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Tomato "Moneymaker": high-yielding and transportable variety

general information

Tomato of this variety is not entered in the register of breeding achievements of the Russian Federation. It is successfully implemented both in Russia and in Belarus, Lithuania and Ukraine.

The tomato gained particular popularity among those gardeners who are looking for high-yielding and transportable varieties with high marketable yield.

It is also important that the “Moneymaker” variety is early, and if technologies are observed and grown in greenhouses, it can give a good harvest of early, expensive products.

Characteristic and description

The vegetative form of the tomato of this variety is indeterminate, tall with fairly powerful shoots that are capable of bearing a huge harvest of fruits.

The height of the shoot reaches 1.8 or even 2 meters. Lead the plant in 2-3 stems with constant formation and tying.


"Moneymaker" a typical hand tomato. The fruits are collected in a beautiful, homogeneous brush, and which is formed from 7 to 12 fruits.

The first brush is laid over 7 sheets, the rest 2-3. Since the variety tolerates drafts very well, adverse weather conditions, temperature drops and at the same time shows excellent setting, the brushes are all filled.

Tomato fruits are leveled, with a difference of several grams. Rounded, smooth, smooth, glossy, they look great on the brush during full ripening.

The color of the tomatoes is bright, but not rich red. Their ripening takes place gradually, but this fact even more suits those gardeners who grow tomato for sale in the market.

Tomato weight 90-100 g. These fruits are not larger and are classics for placement in cans.

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Tomato has a universal purpose. In its raw form, it is used as a lettuce tomato. However, many gardeners celebrate its sourness, and not quite suitable taste for salad.

The tomato does not have an interesting taste and does not carry an aftertaste. Many people call it ordinary tomato, which is more suitable for laying in barrels.

The moment is also interesting that until the moment when the fruit becomes absolutely ripe, its taste is disgusting and only after a full set of ripeness it is evenly leveled.

By texture, the tomato is also not very attractive. Seed chambers are hollow, filled with juice and a large number of seeds, and the content of dry substances and sugars is completely insufficient.

Tomato skin is dense, tight, elastic and holds the flesh well. It allows the fetus to be stored for a long time after removal and wait for the moment of its implementation on the market.

Commodity Value

Tomatoes of this variety have a good commodity output and are in demand because of:

  • color uniformity;
  • size equalities;
  • density.
"Moneymaker" behave very well during heat treatment. The skin does not crack, the tomatoes do not lose turgor, they remain dense and elastic both in the jar and on the plate. When consuming pickled and pickled product does not create the impression of emptiness when biting the skin, which is very important for the canned product.


Many vegetable growers who have already grown a variety speak of it as an extra fruitful one.

If the plant is formed in three stems, and each will give 7 brushes, on which there are 7-10 fruits, then the yield from each bush will be more than 20 kg.

Given that the recommended planting of 3 plants per square meter, the yield of 60 kg with m2. However, it should be noted that such calculations are not entirely correct and the manufacturer on the bag indicates the yield of 9 kg s m2.

Disease and Pest Resistance

This variety is presented as resistant to the most virulent tomato diseases. However, those vegetable growers who have already grown claim that the “Moneymaker” tomato, the characteristic and description of the variety does not quite reflect the essence and the variety is not very resistant to the phytophthora.

The need for preventive spraying with fungicidal preparations is even when grown in greenhouses, so you should regularly inspect plantings and carry out timely processing.

There is information that the variety is affected by clasporiosis (brown spot), which also imposes features in the treatments.

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Advantages and disadvantages

Looking for varieties for planting in the garden, each vegetable grower puts his own meaning into the word “quality”. Considering the "Moneymaker" can be noted the following advantages of the variety:

  • high yield;
  • excellent product output;
  • excellent transportability;
  • good keeping quality

For those vegetable growers who value tomato in the first place, this variety is definitely not suitable. As a disadvantage can be noted:

  • no salad taste;
  • the need for pasynkovanie and formation;
  • weak resistance to diseases.

Features of growing

Describing the advantages of the variety, one of the points was high yield. However, whatever the genetic potential, without a balanced feeding to achieve high productivity is difficult.

Rassada period

Start run gives the correct cultivation in the seedling period. A tomato of early ripening, so there is no need to sow it in February, the first days of March are quite optimal.

If for sowing you can take less fertile soils, then for diving you need universal soil mixtures, filled with complex fertilizers. They will allow the seedlings to reach the shape that, when planted, in a greenhouse or open ground, will immediately grow and begin to set fruit.

When growing a variety, you should follow certain rules:

  1. Tomatoes "Moneymaker" certainly need to be grown with a pick of seedlings. This manipulation will translate the root system into the fibrous and significantly increase the nutritional area;
  2. In order for the root system to master the whole earthen room and reach the budding phase in time, an optimal amount of soil in an individual vessel is needed;
  3. The plant is tall and there is nothing terrible in the fact that it is slightly stretched.

Experienced vegetable growers perform crops in a common container, and dive into individual cups with a volume of 200 ml. When the root has mastered the earthen room, they carry out the transshipment in a capacity of 500 ml and already from it they are transplanted into open ground or a greenhouse.

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Outdoor cultivation

Given the high potential for yield, you should carefully consider the choice of landing site and the preparation of a preplant trench.

If the seedlings are extended, it can be planted slightly laid on its side, this will allow the plant to develop an additional root system.

The transshipment of a plant is carried out in a freshly prepared earth mixture consisting of:

  • mature humus (horse, pig, cow) - 1 part;
  • fresh compost - 1 part;
  • sand - 1 part;
  • oven ash - 1 cup per bucket;
  • superphosphate - 1 tbsp. spoon on the bucket mix;
  • ammonium nitrate - 1 tbsp. spoon on the bucket mix.

The soil is prepared in advance so that soil microorganisms can make its components bioavailable to the root system of a tomato plant.

Dug a planting trench and dropping seedlings into it on top of the filling is carried out above the specified mixture.

If planting is carried out adhering to this technology, then additional feeding should be started only at the time of formation of the first ovary and mostly outside the root.

To achieve high yields from tomatoes is possible, but it will take some effort. But to significantly improve the taste, if it is genetically not laid almost impossible.

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