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Tomato "Golden Heart". Variety description

tomato golden heart variety description photo reviews

On the agenda of large fruit yellow tomato "Golden Heart". Description of the variety and photos will show you a great tomato, reviews about it are great. There are some subtleties in cultivation, we will tell about them in agricultural technology. The tomato is very beautiful, tasty, really looks like a heart of gold.

general description

This variety is the work of Russian breeders, it is suitable for cultivation in many regions, but in the north it is better not to plant a tomato. Or you can use a warm greenhouse. Very productive tomato, which is not afraid of disease, gives excellent results. By the way, according to the content of nutrients "Golden Heart" can be used to feed children and people, that they must follow a diet.

The variety is rather unpretentious, but it likes to have high-quality watering and fertile, well-ventilated soil. Bushes are low, but powerful and sprawling, they need to allocate enough space. But about it a bit later.

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Tomato "Golden Heart". Characteristic and description

  • Treats grades with very early terms of maturing. So, you will get your first harvest in 80-85 days after sowing.
  • Determinant type of bush.
  • It grows no more than half a meter high, but in the greenhouse it can be higher.
  • The garter is recommended so that the bushes do not break under the weight of the fruits, as they are rather big.
  • Tomatoes have a dense skin, very beautiful golden shade.
  • Do not crack.
  • Well stored and transported, which is beneficial for commercial purposes.
  • The weight of tomatoes can reach up to 130-150 grams, on average, 110 grams.
  • Suitable crop for fresh food, for preservation, to decorate the table, for the manufacture of juices, sauces.
  • Fruits are formed in the hands of 5-7 pieces.
  • The leaves on the bushes are many, their color is dark green.
  • Productivity is high - 7-10 kg per square meter.
  • The shape of tomatoes is unusual in the shape of a heart, there is a weak ribbing.
  • The skin is non-rigid, glitters.
  • The pulp is dense, juicy, there is no acid in it. Not watery tomatoes.
  • There is little seed in the fruit.
  • This tomato is grown both in closed ground and open.
  • Not a hybrid tomato "Golden Heart".

The reviews are very good, photos and crop yields summer residents to buy the seeds of this tomato, and they do not remain disappointed. Let's lose on how to grow this unique variety.

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Agrotechnology. "Golden heart"

Crops begin by the end of March according to the lunar calendar. Experienced gardeners recommend taking the soil is not purchased, and his own. It is either humus and earth, or sand, peat and turf soil. Be sure to spill the ground with boiling water. Seeds better for the prevention of pickling in a solution of hydrogen peroxide, and then soak in the stimulator. But due to its early ripeness, the tomato is not sick, so you can skip these steps.

Seeds are sown to a depth of 2 cm, moistened and covered with a film. In the phase of the two leaves dive. The transfer to a permanent place will be about 60-65 days, when all the frosts will pass. The soil in the greenhouse and on the street is prepared in advance - they dig it up, spill boiling water, make holes 50/40. Put in them a spoonful of ash and superphosphate. Put support in advance. After that they plant seedlings, tie up bushes and pour plenty of warm water on them. You will delete the first stepsons when they reach 8-10 cm. This is done about once a week, in the morning or in the evening, so that the wounds on the bushes heal easier.

Watering should be stable, but the soil should not sour, the water needs warm, settled. After necessarily loosening. You will have to make fertilizer 3-4 times per season, which will give tomatoes the opportunity to bear fruit all summer, and the “Golden Heart” will ripen evenly and for a long period. The first feed is made after the bushes have taken root, it is about 14-20 days after the transfer of seedlings. Spend prophylactic parasite spraying with a solution of manganese and soapy water. You can use other popular methods, for example, spraying infusion on cinnamon, pepper. Such procedures are done only in the morning or in the evening.

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This tomato is formed in two stems, that is, the stepchildren are removed, one is left at the top, and it is better to thin out some of the leaves. More than three bushes next to one meter do not plant.

This is quite enough for you to get your "golden hearts" in the form of tomatoes. Try not to be disappointed.

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tomato golden heart variety description photo reviewstomato golden heart variety description photo reviews

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