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Tomato "White Queen". Characteristics and description of the variety

Of course, choosing a good variety of tomatoes is already a large percentage of success, but many gardeners go further. They want not only high-yielding tomatoes, we are talking about them in the article, but also rare ones. If you are also looking for such tomatoes, then come to the address. Today is an interesting article. We will introduce you to the “White Queen” tomato and its description of the variety.

general information

This is a rare representative of its kind. If you plant this variety, you definitely will not be disappointed in all respects. A beautiful name represents an exotic tomato that was created in the first year of the war, namely in 1941 in the USA. Most often, these tomatoes grow in greenhouse conditions. A luxurious powerful tall bush forms equally gorgeous beautiful, and, most importantly, large fruits. They are more like fruits, pale yellow, even whitish.

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This is the perfect brand for women who have become mothers or only carry a child. Also, the "White Queen" is suitable for diet food and for feeding small children. Its delicate taste is unusual and has no sourness. This is a profitable variety that produces high yields and can be transported well.

Tomato "White Queen". Characteristics and description of the variety

  • Tall tomato. Bushes can grow up to two meters or more.
  • Indeterminate type.
  • It has late ripening. Harvest you will collect in late summer and autumn.
  • Fruits are well stored, transported over long distances, while not cracking. They can be grown for sale, as the demand for rare tomatoes is always high.
  • High-yielding variety. More than five kilograms of juicy fruits can be harvested from one bush.
  • Tomatoes have a rounded shape, slightly flattened, an unusual shade of the skin.
  • Hothouse grade.
  • Requires shaping and garters.
  • Gives large fruits weighing up to half a kilogram.
  • It has a delicate taste and aroma, the flesh is not sour, juicy.
  • It has a universal table appointment. Tomatoes are eaten fresh, make them juices, sauces, spin for the winter.
  • Evenly bears fruit to the cold.
  • Sick tomato rarely.

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Gorgeous tomato "White Queen", reviews and photos, who planted it, only confirm the advantages of the variety. Cons - it is only the formation and garter, but again, a rare species that gives a high yield, may require you a little more attention to yourself. Although these agricultural techniques are required by many tomatoes.

With regards to the cultivation, the sowing begins two months, and, more precisely, 55-60 days before the transfer to the greenhouse. This variety loves sandy soil, so add a lot of sand to the soil, as well as humus. You can pour a spoonful of mineral feeding. Seeds are processed before sowing - they are disinfected, soaked in a growth promoter.

Seeds are placed in tablets of peat or slightly deepened in the ground in a common container. Moisturize and cover with foil. Crops are carried out according to the dates of the lunar calendar. When shoots appeared, the shelter is removed, now you have to monitor the lighting and watering as it dries.

Transplantation into the greenhouse begins after processing, preparation of the wells. On one meter planted no more than three bushes, a distance of 50-60 cm between them. Again, they put a lot of sand and fertilizer in the wells.Prepare in advance and support - trellis or ropes to each bush. After planting, you must water the seedlings, be sure to ventilate the greenhouse.

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The first organic or store-fed supplements are made two weeks after transplantation. Next every 2-3 weeks. Shrubs best form in two stalks, leaving the stepson in the upper sinus, the rest are removed. Feeding can be alternated using organic, traditional methods, complex preparations.

Tomato has a fairly standard scheme for growing tall varieties. In return, you will receive unique, rare fruits that will conquer any summer resident.

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