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Tomatoes series “Sweet bunch”: descriptions and characteristics of varieties

Tomato series “Sweet bunch” reviews, photos, yields have long been heard by vegetable growers, because over the decade, many could try varieties in their gardens.

"Sweet bunch"

Official information

It took only 1 year to conduct tests and introduce a variety into the register of breeding achievements of the Russian Federation. And in 2009 the variety was legalized under the number 9153937.

Applicant and originator of the variety OOO Agrofirma Zedek, Moscow Region, Domodedovo.

The variety is recommended for cultivation in all regions of the country under greenhouse shelters and in open ground in private farms of growers as early maturing.

Of the entire series, only the variety “Sweet Cluster” has legal rights to exist. However, the market is filled with other “clusters”.

Characteristic variety

Considering the “Sweet bunch” tomato, the characteristic and description of the variety indicate that the plant is indeterminate. The growth of the main escape does not stop until we ourselves interrupt it. Often the plant reaches the height of the greenhouse and 1.8 m in open ground.

The leaf plate is large, dark green. The plant has good foliage.


Tomatoes are round, smooth, dense. In full biological ripeness leveled red.

Gnezd two. Seeds are small. Tomatoes have a weight of 20 to 30 g, there is no evenness in weight. Maturation is also not uniform, so the bunch initially does not have evenness in color.

Tastes are rated as “good”, but those who have already grown a tomato talk about a satisfactory taste, because they expected a sweet taste from a sweet bunch. The balance of organic acids and sugars is not organic enough and sweetness is not felt.

The dense skin of a tomato well preserves the fruit from cracking, both on the bushes and during temperature processing, but when eaten it feels that it is extremely dense and “tired”. Many vegetable growers, describing their impressions of the variety, consider the skin to be one of the stopping factors, and it is because of this peculiarity that they refuse to grow tomatoes.

Using marketable tomato

Small tomatoes, can be used as a decor for cold appetizers, canapes and sandwiches. They will decorate with themselves vegetable and fruit cocktails and vegetable cutting.

Tomato well behaves when canning whole fruits. Picking them up in color and size can be poured with both marinade and tomato juice.

Whole fruits, canned in tomato juice, are served in solyanka, and they serve not only as filling, but also as decor.

The tomato does not burst during heat treatment. Some housewives, fearing that the fruits will lose integrity, prick them with a needle, but there is no need to apply this technique to the variety “Sweet bunch”.

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Using fruits in fresh salads, many growers complain that they need to be blanched before serving, because the skin is not eaten.


Registration Commission legalized yields within 3.5 kg per square meter of film cover area.

Those who have already grown a tomato, agree with the official figures, and consider it completely unprofitable to occupy expensive land under such a barren variety.


The registration committee did not bother to make a description of the resistance of the variety to contagious tomato diseases.

When grown in a greenhouse there are no special nuances with diseases and pests. Here, when grown in open ground, and even under adverse weather conditions, reviews repeatedly say that the tomato is unstable against the phytophthora.

Advantages and disadvantages

Considering the advantages of the variety "Sweet Cluster" the following points can be noted:

  • early ripening and fast flow of fruits to the table;
  • Tomatoes are well tolerated by heat treatment while remaining intact.

The variety has several significant drawbacks:

  • low yield;
  • the need for constant staining;
  • instability to phytophthora;
  • satisfactory taste of fresh fruit;
  • very dense skin.

Cultivation features

Since the variety is highly grown, tying up the shoot to the supports is a natural action. However, the variety "Sweet Cluster" has the property of excessive formation of stepsons. To keep the tomato “within” it is necessary to carry out the removal of the stepsons regularly and in a timely manner.

Keeping culture in two shoots is the most optimal. An increase in shoots does not give a significant increase in yield.

"Sweet bunch of chocolate"

The same agrofirma "Sedek" released on the market, in addition to the variety "Sweet bunch", also the tomato "Sweet bunch of chocolate". The variety is not entered in the registry. Served as early for open and closed ground.

Variety description

Independent variety. Its height is within 150-170 cm. The plant is well leafy with an increased property of forming stepsons, therefore it requires constant formation until the end of the growing season.

Tomato fruits with an average weight of about 30 g, leveled, smooth, rounded. The skin color is dark cherry with a brown tint. On a section a tomato of saturated dark red color. It has 4-5 seed chambers with small seeds. Very juicy.

The peel is dense, but when removed, the tomato is separated from the stem and the skin is torn. This property often upsets vegetable growers, and many refuse to grow a variety.

The tomato is intended for consumption, both salad production, and conservation by the whole fruits. The taste characteristics of a good tomato. Sweetness is caught from the first notes, and there is also a pleasant aftertaste.

Tomatoes are also good in conservation, they do not crack, keep their shape, moderately dense, but the skin is not eaten.

Disease resistance

Information of the author, on the resistance of the variety to disease is not. But those vegetable growers who have already grown chocolate tomatoes, speak positively and say that the tomato does not require more attention to itself than to other varieties.

However, peering into the photos attached to the description of the variety, one can see that the foliage is abundantly covered with copper-containing preparations and this suggests that the resistance of the variety can show with regular preventive treatments with fungicidal preparations.

Whatever the responses from the beginning of the formation and the end of the growing season, the plants must be processed. Alternate antifungal agents, it will not allow microorganisms to form addictive, and the effectiveness of treatments will increase significantly.

Virtues of the variety

  • interesting color;
  • good yield;
  • good taste

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"Golden sweet cluster"

This variety is also not in the registry varieties. The offer to the market is made by Sedek.

Describing a variety, the manufacturer recommends it for cultivation in greenhouses.Although the plant and indeterminantnoe its height is no higher than 150 cm.

The shape of the vegetative form is weak, but the branching is strong enough and the plant requires constant and regular tearing off of the stepsons until they become larger in 3-4 cm.


Formation of tomatoes occurs in huge clusters of 30-40 pieces. Tomatoes are not large, on average, 25-30 g. The shape of a tomato is pear-shaped, similar to light bulbs. The color is yellow, hence the name of the variety - the tomato "Sweet Golden Bunch".

Tastes are good. Tomatoes have a high sugar content, and this is felt in taste and aftertaste.

The tomato has salad appointment, and also is suitable for preservation. The taste of "golden" tomatoes will add spice and sweetness to any dish, and beautiful shape and color will be a nice bonus.

Having taken a heat stroke, tomatoes do not lose their shape and once on the dining table they can easily be a separate dish as a snack.

Having reached biological ripeness, all tomatoes have equalized shape, color and weight, which makes them very desirable.

Disease resistance

Describing the characteristics and advantages of tomatoes, the author of the variety indicates its resistance to adverse conditions. However, the variety is intended for cultivation in greenhouses, and it is not entirely clear what sustainable factors are involved.

Experienced vegetable growers, despite the descriptions and opinions of others, are constantly carrying out preventive measures, since varieties with absolute stability have not yet been cultivated.


Those who have already grown this variety, sharing their impressions, say that the variety produces a very good harvest. Small "light bulbs" from one bush can remove a great many.

To meet the needs of one family, it is enough to plant only 1-2 shrubs.

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Virtues of the variety

Of all the varieties of “sweet bunch” that have been submitted to the market, it seems that “Sweet bunch of gold” has the most positive reviews. The advantages of the variety are obvious:

  • high yield;
  • great taste;
  • fine commodity output;
  • excellent pickling quality.

Choosing a grade for planting do not stop, having heard someone's opinion. Perhaps on your soils and in your climatic conditions, the variety will reveal itself from the best side.

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