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Description of tomato variety "Bear's paw" and its advantages

Of course, planting seeds and getting a high harvest in our time, even in regions with risky farming, no longer seems like a big problem. Seeds are sold at an affordable cost, and information on varieties can be found, for example, on our website. In this article we will discuss the variety of tomato "Bear Paw".

general description

This variety has a bright name, but in terms of performance it pleases summer residents. The tomato was bred by amateur breeding, but the result was excellent. This variety showed itself very well during growing in greenhouse conditions - this is with regards to regions with a cold climate. In the temperate zone and in the south, summer farmers receive high yields in the open ground.

If we talk about the pros and cons, then the first, of course, more. Of the shortcomings, even if they can be called that, is the height of the bush and the need to form. The Bear Paw variety is distinguished by a large and powerful stem, large fruits, and it is typical for it to break under its weight without support. And the formation allows you to get the highest possible yield, which, by the way, the Bear Paw tomato can have up to 30 kg, reviews and photos of summer residents confirm this. And this yield is not from the meter, but from the bush.

Also, not everyone loves a little sourness in the fruit, but this too can hardly be called a disadvantage.

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184005_99524nothumb650Varietal characteristics

  • Variety refers to tomatoes with medium early ripening.
  • High-yielding.
  • Indeterminate bush, which can exceed a height of two meters, with the entire stem and branches densely covered with green mass.
  • Fruits can have a mass of 800 grams. They mature in a cyst of 3-4 pieces. They ripen all summer until the cold.
  • Taste and aroma are pleasant.
  • Sustainable variety and the main tomato diseases.
  • It tolerates drought well, but with proper watering, the crop is always larger and the fruits are tastier and juicier.
  • The shape of the fruit is round, flat, there is ribbing in the area of ​​the stem. In the phase of full maturity, tomatoes are rich red. The skin is non-rigid, the flesh is fleshy. Tomatoes have a lot of seeds.
  • The summer residents of the Bear Paw variety are very praised for its delicious tomatoes, from which excellent tomato juice and sauces come out. But fresh in salads, tomatoes are not inferior in taste to those that have been processed.

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98976Tomato "Bear's paw", the characteristics and description of the variety which we describe to you in the article, cannot be complete without mentioning the main techniques of agricultural technology. They consist in pre-sowing treatment of seeds, hardening of seedlings before transfer to open ground, dressing, abundant watering and, of course, in the garter and formation. It is best to leave 1-2 stalks during formation. You can thin out and green mass, so that the fruits ripen faster.

These are the main techniques that must be made. Then the harvest will be canceled. It is also worth noting that this variety responds very well to feed. Mineral preparations in combination with organic will not only give high yields, but also prolong the fruiting, which will allow you to taste the wonderful fruits before frost.

Large-fruited tomatoes always pay off a hundredfold. Because next spring you can sow "Bear's paw" on the seedlings.

Video review of the bear bear tomato

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