared in the State Registry catalog. It was developed by Siberian breeders, adapted to the climate of risky farming zones.

Main characteristics:

  • stem determinant tomato;
  • height - 50-55 cm;
  • with simple buds;
  • fruits in the form of an oval, weigh 140-180 grams;
  • disease resistant.

A variety of fruitful, unpretentious in the care, "find" for those who only master gardening. According to reviews of summer residents, fruits are stable on ridges, in tunnels, temporary shelters under the film.

Tomatoes are tasty, sweet, good both in salad and in various preparations (salting, pickling, preservation, drying).

On a note!

For early harvest of fruits, it is recommended to remove the stepsons.


Many people know the famous gazpacho soup, which is based on tomatoes. The variety of the same name is best for preparing this cold tasty dish. Also, its fruits are used in salting, make delicious and beautiful assorted with cucumbers and squash.

Stunted, up to 40 cm of the plant at the peak of fruiting are covered with cylindrical fruits. Tomatoes are very dense, bright red color and good saturated taste. Advantages:

  • easy care;
  • compactness;
  • universal application;
  • low susceptibility to diseases and pests;
  • not a daddy.

The fruits are ready for harvest in 120-125 days. Since the variety belongs to mid-ripening tomatoes, it is better to cultivate it in greenhouses or film tunnels in the middle lane.


Small-fruited tomatoes are not uncommon in summer cottages.They are chosen for productivity, unsurpassed taste, universal application. These tomatoes include the Ildi variety, loved by gardeners from different regions of Russia. Tall, highly bushy bushes reach almost two meters. Inflorescences are complex, in appearance resemble a fan. The plant blooms profusely, forming a large number of small, up to 15 grams in weight, tomatoes.

In each brush grows 50-60 pieces. Unripe tomatoes - light green, after full ripening - bright yellow. Form - cream, with rounded contours. The amber flesh shines through the firm skin.

Fruits ripen unevenly, so green, orange, yellow and ripe yellow tomatoes grow at the same time in the brush. In this case, the brush can still bloom, so the sight is amazing.

Indicators of yield varieties - 3.5 -4 kg of fruit from the bush. Stored for a long time, up to two months, suitable for long-term transportation.


  • pickling;
  • pickles;
  • conservation;
  • decoration of dishes;
  • salads;
  • Dessert.

Ildi when salting do not lose shape, do not crack. They look beautiful in assorted, as well as in the design of various culinary dishes.


Variety "Konigsberg"bred in Siberia, successfully tested by summer residents in the middle lane, in the Urals, in the European North. Everywhere a tomato showed excellent yield. Refers to indeterminantnyh varieties, tall, powerful. Recommended for planting in the ridges, but in temperate climates it is still better not to risk it and cultivate it in greenhouses.

Plants vysokoblitistvennye, sprawling. Form a brush after 8-9 leaves, each with 4-6 pieces of fruit.

Königsberg species:

  • red (traditional variety, shape - elongated cylindrical, weight - 200-220 grams);
  • pink;
  • gold (contains a large amount of carotene, resistant to phytophthora);
  • heart-shaped (reaches 800-1000 grams);
  • striped (red with yellow strokes fruits).

Variety varieties are similar in characteristics, the differences mainly relate to the shape, color of fruits. Large tomatoes go in salads, oval and pepper-shaped - for salting, preservation.

The tomato is distinguished by drought tolerance, high adaptability, yield. The fruits are all delicious, with a characteristic tomato flavor.

The range of tomatoes in the top of the most purchased, will not waste time and get the best varieties for planting. High-quality seed material - a pledge that the harvest will delight!

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