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How to get rid of overgrown plums?


Despite the fact that the personal plot is divided into zones, depending on their purpose, root seedlings of fruit trees from the garden often appear on garden beds. From the roots of the plum shoots develop particularly intensively. There are many reasons for its appearance: violation of agrotechnics of planting, conditions at the time of vaccination, damage to the rhizome. Determining the factor that affects the intensity of the formation of additional shoots will allow you to get rid of them forever with your own hands.

Overgrown plums: causes, harm

Root sprouts are formed very quickly around this fruit tree. In a short period of time they occupy a vast area, germinating even in the garden beds. Give shoots not only own-rooted copies, but also vaccinated. Since the root system of the offspring and the queen is one, and the first feed constantly, over time, it is no longer possible to harvest a large crop, and the main tree begins to "wither."


Causes of

The lower part of the trunk of a tree is the primary place of emergence of shoots that grow rapidly. Over the summer, up to 20 offspring of different sizes can grow, depending on the nutrition they receive. There are several reasons for the appearance of shoots:

  1. Nude roots - with improper planting, when the level of disembarkation was too high, or jetting under intense pressure.
  2. Damage to the root system - when landing in shallow holes, the underground part of the culture develops close to the surface. When loosening, gardeners can cause injuries, of which shoots develop over time.
  3. Incorrect piping in the area of ​​grafting - if, when the plant is thickened at the site with a scion, the tape breaks, which is tightly fixed, interrupts the outflow of nutrients from the crown to the root system. As a result, root shoots are developed to provide additional nutrition.
  4. Improper pruning of the crown - with too much shortening of all the shoots, the food ceases to flow to the roots. This causes the development of unwanted shoots.
  5. Excessive hypothermia and drought are factors that contribute to the emergence of root suckers in large numbers.

The offspring from own-owned plums are suitable for vegetative propagation, but those that originated from the grafted dick are subject to destruction, as the varietal qualities do not carry.

What hurts

The problem - in the rapid spread of shoots. It occupies a living space, in need of food. In addition, it "pulls" the vitality of the parent instance, and depletes the ground. The result - a shortage of crops and plums, and other crops cultivated on the site.

The intensity of the appearance of shoots on varieties

Education root offspring has a number of nuances. One of them is a variety. There are certain ones that grow in large numbers.

Table. The intensity of the development of shoots, depending on the particular variety.

Plums forming a lot of overgrown

With a slight development of root suckers

"Local Red" "Anna Shpet"
"Hungarian ordinary" Renklod Altana
"Italian Hungarian" "Stanley"
"Ochakovskaya yellow"  —

Effective ways to combat root suckers

To get a good harvest, weed vegetation must be removed, including young plants. First of all, you should pay attention to preventive measures that are easy to carry out, determining the causes of the growth of root offsprings.

  1. If the roots are bare, it is necessary to pour the ground to prevent a high type of planting.
  2. Mulching of the trunk circle will prevent injury to the root system.
  3. By changing the taut tape to a weaker one, you can avoid breaking the strapping at the inoculation site.
  4. When pruning, crown areas capable of photosynthesis are left.
  5. If the tree is affected by frost, it is better to cut it, and transplant the sprout, after grafting.
srezanie porosli

If the young growth began to develop, it should be removed at the base of the root, practically leaving no stumps. Young shoots are removed before the sap flow in the spring. It is also possible to carry out manipulations in the autumn, after the discharge of the leaves. The main condition - to clean the growth at ground level. If the stumps are too high, many shoots start to grow from them, forming a shrub.

Effective techniques:

  1. Trimming with a pruner - remove shoots below the ground level. Sections of cuts are processed by the barb. Also remove shoots appearing on the trunk of the tree.
  2. Insulation - produced by closing the cardboard with a radius of 5 m from the trunk, moistened and trodden into the soil. Cover it with roofing material, fall asleep with a mixture of sand and soil. Wheatgrass is sown from above.
  3. Mulching wheel circle - the preservation of moisture prevents the development of shoots.
  4. The use of herbicides - in the stumps of the stumps drilled holes and poured there toxic chemicals, covering the treated place with film for a week.

When using herbicides, preference is given to drugs of continuous action. If less effective means are used, the concentration of the working solution is increased.

Timely removed shoots are an important component for obtaining a rich harvest not only of plums, but also of other crops growing near.

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