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Shoot carrots in 5 days! Effective method

carrot shoots

Carrots are a popular vegetable crop that is cultivated in various regions. Vegetable is unpretentious and to grow its easy. The main thing is to choose the right seeds and prepare them for sowing, which will ensure quick germination and full development of the root crop. There are several methods of sowing material processing, of which each summer resident will be able to choose the most efficient and suitable for himself.

Selection of seed

The main characteristics that influence the choice of the variety are regionalization in the agro-climatic conditions of the cultivation region, the preferred time for harvesting, the purpose of the root crops. If you plan to grow carrots in the middle lane with possible spring frosts and early cooling in the autumn, it is better to choose varieties undemanding to the ground that are resistant to cold with a short growing season.

Common classification of varieties by maturity:

  1. Early - after the emergence of shoots before harvesting takes 65-80 days. The yield is good, however, the roots are not designed for long storage, because the quality is bad.
  2. Mid-season - the best choice for regions with a harsh climate. The yield is high, the quality is good.
  3. Late - the largest amount of sugar in the roots with a long ripening period - 130-150 days. Vegetables are suitable for long-term storage and transportation.

Breeders bred a lot of hybrid varieties with high sugar content, good yield. They are resistant to many diseases, but the change collected from them alone is unsuitable for planting.

Seed preparation for sowing

Seeds of carrots can be sown in open ground and in dry form. But then the shoots will have to wait about 20 days, which is associated with a high content in the seed material of essential oils. To quickly obtain seedlings seeds are pre-prepared.

Sprouting in the ground

Dry seed is poured into a fabric bag, which 10 days before the planned planting date is instilled at a site to a depth of 15-20 cm. On the day of sowing, they are removed, dried and well swollen, they are embedded in a standard pattern.


Seeds are poured with warm water (25 ° C), an oxygen supply device is installed to provide aeration. In this state, the seed is kept for 24 hours. Then it is wrapped in a damp cloth, in which it is kept for about 5 days in the refrigerator on the middle shelf. Next, the seeds are dried to flowability and sown.


3-5 days before sowing, the seeds are covered with a nutritious coat. To create it, they prepare a mixture of peat and humus (1 glass each). In a liter container pour 10 g of carrot seeds, add 50 g of the nutrient mixture and 30 g of liquid mullein. The jar is shaken three times, and after each shaking, the listed components are added to the seed. At the end, the seeds are spread on paper and dried.


Pretty time consuming method. But experienced growers consider it one of the most efficient.


Prepare a nutrient solution, where the seeds in the bags are dipped for a day. At the end of this time, they are removed and put in a cold room for 5 days in a damp cloth for hardening.

Variants of the composition of the solutions in 1 liter of water, heated to 30 ° C:

  1. 5 ml of "Gumat" fertilizer.
  2. 5 ml of fertilizer "Effecton O".
  3. 30 g wood ash.

Preliminary preparation of inoculum not only shortens the waiting period for seedlings, but also contributes to obtaining a bountiful harvest of tasty root crops, rich in sugar and carotene.

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carrot shootscarrot shoots

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