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Tomato "President 2 F1": unpretentious and very tasty

Early ripe high-yielding indeterminantny (unlimited growth) hybrid variety of tomato President 2 F1, one of the few imported varieties that have been made to the State Register of the Russian Federation for cultivation in the open field in the private farm. Hybrid introduced relatively recently in 2007 by Dutch breeders of Monsanto.

Characteristics and description

Tomato variety President 2 F1, according to its characteristics and description of the variety is a tall species. Compared with standard or low-growing species, it is possible to get a harvest from the President, several times larger due to its impressive size. The variety is early ripe, high-yielding.

Characteristic variety:

  • the bush does not have an end point of growth, so it is easy to shape it along the height of the greenhouse;
  • the first brush of the ovaries is formed above the 7-8 leaf;
  • has a small number of stepsons, but requires their timely removal;
  • the term of ripening of the first crop for 95-100 days after sowing seeds;
  • requires a strong support and reliable fixation of the bush;
  • on each brush 5-6 ovaries are formed;
  • Tomato color is red-orange.

From the characteristics of the President it is clear that the culture should be grown on your own plot. Description and characteristics of the variety is very suitable for almost all farms.

Description of the bush

High large shrub, with spreading branches, vegetative type. It can reach a height of 1.5-2 m, not infrequently it can grow up to 3 m. When it is grown, the formation of a bush of 1-2 stems is required, which will increase the yield. The bush has small leaves, the traditional green color. The plant needs constant monitoring and tying as it grows.

It is better to fix immediately when planting the plant in the ground, then change the trellis as needed to a higher one with each subsequent time. If you miss the time of tying, the branches of the bush can break off under the weight of large fruits. The bush needs regular removal of stepsons. They should be removed when they reach 6-7 cm.

In some cases, the variety may behave as semi-terminal. That is, his shoots may stop developing at any time. Therefore, it is recommended to keep one strongest and most powerful stepchild during the stepson, just in case.

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Description of the fetus

Fruits are heavy large, it is possible to obtain very large copies. The form has a rounded, slightly flattened. They have orange - red hue, dense structure, great tomato flavor. The difference between the fruits of this variety is that the fresh tomato has a taste not as rich as the one that will be sent to ripen for 7-8 days in a dry place at room temperature.

The fruit has a dense peel, thanks to which the tomatoes are transported perfectly. Another advantage is that the fruits are not prone to characteristic cracking of the fetus. Tomato weight varies from 340 to 360 g.

Productivity and keeping quality

Tomato President F1 2, description of the variety, photos and reviews, suggests that the hybrid has a high yield.Moreover, the presence of sunlight and climatic conditions do not affect the future harvest at all. With one bush, with proper and caring care, you can get 5-7 kg of beautiful and high-quality fruits.

Variety can rightly be considered fruitful and profitable, and in almost all regions of Russia.


Tomato bred as a salad. But its practical use is much wider. Fruits can be considered universal purpose. They are great for fresh consumption, for the preparation of various culinary dishes, including juice and tomato paste. Despite the large fruits, they are widely used in canning.

Store fruit should be in a cool place, but not in the refrigerator. Cold adversely affects the taste of tomato varieties President 2.

Advantages and disadvantages

The disadvantages of tomato President include constant monitoring of the growth and development of the plant. As a result, he needs his constant fixation, as it pulls up.

Advantages of a hybrid:

  • the universality of the fruits in the appointment;
  • tomatoes perfectly tolerate long-term transportation without losing the presentation;
  • in care culture is not whimsical;
  • have high resistance to characteristic tomatoes diseases and pests;
  • high yield and taste of fruits
  • possibility of growing in greenhouse conditions and in the open field.

All the advantages of a hybrid already appreciated by many gardeners and farmers. They are the ones who recommend growing the President to newcomers. With this hybrid it will not be difficult for them to start growing tall, early ripe tomatoes.

Features of growing varieties

Hybrid seeds are recommended to be planted 55-60 days before planting seedlings to a permanent place in the ground. Special attention should be paid to the cultivation of seedlings, it needs to create a comfortable care environment. Since the seedlings of this variety stretch upwards, it is unacceptable to allow it to grow more than 15 cm. Otherwise, when planting high seedlings, the plant will lag behind in development.

Further, the care of tomatoes does not differ from the care of other varieties. Proper cultivation is: regular moderate watering, timely weeding and hilling, feeding, removing the stepsons and tying. In addition, for better fruiting, it is necessary to properly form a bush.

In some cases, the culture may develop as a semi-determinant plant. This means that the stalk itself can stop growing at any time. Therefore, when removing stepsons, you should always leave one of the most powerful stepsons in case this happens.

Recommended growing regions

As a result of long and thorough testing of the variety, the President was identified, no matter what region and method will be grown, this does not affect the yield. It bears fruit equally well under any climatic conditions, in any region. That is why the hybrid is very popular, both among gardeners and among owners of small farms in different parts of Russia. The variety showed itself perfectly in the Krasnodar Territory and the North Caucasus.

Nevertheless, in the northern regions it is recommended to grow it in greenhouse conditions, the southern ones can easily cultivate the crop in the open field.

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Disease and Pest Resistance

The hybrid is highly resistant to diseases typical of tomatoes, including late blight and Alternaria. Of the pests should be aware of the greenhouse whitefly. You can get rid of it with the help of special preparations.

Growing seedlings

To grow strong good seedlings of tomato President 2 F1 reviews, photos and subsequent yields, it is recommended to sow the planting material in small containers of several seeds to a depth of 2 cm.After the plant has 2 natural leaves, be sure to dive into separate containers.

In the room where the seedlings grow and develop, the air temperature should be no more than +23 degrees. Plants must be provided with regular moderate watering. During the period of growth, it is desirable to feed the seedlings with complex fertilizers 1-2 times.

In regions with a short sunny day, additional lighting should be provided.

6-8 days before planting seedlings in open ground, you need to start hardening it. To do this, breeding grounds need to make a balcony or veranda. The first hardening should be no more than 1 hour. Each subsequent time, the procedure should be extended for at least 30 minutes.

Transplant into the ground

Planted in a greenhouse culture or greenhouse after May 15, in the open ground, a little later, when the danger of frost passed. The specific date of planting can not be determined, since in different regions, the climatic conditions for the process may vary.

The president is very capricious to the ground. Under the planting it is necessary to provide fertile light soil. At the same time the plot does not have to be sunny. What is characteristic of their development, they do not need an abundance of light and this does not affect the yield at all.

On 1 square. m no more than 4 plants are planted; otherwise, they will interfere with each other, develop correctly, which can significantly reduce the percentage of yield. Before planting should prepare the ground.

For preparation it is necessary in advance, approximately in 2 weeks, to put complex fertilizers into the soil and dig it up. As complex fertilizers can be used:

  • superphosphate;
  • urea;
  • leafy humus;
  • potassium nitrate.

After fertilization, the soil should be dug up and left for 2 weeks. Immediately before planting, dig holes and establish a solid support. Pour about 1 liter of water into each well.


Tomato culture President, in the care is practically no different from the standard care for other varieties. The main thing, immediately after transplanting seedlings to a permanent place, follow the basic rules for care.

Care Rules:

  • Depending on the temperature conditions of the region, it is necessary to water the culture 1-2 times a week. In the southern regions, it is recommended to do this more often, in about 3-4 days, as the soil dries. Watering should be regular and moderate. The process should be carried out directly under the root of the plant, water ingress on the leaves is not desirable;
  • 7 days after planting, tomatoes must be fertilized with nitrogen fertilizers. During fruiting, potash-phosphate fertilizers should be applied once;
  • be sure to mulch the soil, it will help settle the level of moisture;
  • to relieve the bush load, the crop must be collected regularly;
  • the crop must be regularly weed free and the soil loosened. This is done so that air can flow to the root system;
  • The first time to spud tomatoes can be 10 days after transplantation. The second time after 2 weeks.

If you take care of the tomatoes, observing the rules, a good harvest will be guaranteed.

Hilling, weeding and fertilizing are carried out only after heavy watering.

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Tomato hybrid variety Due to its not whimsical care and excellent taste of the fruit. It is from this variety that it is recommended to start growing tall tomatoes for beginners.

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