The best hybrids of tomatoes with photos and descriptions 6.11.2017

Review of the Verlioka F1 tomato hybrid:

Characteristics and description of the variety

The tomato is used for growing in greenhouses or for film cover. He needs the formation and bandage, what else can you say about this variety:

  • Verlioka is a hybrid tomato;
  • it grows up to 2 meters in height, but at the same time its growth is slow, which facilitates care and reduces labor and time costs;
  • Tomatoes are species with early ripening. The first fruits can already be collected 95-100 days after sowing;
  • A remarkable feature, which can also be attributed to the advantages of the variety, is the fact that the fruits are formed very actively and evenly. If you have never seen this variety during growing in greenhouses, it will amaze you. The fact is that the whole bush, with proper care, covers fruits that are uniform red in color, of the same mass;
  • weight of tomatoes varies from 65 to 100 grams. Such tomatoes are quite compact, but this does not affect the total yield. Productivity can reach up to 20 kg per square meter. Each inflorescence can form 7-11 fruits, which is a lot;

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  • Tomatoes can be used for winter conservation due to its compactness, density of the skin. Also tasty and fragrant for eating fresh;
  • the bush requires shaping and a garter, therefore a trellis or ropes must be provided in advance in the greenhouse;
  • The tomato tolerates temperature fluctuations well, bears fruit evenly during cool summer. This feature enabled gardeners in the Urals and Siberia to grow Verlioka tomato. Reviews, photos of yield only confirm all of the above;
  • tomatoes are red, the shape is round, their surface may have small edges;
  • it is also a plus of the variety that it can grow with high moisture and lack of lighting;
  • Now breeders have created a variety “Verlioka Plus”, which also inherited all the positive characteristics from its vegetable “fellow”, but at the same time its fruits became much larger;
  • Tomato cultivation does not give the cottagers trouble, well, except for garters and the formation of a bush. The variety is unpretentious.

Well, once we talked about farming, then it’s time to move on to the issue of growing and caring for Vermatoka tomato.

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Planting and care of the variety

9fb0a6e4cc1211e49a673860774a3b1a_e331b3166da911e581b77824afbc889b_0No difficulties during the cultivation of seedlings you will not happen. The whole scheme is standard. Tomatoes are early, because the sowing of seeds should be done in late February - early March. Around June - early July, you can enjoy the harvest.

Before sowing, seed must be pickled in potassium permanganate. You can also see on the surfaced seeds, which ones are empty. They are removed. To improve germination and its uniformity, seed can be soaked in any nutritional preparation. You can carry out the procedure of oxygen saturation - in the jar with water down the compressor, which is designed for aquariums. Seeds are also placed here. Experienced gardeners are very praised for such training - it affects germination very well.

Sowing is carried out in the purchase or your soil - garden soil is taken, sand and humus are put into it. You can use mineral fertilizer. It is even easier to plant seeds in peat tablets, which are then placed in peat pots. This will help to avoid the stage of picking.

In the greenhouse, seedlings are transferred when the severe cold has passed.The transfer to a permanent place is well perceived by the variety, it quickly takes root. Since the bushes are powerful and long, they can be planted in a row, each providing support and leaving a distance of at least 50 cm between the seedlings.

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After planting seedlings in the greenhouse, it will need to be watered, then open the greenhouse for airing, remove weeds and stepchildren in time. The last procedure is well tolerated by the variety.

Video review of tomatoes "Verlioka"

All tomatoes respond well when fertilizer is applied. This may be a complex mineral preparation or organic. But do not make fresh manure. It is better to use compost, mullein, ash. You can make and different feeding from the people's councils, such as yeast infusion, infusion on the weeds. Also, do not forget to check the planting for the presence of pests, because during the ventilation Colorado beetles may get into the greenhouse.

Often, novices during the cultivation of tall varieties ask how to form a tomato. "Verliok" form in one stalk, removing all stepchildren. But when the fourth inflorescence is formed, the main and only stem is pinched, giving development to one stepson, and 2-3 leaves are laid above it. Such a formation of tomato "Verliok" due to the development of a side shoot provides the highest yield.

Also worth noting is the fact that this species tolerates all attacks of diseases very well. And this stability gives another important advantage when choosing the optimal tomato variety for greenhouses.

If you are not sure which variety to choose, then do not think for a long time and purchase seeds of this variety “Verlioka”. Specific characteristics of him are excellent, and you already understand it.

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