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A selection of sweet black varieties of tomatoes

best black tomatoes

Diversity black varieties of tomatoes amazing, but to get a good harvest, you need to navigate in their characteristics. There are types of tomatoes for cultivation in the open field, and there are those that can be cultivated only in the greenhouse.

Based on the description of a particular variety, it becomes possible to choose a crop in terms of yield, color, consistency and the recommended method of processing and storage.


These tomatoes are not black at all, as their skin shimmers in shades from brown to purple. Naturally at first glance they appear black, but this is only an initial optical illusion. What are the hallmarks of these fruits? Color is the only difference. It is acquired through the presence of an organic pigment called anthocyanin. This substance is good for the body, so dark tomatoes are safe for health, they are:

  • rich in vitamins and minerals;
  • essential for the normal functioning of the body;
  • filled with maximum utility.

Tomatoes are characterized by an unusual taste, which is achieved due to the special proportion of acids and sugars present in the composition. Properly grown vegetable, for the processing of which no chemicals were used, should have an unusual sweet-fruity aftertaste. Most varieties of black tomatoes have:

  • the thinnest peel;
  • juicy and tender pulp;
  • attractive aroma.

To preserve all these properties, vegetables must be carefully tied up, which will exclude contact with the ground.


Not every black tomato suitable for preservation and salting.

Types for growing in greenhouse conditions

Greenhouse is needed for regions with a cold climate and early frosts. For such conditions it is worth choosing special varieties of black tomatoes, which will allow to get a large and high-quality crop, which can be used for personal purposes or for sale.

Brief characteristics of varieties:

  1. Ashkelon F1. This is a large-fruited hybrid type with a dark maroon-colored, medium-early peel. Ripens on average over 100-105 days and belongs to the indeterminate vegetable crops. Fruits reach about 220-240 g, have a rounded shape, dense peel with a glossy shine, pleasant taste and aroma. Distinctive features consider: excellent commercial quality and resistance to transportability. The yield is 20 kg per 1m2.
  2. Ashdod F1 is an early hybrid, for which maturation is enough for 90 days. The fruits have a dark brown color, weighing 170 g, a semi-circular shape, a unique sweet-fruity taste and flesh of dark cherry color. The yield per 1 m2 is 18 kg.
  3. Black moor - This is a variety of dark tomatoes, which must be preserved. Possesses the dense skin which is not falling apart during processing and long storage in a brine. Shrubs can grow up to 1.2 m in height, on the tassels there can be about 18 fruits, weighing 50 g, and in appearance and taste they can be compared with plums due to chocolate skin. The yield is 5.3 kg per 1 m2.
  4. Black Baron The maturity period is 115 days, the height of the bushes reaches 1.5 m, and the fruits have a chocolate color, weighing no more than 250 kg, rounded shape and slight ribbing. The flesh is juicy in color, and the culture is quite unpretentious in care.The yield is 6.5-7.5 kg per 1 m2.
  5. Japanese black truffle. Vegetable medium ripeness and for maximum benefit is 115 days. Shrubs reach a height of 200 cm, and about 6 fruits weighing 150 g each are formed on 1 tassel. If you remove tomatoes from a vegetable garden that have a green color, you can save them until mid-winter.

What types are grown outside greenhouse conditions

It is possible to grow a good crop in the open field, but it is necessary to follow the recommendations for the care, feeding and watering. The choice of black tomato for open beds is justified. They have excellent taste, aroma, resistance to fungus and other diseases.

Description of varieties:

  1. Black Prince. The culture grows to 2.5 m, refers to the mid-season variety, for which maturation is enough for 120 days. Vegetables grow in weight of 400 g and dark brown skin with a glossy effect. Fruits are characterized by a sweetish, rather dessert taste, increased level of resistance to phytophthora. When reaching maturity, you can get about 20 kg per 1 m2.
  2. Chocolate is a medium early ripening vegetable, which is 115 days long enough to reach maturity, and the bushes can stretch up to 150 cm in height. The fruits have a flat-round shape, multi-chamber appearance, brown color of the skin, orange-brown pulp, weighing 400 g. Distinguishing features are fleshy, sweetish and pleasant taste, yield up to 12 kg per 1 m2.
  3. Viagra. A medium early tomato, ripening in 112 days, growing up to 2 meters in height, and having fruits in diameter reaching 7 cm and a weight of 100 g. When fully ripe, the fruits have a brown rind color, red flesh, characterized by fleshy and juicy, with a minimum amount share of dry matter. The yield is about 10 kg per 1 m2.

Cherry varieties

Cherry tomatoes are popular, especially black varieties. They are original in appearance, have excellent taste properties, are used to decorate dishes such as salads, snacks, etc.

Description of varieties:

  1. Black Bunch. Mini tomatoes have an excellent taste and a particularly creative look, for which they are often used when making appetizers. This variety is not suitable for salting due to too thin peel bursting during processing. The height of the bushes reach about 150 cm, and the ripening period is 80 days. The plant has unusual diamond-shaped leaves that do not have pubescence. The brush contains about 5-10 tomatoes, each weighing 70 grams. The fruit is green first, and then becomes pinkish, gradually transforming into dark purple and almost black. Productivity makes 6 kg from 1 bush.
  2. The black cherry is an early ripe variety, for reaching maturity of which it is enough 105 days, growing over 1.8 m, and having fruits weighing 20 g almost round shape with a dense skin. Tomatoes have pulp with a high level of sugar content, fleshy and juiciness, and in addition to this pronounced pleasant aroma. The vegetable is suitable for fresh consumption and for subsequent salting. The yield is 7 kg per 1 m2.
  3. Cherry Negro F1 is an early hybrid variety, which ripens in 90 days. It belongs to indeterminate plants, possesses oval fruits with brown-brown shade, as well as pronounced green stripes. Tomatoes have dark cherry flesh, weighing 30 g and about 21 pieces may be present on their tassels. The grade is brought for the fresh use and for preservation. The yield is 13 kg per 1 m2, and the fruits themselves have a sweet and pleasant taste.


Almost all black tomatoes have a sugary taste, however, especially sweet species with a maximum concentration of sugar are noted.

Features of sugary fruits:

  1. Brown sugar is a medium-early species, for which maturation is enough for 120 days.The plant is tall, and the fruits have almost black color, fleshy pulp and sweet taste, as well as a weight of 150 g. The type of lettuce and it is desirable to grow in a greenhouse.
  2. Watermelon - medium early and enough for maturation 110 days. Bushes tall, and therefore requires additional garter. The average weight of the fruit is 100 g, and in addition, they have: a skin of red-brown color, a sweetish melon flavor and a classic round shape.
  3. Ivan da Marya F1 is a tall and early species, reaches a height of 180 cm and matures in 100 days. Bushes need to be tied up carefully, but do not need to be staved and trimmed. Fruits of small size, red-brown shade, weighing 200 g, and also with sweet pleasant taste, juicy and fleshy pulp. The yield is 5 kg per 1 m2.

Dark tomatoes are really unique. You can try different varieties to make sure of their unusual taste, pleasant aroma and other beneficial properties. Growing tomatoes is not difficult, it is important only to follow the basic rules.

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