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Tall tomatoes Phytophorus resistant giants

tomato giants resistant to late blight

Experienced gardeners are grown in areas dozens of tomatoes, differing in color, size, collection time. Among the favorite - the largest indeterminantny varieties of tomatoes, which are planted in open ground, in greenhouses, tunnels. Their fruits are fleshy, juicy, tasty in salads, fresh. Thanks to the breeders, the Indians of the early and mid-maturity dates, gaining weight and mature, even in the harsh climate of most regions of Russia.

Specificity of indeterminate tomatoes

Tomatoes included in this group are distinguished by unlimited growth. The height of the bushes can exceed two meters, while creating a comfortable environment, each plant can form up to 40 brushes.

In the climatic conditions of most Russian regions, indeterminant varieties and hybrids are cultivated in greenhouses. They bloom and ripen later than the determinant types, since the first brushes are knotted after about the ninth or eleventh leaf. Plants are demanding for nutrition, need to form a bush, obligatory garter.

On a note!

To obtain large copies of tomatoes also form a brush.

For such "giants" provide good illumination, a large area on the ridges, drip irrigation systems. In this case, the indeterminate varieties abundantly bear fruit and delight large fruits.

Tomatoes large for open ground

On ridges in the open, tall varieties are grown less frequently. To limit growth pinch the top (in early August), remove the fruit in the stage of technical maturity.

The best varieties and hybrids:

  • The king of giants - grows to 1.7 meters, resistant to temperature extremes. Fruits with fleshy pulp, a small number of seeds, up to 500 grams;
  • Russian size F1 is a strong-hybrid, tall. Requires removal of lateral processes, are usually in a single trunk. In loose inflorescences - 3-5 fruits of good taste. The weight of each is 400-500 grams, but such tomatoes are formed only under the condition of proper care. When normalizing the ovaries, fruits of 900-1000 grams are obtained;
  • Bear paw - this variety has been included in the catalog of the State Registry since 2005, unpretentious and fruitful. Fruits weighing 400-450 grams of good tomato flavor are obtained. Grow more often in one stem, since with this method tomatoes grow larger. Suitable for juices, cooking lecho, as well as food fresh.

Large-fruited tomatoes for greenhouses

For cultivation in shelters choose not only the early, but also tall sredneperki, as well as middle-late varieties. Over a long growing season, they manage to gain the desired weight, accumulate sugar and the required amount of dry matter.



Recognized by many mazarini variety with large by weight fruits. Bright red tomatoes grow up to 300 grams, have a sweet taste and aroma.

Mazarin is praised for yield, low susceptibility to rot, fusarium, phytophthora. Most of the crop has time to form before the appearance of infections.

F1 handbag

The fruitful cuboid shape will surprise this fruitful hybrid. The plants are tall, up to 1.8 meters. Demanding on watering, full feed.

On a note!

Branches with brushes necessarily tied to the supports.

The fruits are fleshy, about 300-400 grams, pink-red color. Can be stored up to one and a half months, do not crack.

Krasnobay F1


Reviews of this tomato are controversial, but gardeners agree on one thing: a large-fruited hybrid, fruitful. They argue about the taste, as one like tomatoes, others believe that the taste is average.

In order to get the sweet fruits of large size have to work hard. Hybrid needs good nutrition, lighting. Fruits grow under 350-400 grams, differ in keeping quality, suitability for transportation.

St. Andrew's surprise

tomato giants

Recommended for greenhouses, although in the middle zone it is often grown directly on the beds of the plot. It grows under two meters, but gives a small amount of fruit.

Weight - 400-500 grams, total yield - 3-4 kg per bush. Differs excellent taste, meaty content. Suitable for juices, for sauces, salads.

Raspberry giant

Also on the juices and salads will the fruits of this large tomato. Raspberry Giant Tomatoes slightly ribbed, crimson-red, under 400-500 grams.

Bushes are tall and strong, up to 1.8 meters. The first brush comes after 9 leaves, usually the largest fruits are formed in it. They produce seeds of the company "Russian Garden", "Aelita-agro", "Plasma Seeds".

Tomatoes large for the south of the country

Varieties for these hot areas must withstand drought, otherwise the fruits will be standard sizes.

Grandma's secret

grandma's secret

Sort Grandma's Secret in the southern regions gives good results on the ridges. The plants are two meters high, with fleshy tomatoes. By weight - 400-600 grams, sweet. Sour is missing.

Tomato advantages:

  • sweet taste;
  • large fruit size;
  • high yields;
  • early harvest (June);
  • resistance to drought;
  • strong immunity to infections.

Emerald Apple

tomato emerald apple

Crop variety with an interesting name attracts the color of the fruit. They are in his mature form bright green, with a lemon shade. The bush grows up to 1, 7 meters, from a plant collect up to 10 kg of tomatoes.

It is a little subject to illnesses, it is suitable for long transportations.


tomato giant delishes

In the beef-tomato group, this variety stands out for its excellent taste, dense fleshy pulp with grain, and heavy weight. Tomatoes about 600 grams, when forming a brush grow to 1.2 kg.

A productive and disease-resistant tomato grows well in conditions of exhaust gas. The fruits do not crack, with small seed chambers, very fragrant.

Large varieties of tomatoes for the middle band

If possible, gardeners of this region cultivate tall varieties in shelters. This makes it possible to get the crop until late autumn, leaving the fruit to ripen right on the bushes.

Bull heart

bull heart

Favorite of many gardeners, is appreciated for the large weight of fruits and sweet pulp. Treats representatives of a tomato classics, differs in resistance to a fitoftor.

Tomatoes 500-600 grams are formed in the lower tier, a little less on the upper brushes. The variety is impressive taste, yield. Not inferior to the novelties of selection and always in the top of the favorite gardeners of tomatoes.

Honey salute

honey salute

This variety is included in the group of medium late tomatoes. In Moscow, it grows well on ridges, expanding to a height of 1.8-2 meters.

Bright orange-pink fruits can reach a weight of 600 grams, but the average is 400-450 grams. The taste is very sweet, with pronounced honey notes.

On a note!

Honey salute demanding regular watering. In case of violation of the regime, tomatoes burst.

100 pounds

100 pounds

Grade "100 pounds" surprises pear-shaped tomatoes weighing 400-450 grams. Features:

  • unlimited growth of the bush;
  • in the middle zone conditions, cultivation in shelters is recommended;
  • fruits of universal purpose;
  • high resistance to late blight.

The harvest is ready for harvest in about 110 days. Shrub necessarily stepson.

Large-fruited tomatoes for the North-West, the Urals and regions of Siberia

In these regions, indeterminate varieties are planted in shelters. Try to choose zoned tomatoes, resistant to the adverse factors of the local climate.

Title Description Fruit characteristics Disease resistance Purpose
Pudovik Plant height - 1.5 meters. Need a garter, supports (stakes, trellis). Maintain 2 barrel In the form of a heart, weighing up to 500 grams. The flesh is fleshy, juicy Resistant to phytophthora Salad type. Suitable for juices, sauces, pastes
Three fat men On a bush one and a half meters tall they are tied in 4-5 brushes. Removal of stepsons is mandatory. grown in shelters Fruits are characterized by high density and high weight. On average - 600 grams. High fruit set, even in adverse conditions Little prone to disease Suitable for salads, fresh food. Slices are used in conservation (do not lose shape)
Abakansky pink Powerful plant of unlimited growth. Grown in one stem to produce large tomatoes. The fruits are similar to tomatoes Bull heart. Bright crimson color, weigh about 450-500 grams Resistant to phytophthora, rot Tomatoes go to salads, make juice, lecho
Altai honey (orange) Indet medium height (one and a half meters), with brushes of 5-6 fruits Tomatoes rounded type, amber colors. The pulp is aromatic, juicy, with characteristic honey notes. Collect 5 kg from a bush Needs preventive treatments. Average resistance to phytophthora In fresh form, juices and sauces are also tasty. Tomato color - yellowish orange
Pink Elephant In the greenhouse bushes reach almost 1.7 meters. For ripening fruits, a garter is required. Tomatoes are round, slightly ribbed. Grow up to 400 grams, taste is excellent Resilient On salads, cooking any tomato products. Good for slicing

Also positive reviews of gardeners of the northern regions received large tomatoes Goose egg, Biysk rose, Pride of Siberia.

Indeterminate varieties with large-sized fruits are always the focus of summer residents. By choosing a suitable variety for your region, even a novice gardener will be able to get an excellent harvest of tasty juicy fruits.

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tomato giants resistant to late blighttomato giants resistant to late blight

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