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The original way of growing tomatoes up roots

Tomatoes upside down growing plants upside down

In order to decorate the estate, it is enough to plant tomatoes upside down, growing plants upside down is not more difficult than usual, but it has its own characteristics that should be taken into account.

Advantages of technology

It would seem that there is a garden, you can grow any variety on it, but people stubbornly strive for exotic things. Tomatoes, rooted up, look not only exotic, but also aesthetically pleasing. Picking up varieties with orange, like lanterns fruits, or in the form of a bulb, red balls or ovals, you can decorate them with any place. If a variety with extended vegetation, the pleasure will last until frost. Further, the suspended structure can be transferred to the house and extend the pleasure.

But the people, as always, are right, and this technology allows:

  1. To have a crop where there is no possibility to break a garden, because for such planting there is absolutely no need for land space;
  2. Use the space above the garden. Having built a support over strawberries, you can hang tomatoes and get a harvest;
  3. To grow crops on loggias and balconies in the absence of window sills, using free space;
  4. Harvest all year round in the conditions of the room;
  5. The use of upper, unused areas of greenhouses and greenhouses;
  6. When landing upside down there is no need for support systems;
  7. No need for hilling and weed control;
  8. Tomatoes with this technology do not stepchildren, the lush the bush - the higher the yield and more interesting design;
  9. Using this technology, you can build a screen, and cover personal space from outside eyes;
  10. To harvest, it is enough to lend a hand;
  11. Not every adult understands this miracle of nature, but children just love it, and caring for the plant is perceived as fun.

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Secrets of technology and variety

All secrets are based on the fact that the plant wants to grow vertically and reach for the sunlight. No matter how we plant or turn the pot, the tomato will in any case wish to grow upwards.

In this technology, the variety matters. You can not plant any, liked, and even repeatedly tested variety or hybrid. Preference should be given to those in which the shoots are thin, lianovidnye, and the fruits are not large.

If you give a choice to pink tomatoes, then the “Pearl” variety will do; The "Red Hunter" fruits like small pears, and the bushes are very razlohie. Brushes with yellow fruits are continuously produced in the Wagner Mirabell variety.

If you prefer resistant varieties, in order not to carry out the treatment, then you need to sow the hybrid "Ampelny F 1". If tomatoes like black currants are to their liking, the Black Cluster variety will surprise even experienced growers.

Separately, it is necessary to sow the variety "Rapunzel". Huge brushes that carry up to 50 tomatoes, look very beautiful. They ripen not at the same time, but those that have ripened for a long time remain commodity.

If you have already tried these varieties, then you can give preference to Cherry, Roma, Arctic, Talisman.

Selection of containers

For each technology has its own characteristics. In this case, is that the pot must be at least 5 liters.It will not be possible to get a beautiful culture in a small hanging flowerpots. Only the bush that has a volume of vegetative mass and many fruits will look beautiful, and for this you need a good root system.

Selecting the capacity for planting, you can give preference to the following:

  • plastic bucket. This container must be from food-grade plastic, or from food. Since sunlight is necessary for cultivation, technical plastic, under its influence, can release toxic substances into the soil, and the root system can absorb elements and transfer to fruits.

The bucket must necessarily have a lid;

  • Flasks from under water or other food products are also quite suitable. You can apply plastic bottles with a capacity of 5 liters;
  • Specialized stores of garden and gardening directions can offer a set for growing vegetables using this technology “Topsi Torvi” (a collar).
If the containers have a lid, then there is no problem. If materials are used, it may be necessary to build a frame that will prevent the soil mixture from falling out.

Tomato Soil Blend

To prepare the soil you need to approach with all responsibility. If you purchase a special soil mixture for tomatoes in the horticultural center, the tomato planted in it will not require even additional dressings. If it is decided to independently prepare the land, then it cannot be taken from the garden, especially from under the nightshade.

It is better to prepare the soil mixture in advance and combine it in this proportion:

  • compost - 1 part;
  • caked humus - 1 part;
  • peat - 1 part.

On a bucket of the prepared mixture, you must add 1 tbsp. spoon of superphosphate and 1 tbsp. spoon of ammonium nitrate.

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Features of growing seedlings

The time of sowing tomato seeds for seedlings is not at all different from ordinary tomatoes. Seedlings are also grown according to the classical technology, but in this case, we can use the seedlings to pull out and there is no point in using growth inhibitors.

The secrets of growing tomatoes upside down are that the plant needs a well-developed root system. If we plant a tomato 2-3 cm deep, then wait until the roots envelop the soil, it will take a very long time.

A completely different thing is a deep landing. The stalk of a tomato has the ability to grow roots along its entire surface, thus increasing the area of ​​nutrition. That is what needs to be achieved. If the height of a tomato plant is 30–40 cm, it should be dredged as much as possible, leaving 10–15 cm on the surface. The leaf plates simply come off.

Experienced vegetable growers to speed up the process of growing seedlings translate into deep, but not wide capacity. As such a milk pack of 1 liter with a trimmed top is suitable. After the transshipment, the soil mixture is filled up and by the time of transplantation the tomato plant has time to give a huge amount of roots.

This technology can not be in a hurry. Transplantation is carried out only when the earth lump completely "covered" the ground.

Planting seedlings

If a plastic bucket is used, proceed as follows:

  • A hole is made in the bottom of the bucket so that it is possible to plant tomato seedlings freely into it;
  • The bucket is placed on the bottom, the hole is closed with film and filled with a soil mixture;
  • Closed lid and flipped;
  • In the film that closed the hole a hole is made and tomato seedlings are planted in it;
  • You can not immediately turn the bucket. After planting should take 3-4 weeks. During this time, seedlings fully take root and begin to develop the land. Experienced growers move to the next stage only then, the cords will see clear signs that the tomato has started growing.

Support for the air garden

Growing tomatoes upside down (roots) implies hanging the structure, and this must be taken care of in advance.

The wrought-iron tripods look beautiful on which buckets with hanging tomatoes hang, but this design is very expensive. In any case, the basic requirement for the design should be strength.

Hooks nailed to the fence or wall can be used as a support. Branches and branches of trees can also be beaten with a suspended garden.

Scored wooden bars and flower arches, pergolas, may well serve as a place for a suspended structure.

Do everything very firmly, so as not to lose the "garden".

Care and watering

The plant does not require special care, weeds do not grow in it. Since the tanks are on constant heating, the drying of the soil is a natural process and you need to follow it jealously.

Suspending containers, you should take into account the moment of watering, therefore, it makes no sense to make the supports very high. Frequent watering implies a frequent approach to plants, and it should also be comfortable.

To facilitate the process of water filling, it is possible to cover the top with a mulching material of both natural and synthetic origin.

If the buckets with suspended tomatoes are arranged in one row, then the craftsmen manage to carry out drip irrigation and this significantly solves the problem. A droplet of water, skapas from the hole in the pipe located under the hanging handle, helps to keep the soil in optimal humidity.

If you still have no experience, start with 1-2 plants, and with experience, the "garden" can be expanded. Picking up different varieties can transform the estate and diversify the festive table.

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Tomatoes upside down growing plants upside downTomatoes upside down growing plants upside down

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