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Characteristics and description of the variety of tomatoes "Pink miracle"

Tomato pink miracle characteristic and description of the variety

So you can know more about the vegetables that could plant on your site, we write detailed articles. And today one of the leaders among the tomatoes is the “Pink miracle f1” tomato, about which the reviews are excellent. Photos you can already see. It is the varieties of this color are very much in demand and popularity. They are often sweeter, larger than their red counterparts.

general description

The variety "Pink miracle" is considered one of the best representatives among the tomatoes. It has great taste and aroma, all dishes are excellent. Pink tomatoes are great for salads and fresh food. The variety has many positive characteristics, including high yields and a large mass of fruits. Such giants are profitable to grow in their own area, they have a big return, because a couple of such fruits can make up the lion's share of the vegetable dish.

In addition, as you could understand, the hybrid variety, as evidenced by the designation "f1" in the title. Hybrids are always very hardy, stable, require little attention to themselves. One minus is that the seeds for next year will not give the same excellent harvest. This hybrid was the result of the work of Nissa breeders. Cultivate can variety everywhere.

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Tomato "Pink miracle." Characteristics and description of the variety

  • Refers to determinant species.
  • High-yielding variety. One brush forms 4-6 fruits with an average weight per pound. But gardeners say that with good care, you can get more than a kilogram of weight tomatoes.
  • The skin of the fruit is delicate and thin.
  • Table grade. It is eaten fresh, make delicious juices, sauces. Of course, such large tomatoes are not suitable for canning in the whole form, but they can be cut.
  • The shape of the fruit is rounded, the skin color is rich raspberry.
  • Summer residents appreciate this variety for high taste qualities and large fruits, as well as unpretentiousness.
  • Tomato has a minus too - the fruits are not stored for a long time, therefore it is inconvenient to transport them. But tomatoes can be brought to the nearest market where they are in demand. You can find the “Pink Miracle” tomato in the markets in many regions. Feedback is always positive. Photo obtained yield motivate.
  • The variety "Pink miracle" has a high resistance to the most common diseases.
  • Tomato ripens very quickly, and this is his another strong point. So, you can collect the fruits 86-90 days after sowing.
  • Universal in terms of cultivation - suitable for greenhouses and for open ground.
  • Unpretentious.
  • The height of the bush reaches 100-115 cm. Spreading that must be taken into account when landing on the main place, so that the bushes do not interfere with each other.
  • When forming in 2-3 stalks shows the maximum yield.
  • So that the bushes do not break under the weight of their fruits, it is necessary to make supports.

Tomatoes "Pink miracle", judging by the reviews and varietal characteristics, can be recommended to everyone. They require little attention, they bear excellent fruit in various climacteric zones, they are not afraid of temperature drops, phytophtoras - “thunderstorms” of all summer residents, and a number of solanaceous diseases. And, of course, the taste and aroma of the fruit do not leave anyone indifferent.

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Cultivation cultivation "Pink miracle"

As we said earlier, the tomato is very unpretentious. Crops begin in mid-March and continue until early April.To get quick shoots, good harvest, you need to look at the lunar calendar. The moon in different phases affects all life on our planet and especially plants. If you do not want to do this, and follow the rule, there is time, time to do things, then just remember the simple advice. If the culture bears fruit from above, for example, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, then it is better to plant when the satellite grows. If you plant those crops that produce crops in the soil - potatoes, beets, radishes, then stick to the waning moon.

So, you make crops in boxes or separate pots, for which cups made of peat are perfect. Next, moisten and cover with glass or film. Within 5-7 days, shoots will appear. Now they need light and watering. Soil under crops you can buy in any store. You can simply take the garden soil, mix it with a universal soil or humus.


You can not do pre-sowing treatment, also do not use growth stimulants, because the variety is quite stable. But if you are used to soaking the seeds, then please, prevention is always helpful.

Landing on the street is carried out after all frosts, and in the greenhouse in early May or even in late April. Next, the care is pretty simple. Pysynki you delete about once a week. Bushes need to be formed, but it is very simple. To get two stalks, leave one stepchild upstairs to three, two from two sides in the axils upstairs. Remember about the support in advance, so that the bushes do not suffer from their own tomatoes.

You can prepare the soil in a greenhouse or on the street - spill it with boiling water, add a spoonful of mineral dressing to each well. Generally, this tomato for the season will need only 2-3 feed. You can take a complex drug, while it is better to take biological products so that the fruits are environmentally friendly. Excellent tomatoes will bring, if you fertilize them a couple of times with manure. To do this, it is diluted with water 1: 8/10 and insist week. After that, pour a bush about a liter. Tomatoes are very fond of organic. They bear fruit better and have stronger immunity.

Of course, you should remember about elementary agricultural practices - this is loosening the soil after watering, removing weeds in time, airing regularly the greenhouse if you grow crops in an enclosed space. These simple measures help seedlings grow well, develop, and ripen fruits quickly. In addition, dense planting, the presence of weeds contribute to the development of pathogenic flora, and no matter what variety is sustainable, in bad conditions it can start to hurt or reduce the yield.

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Diseases of this tomato are not terrible, but insects can spoil the picture on the beds. Many parasites can not tolerate odorous substances, so pre-laid cinnamon, onion peel or black pepper can make your life easier. Mites wash off with soapy water. Of course, there are many chemicals on sale, but still it is better to postpone them as a last resort. These techniques will help you grow a good crop of pink rose miracle tomato. The description of the variety and the photos have already been told a lot about it, but, as we said, the reviews are very good.

Grow tomatoes and other crops in your garden beds. This is not as difficult as it seems, but with experience comes the knack.

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Tomato pink miracle characteristic and description of the varietyTomato pink miracle characteristic and description of the variety

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