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How to protect the site from snakes? Simple and effective ways

In addition to various pests on the summer cottage snakes are often infested. Despite the fact that not all their species are poisonous, such a neighborhood is highly undesirable for humans. There are many ways to eradicate snakes and prevent their appearance in the future.

Why are snakes infest on the site and how are they dangerous?

Snakes most often live in the forest or small landings, as well as near water. As a result of deforestation or the appearance of external stimuli, they can leave their habitat and settle next to a person. As a rule, there are many secluded places in the garden and there is enough food.

The most common reptiles that can be found on the garden plot are snakes, snakes and vipers:

  1. Uzhi are painted black, less often have a yellow tint. On the head there are only yellow spots inherent to them. In rare cases, this species shows aggression and tries not to meet a person’s eyes.
  2. Yellow-bellied snake, on the contrary, is very aggressive. For habitat, he chooses dry places, for example - hay.
  3. For a man, the danger is only a viper. Her poison can be fatal. Viper is a great danger for children. Also, its appearance can lead to strong fright. The vipers are black in color and have a characteristic gray pattern for this species only.

    The species is very aggressive and deadly poisonous.

The best folk ways

There are many popular tools that allow you to quickly get rid of dangerous neighborhoods. Here are the most simple ones:

  1. Since snakes do not tolerate harsh odors, you can land on the edges of the site of a bed of garlic, tobacco, or sprinkle mustard powder, with the calculation of 1 kg of mustard per 10 hectare site.
  2. Not quite convenient, but an effective method is to burn a rubber tire.
  3. Also, snakes can not stand the smell of chemicals such as: nitrate, garden herbicide, naphthalene, diesel fuel and others. It is enough to moisten the tissue segments with these means and spread them out in their habitats.
  4. Also effective means are the devices creating noise. These include bells, rattles, turntables.
  5. For the prevention of the appearance of scaly, you can build a fence with a well-deepened foundation and treated with special means.
  6. It is desirable to get rid of small rodents that are food for them.
  7. The presence of hedgehogs on the site, dogs, cats or the use of their wool, is also a deterrent.

Cheap and effective purchase

There are many special tools that work efficiently and quickly. These can be chemicals or scare devices.

Among the scare devices popular are:

  1. Weitech-WK677 Solar - this ultrasound device will also save you from small rodents. The device does not spend the electric power as, it is equipped with the solar battery.
  2. Eco-Snipe LS-107 is battery-powered, compact and efficient over a long distance.
  3. Ultrasonic device HELP has an impressive radius of impact, equipped with a solar battery, as well as a small flashlight.
  4. The Tornado repeller operates within a radius of 1000 m2 and is suitable for large areas. The device works on batteries. Wave action occurs at intervals of 20 seconds.
  5. Not expensive, but effective repeller is Uniel UDR-S20.The device operates on a solar battery.

    Its advantage is that the mechanism is resistant to temperature extremes and is well protected from moisture penetration.

In addition, snakes can be disposed of with the help of chemical agents that are easily available on the Internet or in specialized stores:

  1. Naphthalene.
  2. Ammonium nitrate.
  3. Ammophos.
  4. Tornado.

Also online stores offer many new specialized drugs. It is difficult to talk about their effectiveness, as they are on the market recently. Therefore, before buying it is worth studying the reviews of those who used them.

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