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Tall and large-fruited tomato varieties-diggers

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Large tomatoes are the favorites of gardeners, and it's not just about weight. They are distinguished by sweetness, excellent taste, a small number of seeds. In the ranking of the best large-fruited varieties of tomatoes often fall tall species, including many hybrids. According to the detailed description, photos, reviews, it is easy to choose a tomato suitable for a particular region and growing conditions.

Russian F1 size

Originator - agrofirm "Gavrish", positioning the hybrid as a high-yielding and disease-resistant. Judging by the reviews of numerous gardeners, the tomato confirms the stated characteristics.


  • indeterminate type, it is necessary to tie stalks, brushes, install supports;
  • intended for cultivation in greenhouses;
  • late ripening (picking tomatoes - in 120-127 days);
  • fruits grow on average 400-550 grams, there are individual specimens up to 800-1000 grams (subject to proper care).

Bushes reach 1.7-2 meters, inflorescences are friable, on the plant go about 3-4 leaves. Tomatoes of saturated pink color, fleshy, juicy. The flesh is a delicate pleasant taste, with a high content of sugars.

On a note!

Large tomatoes are obtained by forming a bush in one stem.

The hybrid is included in the catalog of the State Register of the Russian Federation (2002).

Gilded Dish F1

Among hybrids of average maturity stands out large-fruited Gilded belyash F1. The weight of tomatoes is 700 grams, on the lower tiers fruits grow under a kilogram. From a bush of a giant they collect 5-6 kg, the yield indicators do not decrease even under adverse conditions.

The plant is high, in greenhouses it grows to 1.8-2 meters. On the bush is formed from 4 to 6 brushes. Tomatoes are fleshy, bright orange with a thin translucent skin. The flesh is dense, with a delicate structure.

Gilded belyash is a tomato from the group of fleshy beef-tomatoes intended for making salads. It contains a small amount of acids, therefore it is suitable for children's menu and diet food. Feature of a hybrid: high plasticity, unpretentiousness at cultivation.

Bear Paw

Breeders of the company "Siberian Garden" bred an interesting variety with the telling name Bear Paw. The fleshy, large fruits of its appearance resemble the broad paw of the host of the taiga, while having a pleasant taste and sweetness. On the bushes up to 1.8-2 meters thick powerful brushes with weighty tomatoes are formed. The leaves are large, tomato type, dark green.

The plant is preferable to lead in one trunk, then the weight of the fruit will be more (up to 500-600 grams). When forming 2-3 barrels tomatoes in brushes gain no more than 300 grams. Fruits are round, slightly flattened, saturated red color. The flesh is fleshy, juicy, pleasant taste. Despite the thin skin, Bear's paw does not crack, so the variety is suitable for transportation.

In the middle lane, the variety grows well in open ground; in colder regions, it is grown in shelters. Included in the lists of the State Register since 2005.

One hundred pounds

For those who are looking for a balance between yield, taste and large-fruited tomato One hundred pounds. Its beautiful pear-like fruits reach 300-400 grams. Tasty flesh is distinguished by its special sweetness and aroma.

Main characteristics:

  • tall variety (group of Indians), height up to 1.8-2 meters;
  • prolonged fruiting;
  • planting in greenhouses (yield will be higher - up to 9-10 kg per square meter);
  • the versatility of the use of tomatoes (fresh, on salads, slices - for preservation).

Tomatoes are ribbed, pear-shaped, bright red. For large specimens form a bush in one stem.

Sprint Timer

The list of large-fruited tomatoes is indispensable without the legendary variety Sprint Timer. On the bushes with a height of 1.9-2.5 meters, beautiful heart-shaped fruits are formed. The weight of the smallest is 400-500 grams; large copies weigh up to 800-1000 grams. Tastes are excellent.

Unpretentious indeterminantny tomato is grown everywhere. Gardeners appreciate it for the following qualities:

  • large tasty tomatoes;
  • resistance to adverse weather factors;
  • resistance to infections;
  • beautiful fruit;
  • high collection rates of tomatoes from the bush (yield - 10-15 kg).

The flesh is red, juicy, sweet, sour is absent. Purpose - the preparation of various tomato products, salads, sliced.


Gardeners prefering exotic varieties can choose Rome. Its fruits are large, corrugated, with dense flesh filled with sweetness. Bushes are massive, tall, up to two meters, with a large leafy load.

The collection of the first fruits is possible already in 80-90 days (tomatoes in the stage of technical ripeness). Tomatoes 500-600 grams each, with pronounced ribbing in the stem, saturated red color.

On a note!

Variety Rome - one of the best for making tomato juice.

When managing the plant in one trunk and rationing the number of ovaries in the hands, fruits weighing 1-1.2 kg each are obtained. The main use is fresh. It is characterized by a high content of dry matter, acid - at a minimum. Gardeners note a small number of fruits on the bushes (7-10 pieces), but this is offset by the unusual taste and sweetness of the variety.

Thanks to the work of breeders, the selection of large-fruited tomatoes is large. It is easy to find suitable varieties according to descriptions, characteristics and requirements or hybrid forms and try to grow on your own plot. tomatoes giants.

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