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How to properly and quickly clean the oil


When cleaning the oil has its own characteristics. For example, with a long stay of mushrooms in the water, they deteriorate. In addition, the oil cap has a sticky head, and in the question of whether it should be cleaned and how to do it, there are disputes. Cleaning methods vary depending on the methods of further preparation of the fruit. Young and old maslata are treated differently.

Do I need to soak the oil before cleaning

It is believed that before cleaning the oil should be soaked. But, in fact, this action will bring more trouble than benefits, because, unlike other types, boars do not require soaking before this procedure.


With a long stay in the water, the mushrooms absorb moisture, become slimy, which can complicate the cleaning process, fray the nerves and even lead to minor injuries.

With prolonged soaking, this type of fungus can become unusable. So it is worth remembering: the oil does not need to be soaked before cleaning. If it is nevertheless required to remove worms or other contaminants from the mushroom body, then they must be dried in a colander or laid out on a towel.

Soak it best in a solution of salt, lasting, literally, in two or three minutes. Also categorically should not soak the fruit before drying, just enough to remove the needles, leaves, grass - all that could stick in the woods.

What happens if you do not remove the film from the cap

And on this topic there is a discussion, but, in fact, remove the film is not necessary. The question should be solved on the basis of personal tastes, because boiled or fried mushrooms with an unpeeled top film can be very bitter and spoil the taste of the dish. But the fruits prepared in the same ways, from which they removed the "skin" - more tender, not bitter.

In general, in some cases, the film is easier to remove than to remove all dirt. That is why it is still desirable to remove the top layer from the cap, but this directly depends on the method of preparation:

  1. If you dry or pickle oil, this is not necessary, but dirt should be removed carefully so that you do not feel the gnashing of sand on the teeth.
  2. When heat treatment, remove the skin is also required.
  3. But for young masts this procedure is not necessary at all, it will be enough just to rinse thoroughly under running water.

How to clean boletus mushrooms quickly and correctly

It is necessary to start cleaning quickly so that the mushrooms do not start to deteriorate and there are no worms in them. Untreated boars can be stored in the refrigerator for ten to twelve hours, but this should only be resorted to in extreme cases.

Do not leave the mushrooms in a bucket or container, in which they were originally collected, the best option would be to evenly put them on any flat surface.

When marinating you need:

  • It is good to remove all dirt from the fungus.
  • Peel off (if this is not done, the pickled pickles will come out slimy, again, a matter of taste).
  • Rinse the cleaned version with cold water, but in no case soak it for a long time, and they are ready for further manipulations.

When drying, it is only necessary to wipe the cap thoroughly with a damp cloth and remove dirt, but not rinse it with water. When cooking or frying, it is necessary to remove the film. For this there are several options that facilitate this process:

  • For the first method only hot water is needed. It is necessary to carefully dip the oily cap into boiling water and gently remove the skin with a knife or sponge, rubbing it with a rough side.
  • For the next manipulation, you will need table vinegar and a clean rag. It is necessary to easily rub the cap with a cloth with vinegar essence - and the skin will gradually come off by itself.
  • To clean this a little more intricate way, you need to add two to five tablespoons of table vinegar to one liter of water, boil and dip the mushrooms in the solution for 20-30 seconds, and the film will go well.

To brush the butter with a knife you need to wear gloves, because they leave dark spots on the hands.

For the classic way, where cleaning takes place only with a knife, you need to additionally prepare a bowl of water in order to rinse the mushroom, knife or gloves. Small oil can not be cleaned, in the middle you need to remove the film, picking it up with a knife from the edge of the cap and pulling. And the big one should break off the leg, break the cap in the middle into two parts and remove the skin from them. This is important to do due to the fact that the peel on the cap of a large mushroom is very thin, removing it from the edges will be the most problematic.

Peeled mushrooms need to rinse with water, put in a colander, wait until the water is drained, and then throw in a well-heated pan or in a pan for cooking. You can also lubricate your hands and a knife with oil, this simple action will speed up the process, and nothing will stick when cleaning.

You can try another way: you will need gauze or bandage. A piece of cheesecloth needs to be primed to the oiler cap and torn off. The top layer will come off with the fabric.

Is the sticky juice of mushrooms dangerous?

The milky juice is a white liquid that flows when a fetal body is injured. In some cases, this may mean that the fungus that was cut is poisonous. But, there are many edible varieties that produce this very milky juice. The list includes: milk mushrooms, camphor, ryehik, podmolochnik, pink wave. All mushrooms require soaking, otherwise they are not at all usable.

Milky juice makes mushrooms bitter, not at all beneficial to the human body. First of all, before cooking, make sure that chanterelles or oilers, which are to be cooked, are not false. It is also necessary to observe caution with mushrooms containing milky sap, most of them are conditionally edible, and without special preparation they cannot be eaten.

In order to cook a mushroom with such a "seasoning", it is necessary to thoroughly clean it, remove the top layer from the cap, clean it inside, under the cap, cut off all the excess and rinse it, take the pan, fill it with cold water. Leave peeled fruit for several days, constantly changing the water, the more often the better. You can add salt and a little citric acid, but this is not necessary. And only after this procedure to start cooking. The only exception may be the mushrooms - their juice is not at all bitter and they do not require soaking.

Using these simple rules and tricks, you can significantly simplify your work. After clearing the butter quickly, in a short time it will be possible to taste the dishes prepared from them.

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  1. Konstantin

    There is another way to not get your hands dirty when you clean the oil: Take the butter dish, clamp it in a vice and clean the film with sandpaper!


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