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Series of tomatoes "King of the market": description and characteristics of varieties

A series of tomatoes "King of the market" characteristic and description of the variety is offered on the seed market by the company "Russian Garden". It was they who stamped the bags and numbered "Kings" from 1 to 13, while designating them with F1 hybrids.

Official data

Only one hybrid “King of Market VII” is officially legitimized and entered into the register of breeding achievements, but the rest of the kings are impostors.

However, the series was released under the responsibility of the "Russian Garden" and at the fear and risk of vegetable growers.

The series is presented under the motto “Series of the best determinant tomatoes”. That is why the variety “King” entered in the register under number 9610183 did not make it into the “retinue”, since it is indeterminate.

He grabbed "Russian Garden" and other kings, instead of copyright names giving them just numbers. So the legal variety “Crimson King” was called “Pink King of the market 8 F1”, and the variety “Golden King” was renamed as “Orange King of the market 13 F1”.

Whatever it was, packers sell a series of short-growing tomatoes, and vegetable growers, having grown a King of the Market tomato, take pictures, photos of the bush and their opinion with pleasure.

All presented varieties of "Kings" are determinant.

"King of the market 1 F1"

The fruits of this tomato cuboid shape with an average weight of 90-110 g. Commodity is leveled.

Tomato pulp is dense, rich in good taste. The fruits are resistant to cracking and are intended for both fresh use and preservation. When cooked, the tomatoes keep their shape, and the skin is so dense that it does not crack, protecting the entire contents.

Tomato "King of Market 1" contains 2-3 cameras filled with tomato pulp and a small amount of seeds.

In terms of ripening opinions of vegetable growers divided. Some argue that the tomato is early ripening, while others say that before the end of August to try the "King 1" is impossible.

What vegetable growers are in solidarity with is his testimony:

  • good taste of the fruit;
  • universal purpose.

To determine the height of this hybrid plant is difficult. The packer kept silent, and the reviews say both about 80 cm and 150 cm.

"King of the market 2 F1"

Hybrid medium ripening. The photo of a bag with seeds depicts tomatoes with a pronounced oval shape. The description says that the fruits are large, up to 140 g.

Hybrid "King of the Market 2" is designed for open ground.

Tomatoes are resistant to cracking, dense, fleshy, red.

Characteristics of the manufacturer of the hybrid, says that the tomatoes are well preserved and can be perfectly transported over long distances. Those who grew tomato, fully confirm this property.

The hybrid is recommended to grow in those regions where the abundance of sunlight does not allow to plant sensitive varieties.

Those vegetable growers who cultivated a hybrid say that a tomato has:

  • good taste;
  • universal purpose;
  • increased disease resistance;
  • excellent transportability and lezhkost;
  • good yield.

"King of the market 3 F1"

The hybrid is intended for cultivation in an open ground of an average strip and southern latitudes.

Fruits of flat-rounded shape, with an average weight of 120-130 g. Red, leveled, have excellent transportability indicators.

Hybrid "King of the market 3" universal destination. Dense skin perfectly keeps the flesh from cracking during the heat treatment period.

Reviews indicate:

  • high yields;
  • good disease resistance;
  • incidence and transportability;
  • excellent fruit set, regardless of weather conditions;
  • good taste.

"King of the market 4 F1"

Tomato salad destination. Fruits are round, smooth, without ribbing, red.

The taste qualities of the hybrid “King of Market 4” are very high. Excellent balance of sugars and acids, excellent aftertaste, good transportability make the hybrid very desirable for growing farmers and those vegetable growers who have a desire to sell surplus products on the market.

The tomato has an increased resistance to fusarium, verticillosis, Alternaria, gray leaf spot.

Hybrid recommended for southern latitudes.

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"King of the market 5 F1"

Medium early ripening. The weight of a tomato fruit varies from 180 to 200 g. Tomatoes are flat-round, red, leveled, resistant to cracking and have an excellent product yield.

Hybrid "King of the Market 5" has high properties of fruit set in all weather conditions.

Growers say they are hybrid:

  • well transported;
  • has excellent yield;
  • it has good taste;
  • resistant to major diseases of tomatoes.

"King of the market 6 F1"

Early ripe hybrid, although vegetable growers say that it should be attributed to the medium early. Recommended for cultivation in the open field.

The fruits are round, smooth and even. The average weight is about 300 g. The skin of the tomato is very dense. Thanks to her, tomatoes are beautifully stored and can be transported perfectly for long distances.

Tomato "King of Market 6" is served as the best for marketing. The characteristics of the external data of tomato are excellent. Taste characteristics for "good."

"King of the market 7"

This is the only hybrid entered in the list of breeding achievements. His number is 9552974, but the number at the hybrid VII.

Applicant and originator of a tomato CJSC Scientific and Production Corporation NK.LTD Moscow Region. Shchelkovo. The test lasted two years, and legalized it in 2006.

The hybrid is recommended for cultivation in the North Caucasus region as a salad, for cultivation in the open field of gardens of private farms of citizens.

By maturity the variety is mid-season. The leaf plate is average.

The fruit is flat-rounded in shape, with weak ribbing, dense, very resistant to cracking.

The tomato does not have a green spot on the stem. Its color is leveled, monophonic, in the period of botanical ripeness red.

On a section 4 nests are well looked through.

Tomato weight varies from 80 to 130 g, sometimes tomatoes can reach 190 g. Reviews say that although the fruits are not equal in weight and size, they all find their consumers in the market and remain in demand.

When tasting received a rating of "excellent."


Having a yield of marketable products within 90%, the hybrid shows a very high yield.

When registering a variety, it is customary to compare crop yields with standards by regions. When comparing with the variety “Gift of Kuban”, which is the standard “King of the market 7”, it shows 16 centners per hectare more, and when compared with the grade Novice, it exceeds 98 centners per hectare.

Such a yield, with good product performance is very impressive. The average commodity shaft recorded for a hybrid, within 253-584 c / ha. The numbers are very different. This suggests that the hybrid is plastic. To obtain the highest rates, he needs:

  • high nutritional value of soils;
  • timely feeding under the root;
  • foliar regular dressings.

Originator varieties and growers engaged in the production of marketable products for the market indicate a very high quality of fruit. Preservation of commodity qualities for a month after collection without creating special conditions for them puts this hybrid on the pedestal of superiority in demand.


"King of Market VII" was tested for addiction to sensitivity to contagious tomato diseases, and it was found that he has increased resistance to fusarium, verticillosis, Alternaria and nematode.


Not for nothing is this hybrid got into the registry, because it has several advantages:

  • high yield;
  • great taste;
  • good marketability;
  • impeccable quality;
  • excellent transportability;
  • good disease resistance.

"Market King 8 F1" or "Crimson King F1"

The packers named the eighth king a hybrid, which was entered in the register of varieties under number 8456588 in 2017, but it was on the trials test for a long time and managed to reach the people before its legality.

Applicant and originator OOO NPO "Garden and Garden" Chelyabinsk region. with. Noise.

After lengthy tests, the commission recognized that the hybrid is suitable for growing in all regions of the Russian Federation. Regardless, some packers stubbornly point out that the tomato is for Siberia.

The hybrid is recommended for cultivation in closed ground and kitchen gardens of vegetable growers and summer residents.

In terms of ripening hybrid medium, salad destination.

What is served as the “Pink King of Market 8” actually has a crimson color, flat-rounded, flattened shape with weak ribbing. The fruit is average in density with six or more seed nests.

Tomato mass equalized within 300-340 g. During the tasting, a unique taste balance was noted and the mark was excellent.

The yield of the hybrid is also high, but the tomato does not show much plasticity. To show legalized 10-12 kg per square meter of vegetable garden requires nutritional value of the soil.

The yield of commercial fruits was 9.9-11.7 kg / sq. m

"King giant 9 F1"

Describing the characteristics of this king, packers did not stint on complements. Those who packed the seeds in a package guarantee a fruit weight of at least 450 grams, but also promise that individual specimens can reach around 1000.

The company "Russian garden" presented a series of determinant hybrids. And indeed all the previous "kings" were short, but the "King Giant 9" is a tall, indeterminant hybrid.

Reviews of those who have already grown the ninth king, certainly begin with a photo with a weight of tomatoes. Vegetable growers claim that taking the largest weight of a tomato within 860, other smaller fruits, but they are:

  • meaty;
  • delicious;
  • fragrant;
  • gently.

Hybrid salad destination.

The plant requires a pinching and timely garter. Vegetable growers talk about good disease resistance, but experienced "tomato" timely carry out preventive processing.

"Early King 10"

What is hidden under this name is hard to say. What the market provides is a very early indeterminate large-fruited tomato.

Testimonials take place, but regrading with kings suggests that they do not always talk about the same thing.

If the variety is named “Early King 10”, then there is no such thing in the list of varieties and it is worthwhile to think carefully whether it is necessary to deal with tomatoes whose origin is unknown.

"King salting 11 F1"

"Russian Garden" again transferred kings from short to tall, giving "King of Pickles 11".

The fruits of this tomato are described as oval, although they draw an oval-cubic on a bag of seeds. The weight of an average tomato is 100-120 g. Red, without ribbing.

Tastes are high. The flesh is tender and at the same time not watery. The balance of acids and sugars optimally maintained. The skin is dense, and the wall of the tomato is found.

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Fruits are ideal for canning in cans and ferments in barrels.

Tomato is recommended for middle and southern latitudes.

Packers mark their products with F1, therefore, it does not make sense to assemble a hybrid and seeds of a tomato “King of Market 11”.

"Honey King 12"

Describing the tomato of this hybrid, the producers are not wordy. There are almost no reviews. Vegetable growers are not in a hurry to get acquainted with what is not yet clear how it will show itself.

From the description it follows that "Honey King 12":

  • indeterminate;
  • rose fruit;
  • fruitful;
  • disease resistant;
  • with round fruits up to 200 g;
  • it is intended for the greenhouse and an open ground;
  • medium ripening.

Orange King Market 13 F1 or Golden King

They renamed it orange, and at number 13 of the excellent hybrid “The Golden King”, which has been pleasing vegetable growers since 2010 with its beautiful fruits.

The tomato is entered in the register of selection achievements of the Russian Federation under the number 8954018.

Originator and applicant of a grade Agrostekhnologicheskaya Firma Agros LLC, Novosibirsk district, village of Izdaraya Russia.

The tomato is recommended for cultivation in all regions of the Russian Federation in film shelters and unheated greenhouses of private farms of vegetable growers.

Orange King of the market 13, or rather the "Golden King" hybrid salad destination, the average maturity.

The plant is short, determinant.

The sheet plate makes the hybrid recognizable because it has a very light green color. Beginning vegetable growers, not understanding the intricacies of the hybrid, believe that the leaf indicates nitrogen deficiency, and begin to strengthen supplementary feeding, but these are just biological features.

The hybrid fruit is heart-shaped. During ripening, the tomato keeps a green spot at the base of the stem for a long time. As the set of biological ripeness of the stain disappears, and the fruit becomes yellow.

Weak ribbing adorns the "golden king". The density of the tomato is average, has 6 and sometimes more nests filled with pulp.

Aligned tomatoes, weighing about 200 g, with a good yield.

The taste of the tomato is balanced. The evaluation of the tasters is “good”, but the vegetable growers mark the taste of the fruit as “excellent”.

It should be noted that the variety is not very “promoted”, and meanwhile, those who raised it once say:

  • high yield;
  • long, extended fruiting;
  • excellent resistance to disease;
  • high taste qualities.

Planting tomatoes "Golden King" in the garden and having experienced all the delights of a hybrid, vegetable growers are surprised why this "gold" is not yet in demand by the broad masses, and this tomato deserves its name "tomatoes are the king of the market."

Some growers compare the Golden King to the hybrid King of Siberia. However, the “King of Siberia” is not in the registry, and it is of unknown origin, and it is served as an indeterminate, tall, and the “Golden King” does not exceed 80 cm, which greatly simplifies care.

Features agrotehnika

Whatever the growth, if the fruits are heavy and the hybrid is harvested, it requires garters. Brushes with large fruits without fixing break, and the plant significantly reduces the yield.

Garters can be used as purchased materials in horticultural centers, and adapted from household waste.

Regular tying will ensure a smooth increase in yield and its safety.

Growing tomatoes is the king of the market, and counting on high yields, special attention should be paid to the agrotechnology of the soil. In order for the fruit to gain weight and its taste to be balanced, with the optimum amount of dry substances and sugars it is necessary to provide the plant with all the nutrients.

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Feedings begin to carry out in 2-3 weeks after transplanting in open ground, and then every 2-3 weeks. The alternation of organic and inorganic fertilizers will help the plant to balance its nutrition and show the full varietal potential.

When purchasing seeds, growers are interested in reviews, but growth conditions and agricultural technology are so different that it is not always possible to get what you want.Only timely watering, fertilizing, shaping, mulching and treatment of diseases can allow you to "squeeze out" of a variety or hybrid maximum of gross production, which will be tasty and marketable.

Characteristics in the table

Grade name Terms of ripening (days) Bush type Yield Weight, shape of the fruit The color and taste of the fruit
Market King No. I 90-100 Up to 70 cm


About 10 kg per square. meters Up to 140 g cubic Red


No. II 90-100 Up to 70 cm


About 10 kg per square. meters 80-100 g cylindrical cream Red


Number III 90-100 Up to 70 cm


8-9 kg with apt. meters 100-120 g




№ IV 95-100 Up to 70 cm


8-9 kg with apt. meters Up to 300 g




No. V 95-100 60-80 cm


9 kg with apt. meters 180-200 g

Flat rounded



No. VI 80-90 60-80 cm


About 10 kg per square. meters 250-300 g




No. VII 100-110 Up to 100 cm


About 10 kg per square. meters Up to 500-600 g



a great

Pink King Market No. VIII 100-120 Up to 1.5 m


12-13 kg with apt. meters 250-350 g

Round, smooth


a great

King Giant No. IX 100-120 Up to 1.5 m


12-13 kg with apt. meters On average 400-600 g and up to 1000 g

Round, smooth


a great

Early King No. X 80-95 60-70 cm


9-10 kg with a square. meters Up to 150 g




Salting King No. XI 100-110 Up to 1.5 m


10-12 kg per square meter meters 100-120 g





Honey King No. XII 100-120 Up to 1.5 m


12-13 kg with apt. meters 180-220 g



a great

Orange King Market No. XIII 120-130 Up to 100 cm


10-12 kg per square meter meters About 250g



a great

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