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Free land for the garden and home, how to get?

land plot

The topic of relocation from megacities to the suburbs, to the countryside becomes more urgent. The price of all real estate is growing, and the land is no exception. The site near the already existing communications can cost millions of rubles. However, there are legal ways to get a discount or a symbolic lease. They allow you to purchase areas for construction and for personal farming.

Government bidding

If you pay attention to the garden and garden partnerships, you can see how many plots remain abandoned. The same happens in rural areas, small towns, remote areas. Demand for this type of property has long fallen, and in the conditions of the recent crisis, it simply cannot grow. As a result, many of their owners did not even register property, they simply abandoned it. Someone could not pay more contributions, as a result, lost his rights in court. All these land plots are eventually returned to the state, and then sold through open public tenders. This can be used to get a few hectares, and sometimes hectares, almost for free.

On a note!

The main condition is the absence of a specific object in the state cadastral registry.

Land search is the most difficult part of the process. When this is done, it is necessary to contact the local cadastre authorities, fill out an application and documents. Here they check the legal purity, will issue a conclusion. After the auction will be appointed. In the absence of other volunteers, and they often do not exist, the state will lease the land without payment for 6 years. During this period, it is necessary to implement previously announced plans, for example, to build a house or country house. The last stage - the design of all property in the property.

Sometimes there is a desire to buy this land, then the usual auction begins. There are too few such sites in the Moscow Region and in Central Russia. But beyond the Urals there are more free territories. The population density here is much less, there may be no contenders for the site at all. The applicant can do without payment. The following questions are worth considering:

  • purpose of the site;
  • the existence of legal burdens;
  • technical aspects of connecting communications.

This is necessary because the applicant in the case of refusal from the municipal authorities no one will return all costs incurred for registration. The most common case is the absence of cadastral records, indicating that the area is protected or protected. This is due to confusion in the maps and records, with the size of the land fund. The second negative option is the lack of records in the inventory due to the impossibility of connecting the general communications. For example, a site could have been abandoned before the introduction of the general registration procedure, since it was impossible to maintain it. It is often found in low density areas. Gasmen, electricians simply refuse to pull communications. As a result, it remains to either switch to complete autonomy, which requires large initial investments, or be limited to truly “Spartan” conditions.

Special benefits

The state can also offer long-term leases with the right to transfer property to privileged categories of citizens. These include:

  • large families;
  • persons with disabilities;
  • military with service or awards;
  • orphans;
  • priority workers.
On a note!

You can clarify the list of benefits in the local department of social protection or in the office of the Ministry of Forestry and Agriculture.

If the first four categories are all relatively clear, then the latter may include employees of different profiles. The list identifies the region depending on the current incentive programs at the local and federal levels, on the labor market deficit. Almost everywhere, especially in rural areas, are farmers, livestock breeders, doctors and teachers, social workers. In the Krasnodar Territory, so can even encourage representatives of acting specialties. The main condition is to work in this area for six years. In addition, be sure to use the land for its intended purpose. This can be both residential development, and exclusively agriculture. As a rule, it is no longer possible to build up such land for business projects. Privileged categories of citizens do not have to pay rent, it is only nominal.

The same scheme can be used by all citizens permanently residing in the municipality. You can rent a plot for a nominal amount. In the Moscow region for all 6 years they will ask from 100 to 180 thousand rubles, while the total market price of land can be up to 10 million rubles. In remote areas, especially in the area of ​​risky farming, the amount may be less than 50 thousand rubles for a six-year period.

Few people know, but since 1993 a law has been passed, according to which holders of the title of Hero of Labor are also entitled to free sites. At first they are given in the same lease, but then transferred to the property. Conditions similar to the preferential method of registration. It will take a lot of time, effort and patience to withstand all the queues in local authorities, but in the end you can get 8 acres within the city and 25 units in the countryside. This applies equally to the Heroes of the Russian Federation, and to the Heroes of socialist labor. Special conditions apply even to heirs of the holders of these titles.

These benefits can benefit military personnel who have signed a long-term contract. They can claim the land up to 40 acres for agricultural purposes and up to 20 acres for residential development. To do this, you can apply directly to the municipality, and to the office in a particular part. In this case, the military does not necessarily abandon other measures of support, for example, preferential mortgages. Often this format of local assistance is denied under various pretexts. But it is an abuse and violation of the law.

Take advantage of these opportunities is all categories of preferential citizens right now. A bill has already been introduced in the form of an amendment, according to which those who have already entered the queue as needy will be able to qualify for free land. That is, the procedure becomes much more complicated, the waiting period will increase, the probability of failure will increase.

On a note!

Refusal in one of the municipal authorities can be appealed in court. But all appeals for this must be documented from the very beginning.

Resettlement programs

This method of obtaining a free land plot is suitable for those who are willing to move in order to have large land at their disposal. The main advantage is the potential opportunity to use other benefits, support programs. Each region has its own conditions. But the most beneficial programs for citizens are as follows:

  • the settlement of the fertile lands of the Crimea;
  • relocation from the Far North;
  • development of the Far Eastern hectare.

Some municipalities have already begun to implement a new initiative called the “Family Estate”. According to it, up to one hectare is issued for development and agriculture with the condition of permanent residence for a certain period. The land is not immediately transferred to the property, but you do not need to pay for it, and the heirs will be able to get the rights to it even before the end of the agreed lease.

There are two ways to act within these programs. First, apply, and secondly, stand in line and wait. The question will be solved in 2 or 3 years, these are average figures for the country. Slightly faster things are moving according to federal and national programs, municipalities and regions have less financial capacity, respectively, and the speed of issuing plots suffers. Another disadvantage of this method - restrictions for the majority of citizens in terms of obtaining land for construction. Do not refuse to those who are already involved in programs to improve housing conditions. The rest can get a negative response after a couple of years. But the method has advantages. It is suitable for those who practically do not understand cadastral issues, is not able to constantly visit government agencies.

The second solution to this problem is to independently find the site. Such a method has already been mentioned in connection with participation in tenders and registration in the property of a site not previously noted in the cadastre. However, this option works in all other cases. Make it harder, but the probability of failure is lower. All procedures can be completed on average in one year.

Get free land from the state is quite real. The less populated a particular region is, the more opportunities there are for those who want to build their own home or to farm. Some programs provide an opportunity to get small areas, for example, 6 or 8 acres, while others are designed for areas from 20 hectare to several hectares of land. Every citizen, even not included in the preferential category, can apply for completely free real estate in the form of a plot with a specific purpose.

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