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Large crop of tomatoes at home

Cherry tomatoes on the windowsill big harvest at home

Fans to grow their vegetables will always find a way out in this situation, but beginners may be surprised. And we are talking about growing tomatoes at home on the windowsill. Yes, it is quite realistic and already for many gardeners or just urban residents is not a secret. Would you also like to grow your vegetables without leaving home? No problems. Read the following article, and moreover, we will teach you to grow not just a crop of tomatoes, but a crop of cherry varieties.

These fruits are always in great demand, because they look very beautiful, tasty, convenient for canning. Observing a number of rules and choosing the right varieties that can be grown in an enclosed space, you can definitely get your organic vegetables without any special labor and land.

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Cherry tomatoes on the windowsill

Large yields at home can be obtained by choosing the right variety, providing seedlings with additional nutrition, good lighting and timely watering. These techniques agrotechnical most important. And it is worth noting in advance that if you are new to this business, but you want to constantly grow vegetables or flowers throughout the year, then you will have to buy lamps. Without good light, no saplings can develop normally, they will be pulled out and then broken.



To provide seedling lighting, do not buy incandescent bulbs, there is little sense from them, and energy costs are high. It is best to buy phytolamps that emit light in a certain range, it is very well suited for seedlings or fluorescent lamps. They are budget, do not burn fragile seedlings. But if there are a lot of seedlings, then there must be at least three lamps, since they are thin.

Many people wonder whether it is possible to grow tomatoes at home in the winter. Of course, it is possible and this is a fairly common practice. To do this, take varieties that do not require pollination by insects that are intended for cultivation in greenhouses, resistant to certain diseases. For example, one of the leaders in home cultivation is the Balcony Miracle variety.

With regards to cherry tomatoes, it is also important to choose the variety correctly. We recommend that you plant:

  • "Bonsai";
  • Cherry Lisa F1;
  • "Thumbelina";
  • "Minibel";
  • "Cherry";
  • "Little Red Riding Hood".

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If we talk about tall varieties of cherry, then most often gardeners use for planting Cherry Cocktail, Bead F1, Baby, Kid, Golden Queen, Marishka F1.

Additional growing tips

If you plan to grow tomatoes in the winter, then you should take care that there is warmth on the windowsill, there are no drafts. Glasses in winter will be very cold, which damages the growth and development of seedlings. Therefore, warm the window in advance, pick up pots for future bushes, taking into account the size of the window sill, so that the plant is as far as possible from the cold glass.

Tomatoes at home require additional feeding, but it is such a crop, if it is poured with chemical fertilizers from the store, it will accumulate the most harmful substances that can lead to poisoning. It is best to feed homemade tomatoes with organic matter or folk remedies.You can use chicken manure, and you should not worry about the non-aesthetics of the process and the smell in the apartment, as this fertilizer is now sold dry with clear instructions. Just dilute and spill the seedlings. You can also use and feeding on yeast, ashes, biological preparations, safe for health.

In addition to lamps, you should also know that tomato varieties for growing on the windowsill such as cherry tomatoes are very demanding of light. It is best to grow seedlings and future fruits in the south or southeast windows and complete the dumps.

To avoid diseases, and at home saplings are often attacked by a black leg, it is necessary to carry out pre-sowing treatment of seed material and soil with a solution of manganese. You can use a weak solution every two weeks for watering seedlings. So, these are the basic requirements, now we proceed to the very process of planting and growing cherry tomatoes at home.

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Sowing cherry seeds for seedlings for growing at home

Crops are no different from planting ordinary varieties. You can plant seeds in a common container, then in the phase of two real leaves you will dive seedlings in flower pots or other containers in which you will grow your cherry trees at home. In the total capacity, the seeds are sown in a row, the distance between them is 2 cm, the planting depth is 1 cm. From above, the seeds are slightly sprinkled with earth. Then moisten from a spray, and cover with a film until the inputs. The temperature for germination should not be below 26-27 degrees. After the emergence of shoots, the temperature can be 20-25 degrees.


So that adult bushes feel well and can develop well to form a high yield, choose a pot of about five liters.

You can use peat tablets that are soaked and placed inside them the seeds. When the seedlings have sprouted, then you can immediately put these pills in a container or in peat peas, which are then placed in the main pots without removing the seedlings. This is convenient since the root system is not injured. After sowing, the tablets are placed in a common container and covered with a film until the seedlings appear.

With regards to the soil, the cherry grow on the same soil as many common varieties. You can buy soil in the store for vegetables, you can make the easiest prescription - turf soil, sand, humus, peat. Everything is taken in equal parts.

After transferring the seedlings to the main pots, in two weeks they make the first feeding. After which it is repeated every 2-3 weeks. If your varieties of cherry tall, in advance, take care of what you will tie them. Looking for support or rope.

Experienced gardeners advise that homemade cherry tomatoes on the windowsill be formed evenly and abundantly, periodically during flowering, brush the bushes with a soft mitten for pollination to occur. It is also recommended and constantly loosen the soil. But again, you must read the information on the packaging at the time of purchase. Tomatoes should be just for a closed area, self-pollinated.

Cherry Tomato Care

If your bushes have taken root in a permanent container, then care will be simple. You should water the tomatoes 1-2 times a week. After that, the soil is loosened, and if it has settled, then pour a new soil. Every 2 weeks you need to feed the bushes, also turn them to the light so that the stem does not bend.

High varieties are tied up in the phase of 7-9 true leaves. Lighting should be in the winter at least 10 hours a day, adjust the lamp depending on your region. Pasynki you can delete or not. If you want thick bushes, but prepare in advance the place and container more. Be sure that the soil was not wet, otherwise the bushes and fruits will begin to ache.

How to grow crops without sowing seedlings?

We are accustomed to the fact that we can get the fruit after planting seedlings, but there is another method.If you do not know how to grow tomatoes by May without a greenhouse and without seedlings, then read on. It is very simple.

So, in the fall from your favorite tomatoes in the country tear off the twigs. You can take them from the neighbors, if you do not. After which the twigs are placed in the water and placed on the window, as if you want to get the roots for a home flower.

Soon the seedling will stretch out, and you must again cut off the top of the head and place it in the water. So that roots appear faster, you can process them with “root”. When the seedlings take root, you simply plant them in a nutrient soil. Already by May you should have fruits.

These are the subtleties you need to know to grow tomatoes at home. Not so much trouble, and you will be decorating your table with beautiful cherry tomatoes.

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Cherry tomatoes on the windowsill big harvest at homeCherry tomatoes on the windowsill big harvest at home

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