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The best varieties of tomatoes for 2019 for greenhouses of Siberian breeding

varieties of tomatoes for the greenhouse

Tomatoes are grown in all regions of the country, although the vegetable is very thermophilic. A huge range allows you to find the most suitable variety for any garden, given the territorial characteristics of the country. Divide species into two types: varietal, hybrids. Hybrids are artificially derived, do not retain hereditary characteristics. On the package you can see the designation F1.

Distinctive features of varieties

Tomatoes have a large amount of vitamins A, B, C, carotenes, a variety of biological active substances, the composition has a natural antioxidant that helps fight free radicals, protect the body from ultraviolet radiation. Tomatoes are used not only fresh in a salad, but also dried, dried, pickled, preserved, made juice, sauce.

varieties of tomatoes 2019

Vegetable is good for the whole body:

  • digestion;
  • metabolism;
  • hearts.

Every year breeders do not stop at the achieved level, try to improve the varieties of tomatoes, so that even in the northern territories of the country there is a good harvest.


The choice depends on what characteristics are important, one option designed for growing in the greenhouse of the northern regions, may not be suitable for open ground in the south of the country.

Tomatoes are distinguished by the criteria:

  • yield;
  • fetus shape;
  • landing method;
  • growing method;
  • taste;
  • ripening terms.

Heat-loving plants are grown throughout the country, but the choice for each region is different, not all the same variety can behave the same way. Hybrids derive specifically for each region, given the temperature jumps, the length of the warm months. Thanks to the Siberian breeders, tomatoes can be grown at low temperatures.

Tomato varieties for Siberia

Siberia is characterized by a cold summer, so growing tomatoes in greenhouses is a great option. Planting tomatoes on seedlings can be in early March. As hardened seedlings will get stronger, transferred to the ground, do it not earlier than mid-May. Summer residents living in a cold region have to adapt to their weather conditions, look for the best varieties for their region.

Siberia is characterized by a harsh climate, not all plants can withstand a very unfriendly reception. Local breeders asked themselves a high bar to bring ultra-early, with a high level of yield, plants that can survive in the cold edge. The best for Siberia have become the seeds of the Siberian selection, remove them under natural conditions, given the particular climate.

Top grades:

  • Grandee Mid-season. The mass is about 300 grams, sometimes it reaches 500 grams. The color is red. Bush up to 1 m. Tall, but strong. The fruit is large, heart-shaped, fleshy, sugary. Suitable for fresh consumption, sauces. Not stored for long. 8 kg of crop can be harvested from the bush with proper care.
  • F1 generator. Early ripe. Weight up to 150 grams. The color is red. Shrubs up to 60 cm. The fruit has the shape of an elongated cream. Suitable for preservation, salting. Sow 55-60 days before the proposed landing in the ground. Productivity reaches 8 kg. with proper care.
  • Canopus. Mid-season. Weight up to 400g. The color is bright red. The fruit has the shape of a cylinder, juicy, large. Vegetables are suitable for cooking: adzhika, sauce, juice, pickles, marinade. The variety is well used for processing. Vegetation period 115-120 days. The yield of the bush to 6 kg.Long stored, note high suitability for transportation. Included in the state. registry.
  • Elegant. Mid-season. Weight up to 250 grams. Color raspberry red. The fruit is oval. Small-sized shrub up to 60 cm in length. The yield returns from 98-100 days from the first shoots. Productivity to 9 kg. Suitable for all manipulations in cooking. Shelf life 3-4 weeks.
  • Miracle of the earth. Mid-season. Weight can reach 1 kg, usually 400-500 gr. Pink colour. Shrub up to 2 m. The fruit has the form of a cone-shaped, heart-shaped. Suitable for use in any form. Productivity to 14 kg. Sowing 65 days before landing in the ground. Recommend drip irrigation.
  • Scarlet candles. Mid-season variety. Weight up to 130 g. Pink colour. The fruit has a cylindrical shape with a pointed point, reminiscent of a candle flame. Bushes grow long to 1.8 m., Strong. Recommend for salting. Sow sunflower seeds 65 days before planting in the greenhouse.
pink honey
  • Pink honey Mid-season variety. Mass 300-600 gr. Mostly pink color. Heart-shaped vegetable form. Length of a bush is 1,5 m. Drip irrigation is suitable, for greater productivity. The variety is suitable for culinary delights of all levels. Use a tomato in a short time, not calculated for storage. Adapted also to open ground. Sowing seeds for seedlings is recommended for 60-65 days before planting in the ground.
  • King of the Giants. Mid-season variety. Weight about 350 grams. Color Bright red. The fruit has a rounded shape, with noticeable flattening and ribbing in the stalk region. Possesses dense, juicy, sweet, fragrant pulp. The bush reaches 2 m. In height. The variety is suitable for salads, suitable for processing into juice, sauces. From the bush you can get up to 8 kg. vegetables, if you believe the advertising descriptions. Not included in the State. registry.

The above varieties have a stable level of susceptibility to diseases, adapted to low temperatures.

Every year on the shelves of stores appear new varieties, more and more improved quality. The labels are full of bright pictures of the fruit, detailed unique information about the plant. Truthful information about the advantages and disadvantages can be obtained from the mouth of an experienced gardener who used this variety, or from personal experience. If the seeds are not approved by the state registry, the quality makes you wonder, but given the feedback of summer residents, you can dispel the myths about the variety.

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varieties of tomatoes for the greenhousevarieties of tomatoes for the greenhouse

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