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Top 5 best varieties of tomatoes from the agrofirm "Gavrish"


Every new season, gardeners try to carefully choose tomato seeds for planting on the plot, because the future harvest depends on it. The list of the best varieties of tomatoes from the well-known agrofirm "Gavrish" will facilitate the selection, and the photos and descriptions will allow you to get a complete picture of a particular tomato.


Usually low-growing varieties of tomatoes form small fruits. But Akulina is an exception to the usual rules, since tomatoes grow from this plant to 1280-200 grams. Fleshy, with light ribbing tomatoes have a good taste, dense structure, a small number of seeds. Plants are recommended to be cultivated in open ridges, in tunnels. The height of the bushes - 70-90 cm, does not need a pasynkovanii. The leaves are large, light green in color, with a slight corrugation.

Harvesting tomatoes begin in 115-118 days. This is the period for technical ripeness of tomatoes, for full ripening, you will need to wait another 12-14 days. The yield indicators of the variety are excellent - 7-8 kg of fruit per square meter. At the same time, a tomato is not very susceptible to such diseases as fusarium, verticillis, with timely prevention it does not suffer from late blight.

Giant lemon

Yellow tomatoes have recently been in great demand among summer residents. Agrofirm "Gavrish" offers a tomato with the original name Lemon giant. The large-fruited indeterminate variety has shown itself well in the midland and in areas of temperate climate.


  • large tomatoes (600-700 grams);
  • high content of sugar, carotene in fruits;
  • disease resistance;
  • Suitability of tomatoes for storage (up to 3 months);
  • high rates of picking tomatoes (6-7 kg per plant).

Breeders recommend planting tomato seedlings in greenhouses, keeping the density - no more than 3 bushes per square meter. The bush grows up to 2-2.3 meters, it needs compulsory formation and removal of stepsons. "Lead" in two stalks, so more fruits are formed. If you want to get large tomatoes, then leave one trunk, the remaining branches and side shoots are removed.

On a note!

Sort Giant Lemon is responsive to top dressing. During the season you need to feed a tall tomato at least 4 times.

Tomatoes are round, slightly elongated, with a slight ribbing in the area of ​​the stem. Inside - a large number of cameras. The flesh is dense, juicy on the cut, wateriness is absent. The color of the skin of fruits and pulp is identical - lemon yellow, bright in the period of full maturity. The taste is sweetish with a barely perceptible sourness.


  • salads;
  • sauces;
  • juices;
  • paste;
  • mashed potatoes;
  • soups.

Tomato products from such tomatoes are distinguished by an unusual yellowish color and a pleasant citrus scent.

Grandma's Gift

Tomato "Grandma's Gift" the company "Gavrish" is in the series "Russian taste" The leader of sales, successfully showed itself in various regions of Russia. Gardeners note the advantages of the variety:

  • great taste;
  • good performance when picking tomatoes (5-5.5 kg from one bush);
  • disease resistance.

It is necessary to take into account that this tomato is of medium maturity, therefore in the conditions of the Urals or the North-West it is cultivated only in shelters. On the ridges in a short summer, all the tomatoes may not have time to form, the yields will be lower.

The bushes are very powerful, strong, with thick stems. Height - 1.5-1.7 meters. The foliage is large, very saturated green color.Fruits form in the hands, only up to 9 inflorescences are formed on the bush.

Tomatoes are weighty, regular round, slightly flattened above, 200-250 grams each. When fully ripe, the skin and flesh are red with a pearl shimmer. The skin is dense, thin, covers the fleshy juicy flesh. The taste quality of the variety exceeds many other tomatoes, and this is not advertising, but the reviews of gardeners.

The main use is fresh salads, sliced. For the preparation of blanks, the variety is not particularly suitable, but if necessary, you can preserve the tomatoes with slices.

Raspberry elephant

Pink tomatoes hold leadership in taste, and the variety Raspberry elephant confirms this. The fruits are not only beautiful in appearance, but also differ in sweetness, pleasant aroma. They are suitable for salads, look great in cutting.

The flesh is juicy, fleshy, on the cut - sugar. Tomatoes themselves weigh 400-500 grams. When forming a brush and following the rules of agrotechnology, fruits weighing 700-800 grams are obtained.

Shrubs tall, reaching 2-2.3 meters in greenhouses. It is advisable to grow a tomato on a trellis or equip strong supports with the obligatory garter of branches and brushes. Lead a bush in 1-2 stem, stepson extra side shoots.

On a note!

Under the conditions of the regions of the center of Russia, as well as in the North-West, in the Urals and in Siberia, the variety is grown only in shelters.

Fruit ripening - in 110-115 days. Since the weight of tomatoes is large, they tie up brushes, and also install additional supports to the bushes. Yield indicators are impressive - 5-6 kg per plant.

The grade is exacting to introduction of top dressings, plentiful waterings. At the same time, it is necessary to control the schedule and volumes of water during the formation and ripening of tomatoes, otherwise the skin on the fruits will crack. At the end of the growing season it is recommended to pinch the top for the complete formation of all the tomatoes on the bush.

Rosemary F1

Tomato, recommended for diet, inclusion in the children's menu. The fleshy, bright red fruit of the variety contains a double dose of vitamin A, and Rosemary outperforms other tomatoes by this indicator.

The plant is distinguished by its power, height (up to 1.8-2 meters). Already in the seedling period, stocky bushes stand out favorably among their brethren, after disembarking to shelters they quickly grow. The tomato gives few leaves, forms up to nine brushes. The number of fruits in each - 10-12 pieces.

If you want to get large fruits brush out, leaving 3-4 ovaries. Tomatoes are round, regular shape, attractive raspberry-pink color. Weigh an average of 400 grams, some copies - 500-550 grams.

The tomato pulp is surprisingly sugary, resembling a watermelon in the cut. Inside - a lot of small chambers, the flesh melts in the mouth while eating. Fruits are tasty in cutting, in salads. Slicing into slices, they can be used in blanks, as tomatoes do not lose their shape. Rosemary also produces rich tomato products: juices, pastes, sauces. It is suitable for cooking the famous tomato gazpacho soup. Tomatoes are not suitable for storage, therefore, after roasting, it is advisable to use them immediately for processing or for food.

Yields - 8-10 kg per bush, and this is another "plus" in favor of tall hybrid. But in order to obtain such a crop, it is necessary to provide the tomato with adequate nutrition, to properly form a shrub and remove the stepsons.

The line of tomatoes agrofirma "Gavrish" includes many varieties and hybrid forms. After examining the information in advance, each gardener will be able to find tomatoes according to his requests and wishes, and then everything depends on the care.

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