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Seedling Moscow-style tomato

seedlings in rolls

There are many options to grow healthy seedlings in an apartment. Among the productive methods, the Moscow method stands out - tomato seedlings in a roll, which is considered effective, affordable and inexpensive.

This technique is simple, it takes a minimum of materials and strength, and the seedlings grow strong and healthy.

Features of the method

The roll method has been used recently, but it is already in demand. It was developed by a self-taught amateur - the agronomist-breeder Kerimov. Conducting this experiment once, he was pleased with the result, as he received a rich and healthy crop after some time. Gardeners appreciated the advantages of the technique, including:

  1. Minimum expenses for the purchase of consumables.
  2. Prompt awakening of seed material.
  3. Ability to evaluate and monitor the degree of germination at the stage of spitting.
  4. Elimination of the slightest probability of sprout injury during a pick.
  5. Blocking seeds from fungal disease.

At the stage of development of seedlings does not require the use of additional lighting, which saves money to pay for electricity.


Due to the fact that the seeds are not in contact with the soil, the occurrence of black legs is excluded.

In the ground sprouts will be moved when picking, for which they take the capacity and clearly calculate the amount of prepared land. Sprouts quickly take root and get stronger.

Secret technology

You will need to buy seed and prepare cellophane, for example, bags for packing or under garbage, a multifoot under paper or ordinary polyethylene paper. Still need to prepare:

  • two-layer toilet paper;
  • thread or stationery gum;
  • capacity - container, transparent glass or jar;
  • water;
  • tweezers;
  • stationery knife;
  • ruler.

To perform the procedure you need:

  • put a film on the table;
  • cut it into strips of a length not exceeding 50 cm and a width not exceeding 10 cm;
  • cut toilet paper on the canvas of the same size, and everything must be done in duplicate;
  • lay the paper on a cellophane substrate;
  • moisten paper with water using a spray bottle, a syringe or syringe;
  • a step of 1-1.5 cm from the edge of the tape;
  • lay out seed material using tweezers only on 1 side of the rim with a distance of not less than 5 cm between the seeds.

If the seeds are laid more often, when pecking, they contribute to the formation of underdeveloped, frail roots, elongated and unviable stem.

Next, the bed should be covered with a layer of paper, to moisten in the same way, cover with polyethylene. The prepared "sandwich" gently twists into a loose roll, as with the tightness to grow good sprouts will not work. The roll must be fixed with a rubber band or thread and placed in a container with transparent walls filled with water.

The workpiece must be submerged 2.5 cm in water, and so that the seed row is on top. It is better to use thawed water, which is settled and warmed up, which will allow:

  • increase germination;
  • feed the roots.

Some add water to improve the result:

  • pharmacy hydrogen peroxide - 20 ml per 1 l of water;
  • Humat Baikal.

Each roll is placed in a separate container, on which a sticker is pasted, indicating the variety, the date of planting, the number of seeds. The label is arranged so as not to darken the seedlings. The container is necessarily covered with a film, and if it is a container, you can tightly close the lid or place it in a transparent bag so that there is no darkening. For the entry of oxygen, several air vents are made in the form of bulging punctures / holes, using scissors or a knife.

To get a good result, you need not only to correctly perform the above presented technology, but also to choose high-quality seed material. It should be without an expired shelf life, mold. It is better to purchase seeds in specialized stores. Choose those that are packed in paper bags, so they retain their properties in the best way.

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seedlings in rollsseedlings in rolls

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