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Tomato "ox heart" giant in the garden

Choosing the right variety is already a big part of success. Now there are a lot of good tomatoes, but among them there are the best, for example, the “Volovye heart” tomato, the description of which variety and photos you will find in the article. This is a very decent tomato, we advise you to look at it.

general description

This variety cannot be attributed to the new ones, since it was bred at the end of the 20th century, and was entered in the register in 2000. The tomato was obtained by Russian breeders. It can be praised for very large fruits, something in shape resembling a heart. This pet dacha very productive, unpretentious. The variety is intended more for a warm and temperate climate, but over the years, summer residents have shown that “Cow's heart”, if planted in a greenhouse, gives stable, high yields in Siberia, and in the Urals, and in the Far East.

Tomato has a lot of advantages, one of which is that the fruits do not crack and can be easily transported. All this makes it very profitable to grow a variety for sale, it pays for all the labor costs. More details below.

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Tomato "ox heart". Characteristics and description of the variety

  • Not a hybrid.
  • The ripening period is mid-season or late, it all depends on the region of planting. The first harvest you can harvest in 105-110 days.
  • Refers to indeterminate species. Bushes grow powerful - on the street up to 1.5 meters, in an enclosed space - two or more meters.
  • Variety stepson, and at the expense of very large fruits and high stem tied up. Supports are needed and branches so that they do not break under the weight of the fruit.
  • High-yielding variety - more than 7 kg. One brush forms five fruits.
  • Variety "Ox heart" has a very good resistance to diseases.
  • Fruits are large - the weight can reach more than a kilogram in the greenhouse, on the street to half a kilogram.
  • The skin color is pink, there is ribbing.
  • The flesh is very juicy, fleshy.
  • Tomatoes taste sweet, pleasant aroma, causing appetite.
  • Fruits are well stored, but for long-term storage is better not to use.
  • Tomatoes are eaten fresh, make salads, juices, sauces. Salting the fruit whole will not work, as they are very large. Summer residents praise "ox heart" for feedback. Thus, more than 700 grams of juice is obtained from one kilogram of fruit.
  • Bushes need to be shaped.
  • Grown in private gardens and on farm plantations.

Tomato "Volovye heart" has collected a lot of good reviews, gardeners spread his photo, and always praise the yield.

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Sow seeds begin in March. Since the variety is not hybrid, it is better to pickle the seed in manganese and process the growth stimulator. After which the sowing is carried out in well-drained soil or peat tablets. Next, plant moisturize and put under the film on the sunny windowsill.

The soil is best to take the garden, mixed with humus and potassium phosphate fertilizers. They will also need to feed the bushes in a permanent place 2-3 times. Seedlings are transferred 60 days after planting, when all the frosts have passed.





This variety does not like when it is planted in one place year after year. Also, do not plant bushes after carrots and potatoes.

Before planting in the open ground, the saplings are hardened for two weeks in the fresh air, at this time preparing the soil on the site and supports. At a permanent place, the bushes planted no more than three per square meter. In the hole put a spoonful of mineral fertilizer, humus.

As the bushes grow, the stepsons, when they have grown to the desired length, leave the main stem and stepson above, so you will form a bush in two stems, and the harvest will be higher. This variety should be watered regularly, but make sure that there is no waterlogging. About feeding already been said - 2-3 times. You can alternate complex preparations and organic matter (mullein, litter).

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Such agricultural technology will be quite enough for you to collect a high yield of large, juicy fruits. Variety "ox heart" will surely become your favorite.

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