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Why and how do I cut the leaves of tomatoes?

Seedlings rooted, bushes grow by leaps and bounds, and even the first flowers appeared. What to do next to get excellent harvest, and how to make sure that the plants have enough strength to grow the fruit set? Very useful is the procedure for removing excess leaves of a plant. It helps to accelerate the growth, speed and quality of pouring the fruit, as the plant does not waste energy on the growth of stepsons.

When you need to pick off the leaves of tomatoes

It is important to conduct the procedure at the appropriate time. Cut off the extra shoots should be gradual, and all manipulations should be done in the morning in good dry weather.

To ensure comfortable conditions, the bush should be cleaned as it thickens. From a tall plant twice a week is enough to remove 2-3 leaves. In addition, a couple of times per season (the multiplicity depends on the variety of tomatoes and the rapid growth) need to remove stepchildren, and about a month before the end of the fruiting - cut off all the crown.

Choosing leaves to remove

As practice shows, it is necessary to thin out all varieties of tomatoes, although many gardeners believe that only those plants that are tall should be planted.

In order for the bush to quickly recover from pruning and to recover as soon as possible, it is important to remove only those branches that are in fact redundant.

Take note of the fact that the tomatoes growing in the open ground must be removed without fail:

  • yellowed, speckled and drooping leaves;
  • shoots in the lower part of the bush;
  • lower branches that touch the ground, and with excessive humidity may rot;
  • "Stepchildren" (branches that grew in the sinuses).

If the plants are planted in greenhouses, then it is imperative to remove the growth that interferes with normal ventilation and causes the development of rot.

In the process of pruning the main thing is not to overdo it: you can not touch the leaves that grow above the formed ovary, because they are needed to protect the fruit.

Performing the procedure

Cultivating the cultivation of tomatoes in open ground or greenhouse conditions, gardeners make a number of mistakes. As a result, they fail to achieve the desired yield, and some of the tomatoes are dying due to infection with rot.

As for the procedure, gardeners are divided into 2 camps. The first prefer to break off the leaves, but the latter - cut off with a knife or shears. Both are right. The main thing that the operation was performed sterile. Alcohol may be used for disinfection.

Removing stepchildren, be sure to leave small "penechki" (about 0.5 cm). Over time, the remnants of the branches wither and form the correct cut.

Pruning crown on tomatoes growing in open ground or in a greenhouse is a guarantee of a high-quality and abundant crop. Foliage Removal and stepsons helps plants to retain moisture and makes it possible to maintain an optimum temperature.

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