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Let's plant a tomato “Red is red” - we will grow a rich harvest

red tomato red characteristic and description of the variety

Today we will talk about the tomato "Red Red." By tradition, we will mention his reviews, we will see a photo, we will learn crop yields and agricultural techniques - let's consider everything. Tomatoes can not be called the fact that it grows by itself, do not need to do anything, and tomatoes ripen. No, nevertheless, competent measures are needed here, but the return will please even the pickiest gardener. Therefore, we advise you to read the article, perhaps this variety will interest you, we are even sure of it.

general description

“Red Red” was created by Russian breeders, and this is a hybrid of the first generation. What does it mean? Hybrid varieties have a lot of advantages - they bear fruit well, they rarely get sick, often they are unpretentious, but there is one major disadvantage. You cannot use the seeds for the next year, or rather, you can, but do not expect the same result. In fact, this is a small problem, because now you can buy everything without even leaving your home via the Internet, and at an affordable price for everyone.

So, this tomato is best to grow in protected ground, here it will be powerful, high and will give an excellent harvest. No greenhouses? Grow on the street, but not in the north, but the stem will be smaller, and the indicators are lower. The greenhouse can be made of glass, polycarbonate, film. Tomato "Red Red", according to reviews, is very sprawling, photos of those who planted, show how gardeners cope with this task. They make powerful support in the form of sticks, trellis, wire. You also need this sort of place, because it is, well, now about the characteristics.

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Tall tomatoes are best planted in a row along the support, and do not plant more than 2-3 bushes per meter so that the fruits can ripen well, the bushes do not interfere with each other either on the surface or under the ground. Also remember that it should be convenient for you to work with bushes in a greenhouse, leave space for yourself.

Tomato "red red." Characteristics and description of the variety

  • It has early ripening. Depending on the climate and growing conditions, the harvest will ripen for 75-100 days, which pleases.
  • Belongs to high-yielding varieties, one bush can produce up to 10 kg of fruit. This is an advantage. Again, the right agricultural technology can raise the figures even more.
  • Indeterminate view. Bushes grow more than two meters in height, they have a lot of green mass.
  • Formation, pinching, garter is required - here you have to plop.
  • Fruits ripen in the hands, where they are formed up to seven pieces.
  • Tomatoes ripen at 200-300 grams. They are quite large, but at the same time not so that they were inconvenient to use during preparation, and they broke branches under their own weight.
  • The shape of the fruit is slightly flattened, there are pronounced ribs at the base.
  • Skin color is red. It is thin, but at the same time the tomatoes do not burst during cooking and ripening.
  • The flesh is sweet, there is a small proportion of sourness. Seeds are few.
  • It has a high resistance to diseases.
  • Tomatoes can be used to prepare a wide variety of dishes - sauces, pasta, ketchup, fresh and winter salads.

For information!

It is worth noting that the Red Red tomatoes are processed at the seed stage so that they do not hurt afterwards, and the crop does not die, and you save time for decontamination due to this.

Agree, a very worthy variety, yes, you need to work hard by making supports, to form bushes, but aren't there red tomatoes that have excellent taste and aroma, high returns, do not get sick, lie well, spent effort.If you agree, then it will be useful for you to know about the cultivation of a variety of tomatoes "Red Red" too.


To grow this variety from the very beginning, you need to sow the seeds for seedlings. There are no difficulties. You prepare the soil - this can be done by purchasing immediately ready soil in the store. You can take the mixture and make your soil - for this, the land is sod, garden, humus, about a third of sand, a couple of spoonfuls of ash and fertilizer in equal parts. These can be drugs with potassium or superphosphate. The soil is ready, but we would advise it to shed boiling water, as there may be parasites inside, and fragile seedlings will suffer.

Crops begin in March. So that all things garden and garden went, so to speak, uphill, always look, whatever you do, on the lunar sowing calendar. At the same time, do it throughout the season, and not just when you sow. Seeds deepen into the ground by 1.5-2 cm, after which they thoroughly spill the soil from the sprayer, the watering can wash them away. The distance between the seeds should be 2-3 cm. After that, cover your plantings with a film, put them on the window, the room should be at least 23-25 ​​degrees.

For information!

You can do otherwise - buy cups of cardboard or peat, ready soil and plant seeds at once separately. Two advantages - the first - you will pass the pick, the second - the seedlings will immediately be placed in a permanent place in the same cup.

So, if everything is done correctly, then for about 7-10 days you will begin to see seedlings. The film needs to be removed, watering the trays as it dries first from the spray gun, after that it is already possible from the watering can. Rotate seedlings so that they do not bend and evenly grow and develop. Food will be enough for her for the entire period of the house, since you have prepared or bought the soil optimally balanced. In the phase of 2-3 leaves you thin the seedlings.


If you plant seedlings early and after growing in a warm greenhouse, then there may not be enough light for the seedlings at home, therefore the need for additional lighting with lamps.

Before transfer to the open ground or greenhouse, seedlings need to be hardened in 7-14 days. First, you take out the seedlings for 1-2 hours. Gradually increase the time until the tomatoes can stay half a day or overnight. Of course, the threat of frost should have passed, and take care of the tomatoes from the wind. During this time, you need to prepare a greenhouse.

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Preparation of greenhouse is as important as open ground. Pests and pathogens can accumulate in the soil, as well as on the walls of the greenhouse. It is better to change the soil every year or fertilize it and spill it with boiling water with manganese for disinfection. Make in advance and support. Then the wells are dug, in which they put a little humus, sand and superphosphate. Remember to keep a distance. Then you can plant seedlings. By the time - it is from the beginning of May to June, depending on the region. If you grow a tomato on the street, then be prepared to cover the seedlings, if suddenly there is a frost or strong wind, until they get stronger.

After 14-20 days after the transfer, fertilizers with a nitrogen content are applied, after which another 10-14 days of organic matter, and another 14 days of mineral fertilizer. If you make chicken droppings, then it is bred 1:20, if manure, then 1: 10-12. If the soil is poor, the ovaries and fruits will not be able to form. Watering should be regular, but as the soil dries out, always after that the greenhouse should be aired. You can mulch the soil.

Bushes begin to form with the removal of all stepsons, when they have grown to 8-10. Remove everything, as this variety will be better to bear fruit in one stem. But during flowering it is also possible to thin out the flowers, those that are small, with deformations. This will help get the best yield. Still need to remove the lower branches. For the prevention of disease, use a spray with copper sulfate or manganese.In the characteristic of tomato "Red Red" we said that the variety is stable, but we always need prevention and good treatment of the place where the culture grows. It is also important to remember about the predecessors.

Here is such a “red-red” tomato. All these techniques will help to get a very good harvest of excellent fruits.

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red tomato red characteristic and description of the varietyred tomato red characteristic and description of the variety

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