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Harvest all year round - heated greenhouses in winter

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Summer residents for heating greenhouses resort to different methods. The choice of the optimal method depends on what vegetables will be grown on the site in the winter. It is also important to consider the design area, simplicity and efficiency of the heating system.

Heating options

So that in winter the seedlings in the greenhouse do not freeze, you can use different heating options. In this case, you can use both industrial equipment and independently insulate the building with foam plastic, insulation material, etc. Low cost are the most popular among gardeners greenhouse heating methods polycarbonate: infrared heaters, water heating, candles and oil.

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Electric heaters

Among devices for heating this type, infrared emitters are more often used. Their use has both advantages and disadvantages. The advantages include:

  • ease and simplicity of installation;
  • move from place to place is not difficult;
  • a wide range of models.


  • air and earth are not heated at the same time;
  • must be protected from moisture. Otherwise, the heater may fail;
  • on the greenhouse a large area of ​​one device will not be enough to heat.

Pre-installed exhaust fan to get rid of help from excessive moisture.

The number and power of infrared heaters depends not only on the area of ​​the polycarbonate greenhouse, but also on the height of their location, the desired air temperature.

Water heating

The principle of its work as a home heating. The movement of hot water is carried out through the pipe, so the earth warms up. You can hold it from home or install a separate boiler. Pipes should be located around the perimeter. heated greenhouse and between the beds.


  • installation of equipment is inexpensive;
  • heating system can be assembled by yourself;
  • soil, plant roots are heated well.

This heating method is the most popular, yet there are drawbacks:

  • the air in the building is almost not heated;
  • if there are severe frosts, the system may not cope with its work.

In any case, this method is the most reliable and secure. The temperature of the air in the greenhouse can be adjusted.

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Heated by candles

The method will be effective if the frost returns. With it, for a short time, you can increase the temperature in the greenhouse by a few degrees. The easiest way: to heat the room with candles. To do this, you will need a metal bucket with a bottom, a tin can, tapers, plaster and vegetable oil. The bucket can be replaced with a ceramic pot.

Candle put the bottom of the banks. It is important to remember that the larger the container, the longer the candle will burn and radiate heat. Then pour a small amount of gypsum over it. It is necessary that the wax product did not fall in the process of burning. Next, pour oil into the tank to the brim and light the wick, put it in a bucket. To cover with a lid. This approach will warm the room well.

Ways to make heating economical

In addition to the fact that gardeners want to make an inexpensive heating system in a polycarbonate greenhouse, it should be economical. For example, often in such structures installed heat storage. To do this, use barrels of water or plastic bottles.They accumulate heat from the sun throughout the day, and give it away at night. To heat accumulate better barrels better painted black.

If a stove is installed, then it can be stoked cheaply. For this fit any garbage from the garden plot.

Inside polycarbonate greenhouse can be covered with another layer of film with air bubbles. The layer of air formed between the film and polycarbonate, significantly reduces heat loss. If according to the weather forecast frosts are foreseen, then instead of heating, beds can be covered with geotextiles. So you can keep warm, but in the morning you need to remove the material, otherwise the seedlings will rot.

On a note!

Before installing a greenhouse, you must choose the warmest place. Solar heat will help to economize the use of electricity, gas.

The choice of heating method for greenhouse should depend on various factors. It is necessary to pay attention to the design features, budget, as well as the ability to independently install, repair the system.

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