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Secrets of the growth and lush flowering of my Dollar Tree

A lot of beliefs are connected with an exotic flower at room flower growers. Is it hard to judge whether they contain any truth or all this fiction? I had a luxurious Dollar tree on my windowsill with a decorative purpose, and today it fully met my expectations.

Top 5 Secrets to the Successful Growth of Zamioculkas

Unlike other overseas beauties, this flower is unpretentious to the conditions of detention and is very easy to maintain. But do not hope that the plant will bloom without human help.

For Zamioculkas important:

  1. Scattered sunlight. Ideal daylight hours should last at least 8 hours.
  2. Abundant watering, which must be done only after the earth in the pot is almost completely dry. At any time of the year, the soil has to be irrigated no more than once a week.
  3. Heat. The flower will feel great near the batteries and on the window sill, where other succulents will begin to wither from an excess of sunlight.
  4. Soil friability. If water stagnates in the pot or pan, this will necessarily lead to the death of the root system.
  5. Rare transplant. Experienced flower growers, whose goal is to see flowering, know that the process should be planted immediately in a spacious pot, and a bit of ordinary river sand should be added to a classical soil mixture.

If you plan to prepare the soil yourself, then the best composition will be turf soil, peat and fine sand, taken in equal proportions.

From time to time plants Zamioculcas needs to be fed. In order not to cause harm, a dose of nutritional preparations should be introduced only in summer and springtime, and it is advisable to do this no more than once a month.

In addition to timely and sufficient watering, it is possible to achieve flowering of Zamioculkas, observing the temperature regime. In the warm season, an exotic plant suffices 22 degrees above zero, and in the autumn-winter period - about 16.

What do i do everyday

The guarantee of wild growth and flowering is the right content. The regions in which Zamioculkas grows in the wild are warm countries with a dry climate, and therefore the plant can withstand short-term drying of the soil mixture without damage to the crown and root system.

Experimentally, I was able to find out that the best time for irrigating the soil is a period when the earth in a pot with a plant dries out about half. I check it in a simple way:

  1. I take a wooden skewer and carefully stick it into the ground at some distance from the main stem.
  2. Carefully remove, and then assess the level of drying of the earth.


If there is no trace of moisture, then the flower immediately watered. In addition to this, when the air is dry in the room, I wipe the leathery leaves and stems with a damp cloth.

I advise you to carry out all actions with a flower in gloves, as the plant juice is poisonous.

It can cause burns to the delicate skin of the hands or cause an allergic reaction to the “milk” of tropical plants.

The best growth stimulants and feeding plan

The best fertilizers, which have all the necessary minerals, are considered as means for feeding cacti.

When choosing a nutritional supplement, you should pay attention to the nitrogen content here.The more this substance is, the more appropriate the drug is for the dollar tree.

If you have such an opportunity, then instead of purchased fertilizers, enrich the soil mixture with cow dung or bird droppings, and also use wood ash.

I feed the flower, I always once in two or three weeks.

The period from the beginning of October to the middle of March is the time of rest, it is not necessary to feed the plant during this period.

When the flower needs to be left alone

If in the process of caring for a plant you notice a violent formation of shoots, then for a while stop watering and do not apply fertilizer. Excessive leaf formation can lead to rapid depletion of the root system, followed by wilting and death of the flower. Pests can easily get to a weakened plant.

As a reward for proper care, Zamioculcas will allow caring owners to admire flowering. They say that such a plant brings financial well-being into the house, and unmarried young women are promised a quick and successful marriage. So why not get lucky for the luxurious tail of a dollar tree?

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