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Pink Flamingo Tomato

tomato pink flamingo characteristic and description of the variety

We tell you about tomato seeds, each with its own pros and cons. Today we are getting acquainted with a tomato “Pink flamingo”, its description of a variety, see a photo, find out reviews. Agree, the name of the tomatoes sounds very nice, whether it is given for some quality or not, we find out further.

general description

Pink Flamingo Tomatoes have an interesting appearance, good yield and bear fruit until the autumn. It should be noted that they show themselves best in the Caucasus regions, but in temperate climates they do not upset summer residents with their results. In cooler climates, you can grow them freely in greenhouse conditions.

The variety belongs to the company "Search". It was entered in the register in 2006. Over the years, many times used by summer residents for planting in beds, earned their respect, which can be seen in the reviews on the Internet and not only. Shrubs grow powerful, strong, and the fruits have an unusual appearance, which we describe in more detail in the characteristics.

Of course, it cannot be said that you will not have any trouble with him, since you remember that when a variety is tall, powerful, then at least it needs support, as well as formation is necessary for a particular tomato. But, firstly, in each case there are two sides, and secondly, these are not so complicated agricultural practices to refuse to grow this variety. Yes, and very many good tomatoes require the same techniques.

It is worth noting the fact that the pink flamingo tomato variety is not hybrid. Hybrids have their advantages - they are always more durable, stable, but again there are disadvantages - you cannot use seeds for the next year. No, you, of course, can sow them, but you will not harvest a crop such as it was last season. “Pink Flamingo” will give you a lot of good seed, which will save the budget for next year. But remember, good seeds are those that were harvested from the fruit after they are fully ripe. So, let's get acquainted with the tomato further.

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Pink flamingo tomato. Characteristics and description of the variety

  • Designed for open and closed ground.
  • This tomato has passed the state certification that the variety is clean.
  • Treats species with average terms of maturing. So, after sowing seeds you get your first fruits in about 110-115 days. But it is possible, according to reviews, to get a harvest earlier - by about 90-95 days.
  • Fruiting the whole season. Even in temperate regions, tomatoes can be harvested until October.
  • Refers to determinant species - that is, the bushes do not have a final growth point. In this connection, the stem will grow by two meters or more. Therefore, you should think about supports in advance.
  • Form bushes in 1-2 stems. Then yields will increase. How to make the formation of such a plan, we will describe below.
  • The leaves are small, rich green, do not interfere with the fruit to see.
  • There are few seeds in tomatoes, all of them are located in 4-6 chambers.
  • The fruits themselves have an interesting shape and color. If we talk about the "Pink Flamingo" tomatoes in terms of the description of the fruits, then they can be scarlet, they can have a raspberry-colored skin. They have a distinctive spout and slightly noticeable flat and ribs. They decorate the fruit like beautiful pink flamingo feathers. In this case, the fruits can be both striped and monophonic.
  • The weight of tomatoes can be completely different - these are tomatoes with 150 grams each, which can be very conveniently preserved as a whole, and large giants up to 450 grams.
  • It has a universal table appointment. For those who do not know, it means that the fruits are eaten fresh, as they are tasty, in salads, in homemade spins, they are made from sauces, juices, pasta. At the same time, the fruits are suitable for cutting and preserving and for whole-fruit twisting. Hostesses noted the richness of taste, the thickness of the juice, sauce.
  • It is worth noting that the first harvest is always larger in weight than the rest. But usually tomatoes on average will weigh 200 and a little more until the most frost.
  • The pulp has an average density. Taste and aroma are gorgeous.
  • Records on yield this tomato does not show, but to call it low-yielding, of course, impossible.
  • Fruits contain a lot of minerals, when compared with other red tomatoes, also antioxidants, vitamins and sugars.
  • They have good disease resistance.
  • The skin is dense, tomatoes are easy to transport.
  • Also "Pink Flamingo" is well kept. If conditions are created correctly, tomatoes can lie for more than two months. Again, this is a plus for those who want to grow tomatoes for sale.
  • The fruits ripen well on the bushes, but they also ripen well.
  • But to the weather adversity in the form of drought, temperature fluctuations refers capriciously.
  • May sometimes in the phase of complete ripeness crack.

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Now you can well imagine what kind of "Pink Flamingo" is for. Agree, he has many advantages and very few flaws. The tomato is ill little, it is not terrible diseases, caused by the fungus, is also not afraid of fusarium wilt, verticilliasis. But rot on the fruit may appear, but this can be prevented in advance. Tomatoes often start rotting from excess moisture, so you need to reduce watering, loosen the soil, and open the greenhouse more often if you use indoor cultivation. Also rot appears when there is a lack of nutrients. To do this, use ash powder and potassium phosphate fertilizers. So, the problem you will not have, or you solve it. Well, it's time to move on to growing pink flamingo tomatoes. After all, reviews, photos and descriptions you have already learned well.

Agricultural technology "Pink Flamingo"

Sow seeds begin in the third decade of March and mid-April. It should be noted that this grade to the composition of the soil is demanding. Therefore, it is better to buy ready-made soil, which is intended for the cultivation of tomatoes. It will have everything you need to germinate and nourish the seeds. In addition, this soil can be bought everywhere, it is available.

With regards to the soil on the site, the variety is also picky about its predecessors. Best of all, before this, on the place where this tomato will be planted, grow legumes, cabbage, onions, carrots or cucumbers. You can achieve a great result if you plant the "Pink Flamingo" where the siderats were planted. You can sow them in early spring, the siderats will soon germinate, and you have to mow them until tomatoes are planted. Goofy, siderats will give excellent nutrition to the soil. This is useful not only for this variety, but also, in general, for all cultures.


Siderata you must mow so that the seeds do not yet appear. Otherwise they will fall and will germinate like a weed between cultivated plants. You can use vetch, mustard, lupine, alfalfa.

But not only siderats you should use, you also need to add phosphate, ammonia and complex mineral feeds for the season. Excellent precisely for this variety and, in general, for tomatoes use chicken droppings. He is bred 1: 10/12. Here you can pour ash or ammophos. So, we ran a little ahead, but for now about the seedlings.

Seeds are planted to a depth of 1 cm under the film.It is better to carry out pre-sowing treatment - it is to soak the material in manganese or "Zircon". You can use after and growth promoters. They are on sale a lot. After germination, the film is removed, watered with warm water only. Two weeks before the transfer, which will be in late May - early June, the seedlings are hardened.

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Landing on the main site is carried out according to the scheme 40/70. This tomato is not afraid of thickening, but it is not very suitable for fruit ripening. How to prepare the soil, you already understand. Also take care of the supports immediately. The steps, as they grow, are either removed completely or left alone to form the second stem. Watering is necessary again with warm, settled water. About feeds and diseases, we told you earlier.


If 5-6 brushes are left on the seedlings, the tomatoes will be larger, and this will also stimulate the formation of new ovaries. It is often said vegetable growers about tomato "Pink Flamingo" in a review. Photo yield, after which, look more impressive.

Now you know what kind of tomato it is with such a beautiful name. There are troubles with him, but still the fruits are excellent, they lie for a long time, they decorate the table beautifully. What else is needed.

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tomato pink flamingo characteristic and description of the varietytomato pink flamingo characteristic and description of the variety

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