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Characteristics and description of a variety of tomatoes "White filling"

Experienced gardeners know many varieties, plant those that are best for them. The situation is different with newcomers in garden affairs. But do not worry, because you can find here many descriptions of the best tomatoes and their cultivation agrotechnology. This article describes the variety of tomatoes "White filling."

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general description

There are varieties that have been bred recently, but “Bely Pouring” does not apply to them. It has been cultivated by summer residents of more than one generation from the middle of the last century. A tomato was bred in Kazakhstan. To get it, several good hybrids were crossed. As a result, “Bely pouring” was obtained, in our own country it was officially registered a little later - in 1966. You understand how old the variety is, but if it is cultivated even now, it means that the tomato has proven itself a long time ago, and the summer residents remain faithful to it, even despite the abundance of new harvest hybrids.

The variety pleases with its ripening period, it is unpretentious, it does not need to be tied up, since the maximum height in the greenhouse will be 70 cm, 50 cm outside. It is suitable for both greenhouse and open ground. Can be grown from this everywhere.

Tomato "White filling". Characteristics and description of the variety

  • Ultra early tomato. The first harvest can be harvested within 80-90 days after sowing.
  • The tomato grows compactly on top, but below it has very powerful roots that grow more than half a meter on each side. Because planting bushes close to each other is not recommended.
  • Shrubs do not have many leaves, as a rule, form six brushes. The leaves have a light color.
  • Variety resistant to diseases. This is largely due to the fact that the fruits ripen early, and they do not have time to attack the late blight or other diseases.
  • The crop is formed evenly, it cuts quickly, keeps well and does not fall off.
  • The yield of a large tomato is no different. Depending on growing conditions, you can collect from 3 to 8 kg per square meter.
  • High taste and excellent aroma.
  • Does not require special attention, conditions. Excellent maturing in the cool and in the heat.
  • Fruits do not crack. Their weight is 100-150 grams. The shape is round, there is a slight ribbing. Skin color - red.
  • Can tolerate transportation. They are also put in the freeze.
  • The purpose of the fruit was originally for processing, but now they are happy to eat tomatoes fresh. Fruit sauces and juices are also made, but they are thick.

For information!

The name of the tomato variety was obtained by a similar color during ripening with the fruits of the same name apple.

Characteristics of tomato "White filling" shows us a very good variety. With him there is little trouble, although the return is not very big, but stable and even. Now it is necessary to say how to grow this variety in his country house.

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Agricultural technology of tomato "White filling"

Sowing seeds carried out in late March - early April. Before planting, the material is disinfected with a solution of manganese. Growth stimulants can not be used, since the germination of the variety is good. It is best to sow the seeds in peat tablets or pots, since they do not need to be dived afterwards and they are planted on the street right in this container. Crops carry out under a film or glass.

The soil in the pots and on the street should not be acidic.Soil taken or purchased for vegetable seedlings, or make your own from the earth, ashes, humus, sand. Everything is taken in equal parts, except for ash. It needs about 2-3 tablespoons.

Caring for seedlings is simple - watering as necessary, turning to the light. Saplings are planted in the street when they have reached a height of 20 cm, approximately 50 days after sowing. Planting bushes on the plot should be planted in the order of chess, at a distance of 50-60 from each other. Before transfer to the street, mineral fertilizers are added to the wells. During the growing season you need to feed every 10 days. Watering as necessary, support the bushes do not require.

For information!

If the seedlings grow in the greenhouse, the care will be the same. Only every time after watering is necessary to ventilate the room so that there is no overheating and over-moisture of the soil.

If the Colorado potato beetle began to land on seedlings, it is removed either manually or with the help of commercial preparations. On sale now there are many biological products that are not harmful to health, do not accumulate in the leaves and fruits.

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That's the whole agrotechnology. This variety is very easy and fast to grow, and at the beginning of summer you can eat your own tasty tomatoes.

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