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A pick of tomatoes in April on the moon

picking tomatoes

In the conditions of the Russian climate and long vegetation, it is not possible to grow tomatoes by planting seeds directly into the ground. This can be done by growing the seedlings on the window for 2 months and then landing in the ground when a comfortable ambient temperature is reached. Therefore, the windows of summer residents are lined with pots and boxes with green plantings, as soon as the first spring days come.

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picking tomatoes

Picking - This is the process of moving the plant into a larger container, sometimes with a pinching of the root to obtain an advanced root system. This occurs 2.3 weeks after seed emergence. The first pick is produced if there are at least 1.2 true leaves on the seedlings. To do this, prepare:

  • large planting capacity or individual cups (plastic, peat cut milk bags and plastic bottles);
  • good quality soil, purchased from the store or prepared by yourself;
  • a fork or small device for extracting plants from the ground;
  • weak potassium permanganate solution;
  • old pencil or pen;
  • scissors.

The day before the procedure, the seedlings are well spilled. Stages of transplantation:

  1. In the prepared soil with a pencil make small grooves, making the intervals between them about 5 cm.
  2. Fork hook a few bushes out of the ground.
  3. Carefully disassemble them, trying not to cut the roots and not to break the thin stems.
  4. Pinch the tips of the long roots at ¼ length.
  5. Sprouts are placed in cooked holes on seven leaflets.
  6. The holes are covered with earth.
  7. From a medical pear spill a weak solution of potassium permanganate.
  8. Clean for 2.3 days from the bright sun.
  9. After 4.5 on the plants, an increase in foliage is observed.
  10. After 10 days, the young sprouts are fed with a full-fledged fertilizer, reducing the specified rate by half.

The benefits of picks

picking tomatoes

Plants, planed in separate containers or one large, receive:

  • more nutrition;
  • more light;
  • the ability to fully grow;
  • developed root system.

In addition, picking helps to reject diseased and weak plants.

In some cases, repeat the procedure picks. This is required:

  • when it is necessary to suspend the growth of overgrown plants;
  • when the seedlings are planted too often and the bushes oppress each other;
  • the plants became ill with the black leg due to the lack of drainage holes in the planting tanks and urgent replacement of the soil is necessary.

Moon phases

For the lunar month, which does not coincide with the calendar month, the moon goes through 4 cycles:

  • growing moon, when plants can be planted, bearing fruit above the ground, food rushes up to the top and foliage;
  • full moon, when working with plants is undesirable, you can dig up roots;
  • the waning moon - the moment for planting potatoes, carrots, beets and all root crops, all juices tend to the roots and are concentrated in the roots;
  • new moon - the time of rest of the earth.
tomato picking on the moon in april

Landing, transplanting and picking in April can be made: 7, 8, 11, 12, 18, 20, 21.

You can not touch the plants and replant: April 1.3-5.19

Picking is one of the important points in growing tomato seedlings, which helps to get stronger, squat seedlings with a developed root system. Such a plant is rooted faster with further transplantation, more resistant to natural disasters and diseases, and is able to absorb more nutrients from the soil.

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picking tomatoespicking tomatoes

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