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Tomato "De barao". Characteristics and description of the variety

tomato de barao characteristic and description of the variety

If you have never planted tomatoes, or any other crops, you may not know about the variety of tomatoes “De Barao”, have not heard any reviews about them. But in the photo you can already see them. Newbies may not know, but experienced gardeners understand what they are talking about. Variety they know from the distant 90s, when it was grown almost everywhere. Tomato evokes respect for its characteristics, it is actually good in all respects. Yes, he needs to be patted, but worth it.

general description

De Barao has been known for a very long time, but for a long time a tomato has not been included in the register. This event happened only at the beginning of the 2000s. It has a lot of advantages, and, according to reviews, the majority of summer residents do not have any drawbacks, well, except that you need to follow certain agricultural practices to get a good harvest. But the result pays for all the work. Tomato can produce record yields, which we will discuss below.

“De barao” can be grown everywhere in greenhouses and on the street. In the first case, the tomatoes can be collected a little more. But everyone will be satisfied with the harvest, moreover, it is very easy to store it, the fruits do not spoil, do not rot and can ripen if they were harvested not yet ripe. Unpretentious bushes can grow on different soils, in any climate.

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For information!

On the basis of this tomato was created a number of tomatoes with similar characteristics - these are “Red”, “Giant”, “Yellow”, “Tsarsky”, “Black”, “Orange”, “Pink”. We will burn the last.

Tomato "De barao". Characteristics and description of the variety

  • Refers to indeterminate tomatoes. Does not form a trunk.
  • Tomato has a very high, powerful bush - up to 2.5 meters. Such colossal sizes, of course, cannot grow without strong supports. This will have the gardener to patter.
  • The leaves are large, dark green. Brushes may be 6-8 to 10 fruits and more.
  • The long period of fruiting - the last harvests can be harvested up to frost. After putting on ripening at home.
  • Treats grades with late terms of maturing.
  • Highly resistant variety to most tomato diseases. The main enemy of many gardeners in the garden is, of course, the phytophtora, it is not terrible.
  • It tolerates weather problems, is not afraid of cold. Only the wind can break the bushes, but for this to be powerful and strong support.
  • Some summer residents grow bushes next to a wooden fence, to which they tie stalks.
  • Suitable for growing in all regions of the country in the open and protected ground.
  • It has a record yield - so, in the greenhouse, summer residents get from a square meter up to 40 kg of fruits, on the street, the figures are lower, but not by much.
  • Can grow in the shade, on any soil.
  • Sometimes gardeners to the disadvantages include the taste of tomatoes, considering it not too bright. But we are talking about the pink look, it is delicious, juicy and fragrant.
  • Small fruits - 100 - 110 grams. They are medium in size, can be suitable for canning in general, in sliced, for salads. Often made from a variety of sandwiches, but the juices do not work out.
  • The shape of the tomatoes is elongated. The color is pink; it will also depend on the variety we talked about a little earlier.
  • Tomatoes have two chambers, the percentage of dry substances is high.
  • The skin and pulp are dense, because the harvest can be stored for a long time.
  • Very well transported, can easily be grown for sale.
  • During heat treatment do not burst in the banks.

We told you the description of the “De Barao” tomato variety, taking a pink look. As you can see, some advantages. Everyone can grow such a tomato, even if you are a beginner, you still should not be afraid that tall bushes are not for you. It will be easier for you, because in theory you know how to do everything, and we will tell you about it later.

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This variety, although it has excellent resistance to diseases, but still there is one ailment that can spoil the crop - it is top rot. You can fight it, and we will tell you how, below.

Agrotechnology. Tomato variety "De Barao"

Sowing seeds for seedlings begin in the second decade of March. Since the variety can hurt, although rarely, it is necessary to carry out pre-sowing treatment. You can take a weak solution of manganese and soak the seed in it for a week before planting, then rinse it and dry before planting. You can buy ready-made drug "Zircon", he is praised by summer residents, he perfectly stimulates the immunity of plants.

Crops can be carried out in one container to a depth of 1 cm, then you need to pick the cups in the phase of 3-4 leaves. There is an option to immediately take the pots from peat or cardboard, they are on sale in the shops for gardeners and not only, and plant here using a universal soil. So, you avoid the stage of picking, and landing on a permanent place will be very easy to carry out, since you will not have to remove the pots. You put all the cups in the common tray so that they do not fall, cover with a film, first wetting the soil. Within 7-10 days, the seedlings will sprout, if in some cup the seed has not germinated, just tear it off, so the place will be used sparingly.

Before transferring to the street, it is better to harden the saplings in a week; In the latter case, the landing will be in 60-70 days after sowing, on the street after all frosts. Of course, you must prepare the greenhouse in advance. To eliminate the risk of disease, careful treatment is necessary; you always do it. It is better to use the soil once every 1-2 years; be sure to fly it with boiling water to kill the pathogenic environment. Remember the supports, regardless of the place of cultivation. The soil should be decontaminated, add a spoonful of superphosphate to it, now you can plant seedlings.

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The scheme is either a chess order or two bushes per meter, not more. Immediately tie up the seedlings. Approximately in two weeks apply organic fertilizer - manure, mullein or chicken manure. Now you can even buy such supplements in the finished dry form in the store, so that you do not have to bother with not very pleasant raw materials. Just breed according to the instructions and water. Further, it is possible two more times before the fall to make a complex mineral preparation to maximize the harvest. Insects can bother - they are struggling with, sprinkling or spraying the bushes with a solution of ash in the water.


The variety is cold-resistant, but it is better to cover the seedlings, if the frost has suddenly returned.

With regards to the pinching, it is needed. When the stepsons have grown to 8-10 cm in the sinuses, make the first removal, then every 7-10 days in the morning or in the evening. Shrubs need to form in two stems, that is, you remove all stepchildren, and leave one and the main stem at the top. The rest of the care is simple - watering when the soil is dry, loosening, removing weeds, airing the greenhouse. And this is all that we wanted to tell you about the characteristics of the variety of tomato “De Barao” and its agricultural technology.

Good luck to your holiday season. Do not be afraid to plant new varieties, so you will find the ideal tomatoes and other crops.

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tomato de barao characteristic and description of the varietytomato de barao characteristic and description of the variety

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