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A convenient way of rooting cuttings in water without rotting the roots

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Cutting is one of the simple and affordable methods of vegetative propagation available to each gardener. If you approach the process correctly, you can create many beautiful plants in your garden in this way. There is the easiest method of rooting cuttings in water, which is often used by summer residents. It is only important to know what measures to take so that the roots do not rot.

How to cut cuttings correctly

The first rule for successful breeding is to take pieces of the stem of the desired size, and from the right place. Agronomists do not recommend to take cuttings from powerful fat branches, it is better to use inconspicuous lower shoots for this.

It is also important to adhere to the following conditions:

  • for plants difficult to take root to take material from younger “parents”;
  • from 1-2 year old trees, even a pear with an apple tree can be rooted, which are usually difficult to give roots;
  • make the upper cut just below the kidney, without the stump;
  • lower to do after 3-4 cm;
  • leave only 1 leaf.

Adhering to such rules, you can prepare good material for subsequent rooting.


The lower the branch from which the segment is taken, the greater the chances for success.

How to root

The jar is better to take a dark or just not transparent, so the roots will better be born. If a segment without a single leaf - put in a dark place, if there is at least 1 leaf left in the light.

The water level is the second significant stage. It should be understood that the roots are formed at the very border of water and air, therefore, it is not recommended to flood them generously. If there is a lot of fluid - the roots can rot. Another important point: do not change the water, but only add fresh, room temperature. To improve the process, carry out periodic aeration.

Many plants, according to experienced gardeners, reproduce better in a dormant period. For example, in February, cut off the branches of sea buckthorn, put into the water, adhering to the principles described above, and in a couple of weeks she will have roots.


Do not overdo planting material, because too long roots can not settle down in the garden in a new place.

There is still a good way grafting using foam and activated carbon. To do this: in a suitable container, pour in warm distilled water, add 1-2 tablets of coal (previously crushed).

Cut a circle around the diameter of the dish from foam plastic, make a hole in it, insert the prepared piece of the branch and place it on the container with water. So the segment will always be afloat, below the desired level will not fall, and the coal will prevent from rotting. It will only be necessary to periodically top up the evaporating liquid and wait for rooting.


The material can be prepared from the fall, placed in a bag with holes in the cold, can be stuck in a potato without buds and saved until the desired time. If everything is done above in the presented way, taking into account all the nuances, cuttings for rooting will never rot, give good roots and will please growth after planting in open ground.

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cherenki v vodecherenki v vode

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