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Causes of death of tomato seedlings after picking


By the end of February, many are starting sow tomatoes on seedlings, and, of course, not to do without losses, but so it would be desirable to minimize them. Tomatoes are quite capricious in growing, and they need regular care, in addition, each variety requires compliance with agricultural technology. Every gardener faced with the fact that after picks seedlings begins to languish, hurt, although before the transplant was healthy and strong. Why is this happening and how to prevent her death.

The reasons

Picking is one of the important stages in the development of tomatoes, it is customary to carry out after the appearance of 2-3 leaves, early or late transplantation can adversely affect the growth and development of seedlings. If after the procedure, healthy bushes begin to wither, first you need to identify the cause, there may be several:

  1. Rot - occurs when the accumulation of excess moisture in the soil, while in the substrate pathological microorganisms are formed, which provoke the development of fungal diseases. Also, root decay can occur due to low air or ground temperatures.
  2. Blackleg - this disease most often develops in the early stages of tomato development. The stem of the seedlings at the soil level becomes thin and becomes brown in color. If signs of a black leg are noticed on time, then there is a chance to save young saplings during a set of activities.
  3. Damage to the root system during transplantation. The roots of young seedlings are quite thin, so the pick should be done carefully. Before the procedure, the soil is moistened to make it easier to get a sapling. The plant is taken out with a small lump of earth and transplanted into a container with a prepared hole.
  4. Bending the roots when picking is also a common cause of the death of young seedlings. The hole should not be too small, otherwise the root system may break. However, you should not leave a void, it can also be a destructive factor for seedlings, so the soil around the seedling should be well tamped.
  5. Contaminated or poor quality soil can also cause a stunted growth or development of diseases. Soil for tomatoes must be fertile, you can buy it or make it yourself. Store substrates are usually treated for diseases, and those that are made independently, must be disinfected. If the leaves and stems of the seedlings began to change color, then most likely it is a deficiency of nutrients in the soil.
  6. Mistakes in the care of seedlings: excessive or insufficient watering, lack of drainage, non-compliance with agricultural technology varieties or poor conditions.

How to care for tomatoes after picking?

In order for the seedlings to adapt more quickly and not to hurt after transplantation, careful care is needed. It is also necessary to provide suitable conditions for young bushes. Light day for tomatoes should be at least 12 hours; if necessary, they should be filled with phyto lamps. The temperature in the room should be 18-22 degrees, the humidity of the air at least 50%.

Watering is done under the root, only with warm settled water as the soil dries. To get oxygen to the roots, the earth is loosened, you can do it with a plastic plug. Feeding is carried out after 10-14 days after transplantation, liquid complex fertilizers for seedlings are most effective for this.Approximately two weeks before disembarking on a bed or in a greenhouse, plants begin to harden.

Useful tips

After transplanting young plants need a little time to adapt. Capacities with seedlings are best placed in a cool room, the air temperature in which should be 16-18 degrees. Also, for the first time, tomatoes should be protected from direct sunlight.

On a note!

If the indoor temperature is below +10 degrees Celsius, then the tomatoes will stop growing and developing.


  • in the tanks for landing at the bottom must be openings for draining excess liquid;
  • For irrigation can not use cold water from the tap, it must necessarily stand and warm to room temperature;
  • before planting tomatoes in the soil should be hardened;
  • in the room where the seedlings are located should not be hot;
  • the first 7 days after transplantation of seedlings to water it is not recommended;
  • Making a solution of wood ash will not only saturate the soil with nutrients, but will protect the tomatoes from the appearance of a black leg.

Most of the gardeners grow seedlings, and almost all at the stage of 2-3 leaves dive it into separate containers. Sometimes it is difficult for plants to adapt due to inappropriate conditions. At this time, you need to especially monitor the temperature and humidity in the room, as well as provide the bushes with a sufficient amount of light. If you comply with all the conditions and adhere to the recommendations, then problems will not arise during cultivation.

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