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When to plant tomatoes for seedlings in 2018?

when to plant tomatoes for seedlings in 2018 for the greenhouse on the lunar calendar?

When resorting to the aid of the science of agrochemistry and using all the rules of agricultural engineering, vegetable growers are not without reason even consulting with a celestial night light. By finding out in time when planting tomatoes for seedlings in 2018 for a greenhouse on the lunar calendar, you can procure seeds in advance, prepare inventory, plan your worldly concerns and successfully plant your seedlings.

Duration of sowing or soaking


Using the gardener's calendar for every day in 2018, you can accurately determine the date of soaking seeds and the date of sowing. However, if soaking is practiced, the sowing date no longer plays a role, since the “start” of the seed is given at the moment when the seed comes in contact with a moist environment.

January, there is still snow everywhere, but by the time the seedlings are planted in the greenhouse, it must be 45-60 days old and in order to be in time for the beginning of spring, then it is necessary to start in January. The phases of the moon of this winter month in 2018 could not be better disposed of the sowing dates. Choosing 20-21 numbers for soaking the seeds, we will give a great start to the future harvest. These days, the Moon will be in a growing state in the fertile sign of Pisces, and on weekends, Saturday and Sunday will contribute to a peaceful mood.
This is followed on January 25-26. The moon in Taurus will help the seeds to absorb all the forces of fertility and give them in the harvest.

January 29-30 - Moon in the constellation Cancer. Great time to soak the seeds. If you practice sowing with dry seeds, then choosing the same days it is possible to achieve a good result.


If it was not possible to do the planned work, or the greenhouse is not heated and the dates for planting tomato seedlings for the greenhouse have shifted to February, then the best dates will be February 1-18. At this time there will again be a growing moon, which will add energy to the germinating seed, and the fertile sign of Pisces will increase the yield. Then you can use the energy on February 21, 22, 25, 26.

Prepare seeds for sowing

If the change is bought in a specialized store and a well-known firm is preferred, then the seeds can be processed with growth stimulants and cannot be soaked. In this case, the seeding is carried out on the same dates as the soak. However, it should be noted that when soaking, the seeds bite for 2-4 days and are immediately sown, and shoots in this case appear in 3-4 days. When figuring out when to sow tomatoes for seedlings with dry seeds, you need to add to the terms of 7-10 days, since this process is slower.

If the seeds are collected from their tomatoes, those that you grew, then there is a need to disinfect them and remove those that for some reason did not pass safely the rest period. To do this, dissolve a teaspoon of table salt in a glass of water and throw tomato seeds. Carefully chopping the full-weighted seeds, will settle to the bottom, and the light, empty float, and something they need to be removed.

Further preparation of seeds for sowing is treated with potassium permanganate. In a glass of water dissolve 1 g of the drug and soak the seeds for 10-15 minutes. This time is enough for the spores of phytophthora and other microorganisms to lose their activity. Seeds will become dark brown in color, but this will in no way affect their germination.

The next stage is the treatment of seeds with microelements. To do this, dissolve 0.3 g of superphosphate, zinc sulphate and ammonium nitrate in a liter of water, 0.04 g of boric acid and sulphate copper, manganese sulphate and ammonium molybdenum acid. Soak seeds for 1-2 hours. If the preparation of such a composition is not possible, then modern seed shops offer a universal fertilizer for tomatoes;

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Seed germination

For this procedure, choose a flat vessel. The optimal result is obtained in bactericidal Petri dishes. This laboratory glassware has the form of a saucer with even sides and a lid. Its glass walls allow you to visually control the process. However, in the absence of a glass saucer, you can use a plastic substrate.

A ball of toilet paper is placed on the bottom, moistened with warm water and tomato seeds are laid out on top. Everything is sent to a plastic bag and sent to a warm place. Germination temperature of tomato seed in the range of 22-25 ᵒC.

After 3-4 days, the seeds will hatch and you should immediately begin sowing them.

Unfavorable sowing

In the phases of the moon, there is a period when it is not desirable to plant. So, the full moon and the new moon, the fruitless signs, are the very time when there is no point in sowing seeds.

In January, such dates fall on 3, 4, 12-15, and in February 14-16. March is not favorable from 1 to 4, 15, from 16 to 18, 30, 31. If the disembarkation is carried out in April, then 15, 16,17, 29, 30 should be avoided. Unfavorable days in May fall to 14, 15,16, 28, 29, 30.

Of course, you can be skeptical of the instructions of the satellite of the Earth, and carry out the crops at its discretion.

Parameters for seedling growth

If the seeds hatch in a timely manner, they should not be allowed to grow. A small white spine is enough to sow the seed safely.

Having filled the tubs with the soil mixture prepared in advance, proceed to the sowing. Seeds can be picked up with a toothpick and transferred to the ground. The distance should not be less than 1 cm. After sifting all the seeds, cover with soil 1-1.5 cm, pour with warm water from a spray bottle and send in a plastic bag, thus creating a mini-greenhouse. Germination temperature at this point should be between 22-24 ᵒC.

After 3-4 days the seedlings will be visible. This period is critical, because the shoots immediately begin to reach for the light and quickly stretch out. To avoid this, it is necessary to reduce the night temperature to 16-17 16C, and the daytime temperature should remain the same.

Considering the conditions for growing seedlings of tomatoes, you need to choose for it the brightest place on the windowsill. If seedlings are grown for planting in a greenhouse, it is impossible to do without additional lighting up. In this case, fito-lamps come to the rescue.

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Picking time

If the temperature and light parameters are optimally maintained, then in 10-12 days the plants will be ready for picking.

Choosing the time when diving seedlings can also take advantage of favorable dates proposed by the lunar calendar, and you can be guided by the physiological parameters of a tomato plant.

A dive is not a meaningless seating of plants from a common house in individual apartments, but a process of translating the core root system into a fibrous one.

To do this, picking up a dug plant, you need to bite off the tip of the root with a fingernail on 1/3 of the root and immediately plant it in the ground.

Planting levels should be low. The pot is filled with soil only at ¾, then, so that when the seedlings grow a little, it is possible to pour the soil mixture to the plant.

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Watering seedlings

Optimal provision of seedlings with water is the basis for prosperous growth and development. The water should be soft, warm, ideally rain or cooked with melting snow.

An earthen ball should be thoroughly soaked with watering, but not turned into a swamp.

The rules for watering tomato seedlings suggest that between wettings the soil should dry out a little. To make sure that optimal watering is enough to see how excess water flows through the drain hole at the bottom of the cup with the seedlings.

Sometimes gardeners carefully try to irrigate seedlings on the lunar calendar. However, such an action is meaningless, since only the state of the earthen coma and the temperature mode of growth of seedlings can give instructions on the implementation of watering the plant.

Planting time seedlings

Tomatoes are planted at the age of 45-60 days. The best days for planting a tomato in 2018
in March they fall on 20, 21, 25, 26. During this period, the Moon will be growing and in fertile signs.

April will delight us 17, 18, 21, 29 and 30. In May, the seedlings can be planted in a permanent place 18, 19, 24, 28.

If the seedlings are ready, the weather is favorable, then there is no point in blindly following the instructions of the moon. If you come to the cottage only on weekends and decide to do everything only on the Moon, then there is a very high probability of being left without a crop.

Of course, the moon affects all living bio-currents, but if you leave the seedlings without irrigation, fertilizing, light and heat, then no satellite will help restore the lost.

By carefully following all agrotechnical techniques and following the rules, it is possible to grow fine seedlings and get an excellent tomato crop without much difficulty.

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when to plant tomatoes for seedlings in 2018 for the greenhouse on the lunar calendar?when to plant tomatoes for seedlings in 2018 for the greenhouse on the lunar calendar?

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