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Tomato "Demidov", photos, reviews

If you are looking for such tomatoes so that you do not waste your time, effort, do not hesitate a lot of places, and give good fruit, then the variety of tomato "Demidov" is for you. Description and reviews can be found in the article below, but first it is worth noting that this tomato is in great demand and gardeners love it.

general information

"Demidov" variety, which was opened in this century. Bred his breeders from Russia. The tomato is unpretentious, fruitful, it has a lot of advantages. It is suitable for growing in a greenhouse, on the street, with growing regions extending from the central part of the country to the north.

This is not a hybrid tomato, and there are no varieties similar in name. Hybrids have their advantages, among which there is a high resistance to diseases and weather adversities, but here “Demidov”, although it does not have a special designation on the package, is also not afraid of diseases. Of course, rotten troubles will happen to him, but this is rarely the result of improper care. To prevent this from happening to you, read the following article.

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Tomato "Demidov". Characteristics and description of the variety

  • Treats tomatoes with average terms of ripening. The harvest will be formed at 100-110 days after sowing.
  • Highly resistant tomato to diseases and temperature extremes.
  • Unpretentious variety.
  • The fruits are compact in size - up to 130 grams, which is convenient for canning in general. But they are fresh and tasty and fragrant, which indicates the versatility of the dining setting.
  • A big plus of “Demidov” is that the fruits can be gathered not yet ripe, and they ripen at home.
  • Well stored and easily transported.
  • Compact bushes - up to 65 cm.
  • Tying and staving is not required.
  • Determinant view. Stem stumb. Leaves and branches a bit.
  • The number of cells in the fruit is four, there are few seeds.
  • Skin color pink. Until the fruit has ripened, there is a green halo next to the stalk.
  • Tomatoes can be grown for sale, as more than 98% of the crop, and it’s about 170–470 centners per hectare, has a presentation.
  • This variety has a good setting of tomatoes.


Tomato "Demidov", as you understand from the description of the variety, unpretentious. Photos are dismantled, and reviews confirm this fact, but the lack of moisture leads to the development of rot and cracking of fruits. This is an important nuance in agricultural technology.

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Growing tomato "Demidov"

Crops begin from the second decade of March to April-month. To ensure a good yield and reduce risks, it is better to do everything according to the lunar calendar. Crops can be carried out immediately in separate cups to avoid picks. This will save time and effort. You can carry out a pre-sowing treatment standard - soak the seeds in a weak solution of manganese. But tomatoes are stable, so this can not be done.

So, the seeds are planted, moistened, covered with foil. Now, shoots will appear soon. You will water them, and a week before planting in an open ground to harden, by the way, it will be around June. Before sowing, you need to dig up the soil, make mineral dressing in each well. Total fertilizer bushes you will be 2-3 for the entire season. You can use store products or natural food, such as droppings or manure. This variety responds well to the preparations "Gumifild", "SVIT" and "Megafol". They are used for foliar nutrition and not only.

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We have already said that these tomatoes are sensitive to moisture, otherwise they begin to ache with vertex rot and crack. Therefore, always monitor the humidity, but do not fill. This is the main trouble for those who planted tomatoes "Demidov".


Water for irrigation of this variety should be taken warm. Humidification is carried out in the evening, in the morning the bushes are loosened. Between bushes should not be less than 50 cm.

That's all you need to know. Briefly and informatively about the good grade for the new season.

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