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A series of tomatoes "Cream giant": a description of varieties

Nowadays there are a huge variety of different varieties of tomatoes. There are individual hybrids, there are tomatoes that are listed in the register, there are those that are the result of the work of private companies, and there are whole species. Today we will talk about the latter, or rather, about the very worthy representatives of the series. Tomatoes “Cream of the Giant” were the subject of this article.

Be careful when choosing tomatoes from the same series, but in different colors. They are distinguished not only by the hue of the skin, but often also by agricultural technology. Read the information on the packaging carefully.

Official information

As you understand, "Cream giant" is part of the whole type of tomato. To say exactly when the idea of ​​creating a series arose is now difficult. The fact is that any species includes a lot of varieties that were bred in different years and even decades. One thing is known for sure that the breeders wanted to achieve from the future tomato universality in cooking, a long shelf life. And if we talk about “Cream of the Giant”, then there are also large fruits, which are not so numerous in the series. Breeders received a lot of different varieties, according to some data, there are more than 150.

Characteristic varieties

Today we are not acquainted with the whole series, but with large-fruited representatives. Tomatoes here are red, raspberry, yellow-orange. Basically, all tomatoes are distinguished by a strong skin, which allows the crop to be stored for a long time, and it can also be easily transported. The culinary destination is quite varied in “Cream of the Giant” tomatoes, and these tomatoes are ideal for processing and fresh food.

You can plant different varieties of giants, which, in turn, have different ripening terms, color, and taste. This will provide an opportunity to get a tasty harvest from early summer to autumn, while the assortment of fruits will open up more opportunities in cooking.


We should also say about the tomatoes themselves. The whole series got its name for a reason, and for the shape of the fruit in the form of cream - there are just elongated tomatoes, there is a small spout. "Cream giant" is no exception, the tomatoes of different colors of this subspecies have all the elongated shape. They are strong, the pulp contains little water, seeds. Due to which the harvest is stored for a long time, it can ripen.

Due to the large mass of fruits, the harvest is always good and there is something to prepare for the winter. Often, "Cream of the Giant" and its varieties are grown for sale. Their indicators to this have, and demand is always high. Tomatoes "Cream of the Giant" can be seen in the markets throughout the country. They are well stored, have a decent presentation. The taste is also no complaints.

The mass of fruits in this series may be completely different. These are not only fleshy giants tomatoes - 300 grams or more, but also compact like cherry tomatoes.

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Using tomatoes

The “Cream of the Giant” subspecies is ideal for creating culinary masterpieces. Of course, a large mass of fruits has its drawbacks, since such tomatoes cannot be put whole into a jar, but you can make juices, ketchups, and pasta.The orange varieties of the subspecies are a storehouse of benefits for children and people on dietary nutrition. The hostesses also make very tasty mixed vegetables, marinate large fruits in barrels, while the neutral taste does not spoil the taste of other vegetables. The fruits contain a very rich vitamin and mineral composition, they contain a lot of fiber - fiber, which helps our digestive tract.


Of course, it all depends on the variety, “Cream giant” shows high results, largely due to the mass of tomatoes. With 2-3 bushes per square meter you can collect more than 10-12 kg of tomatoes. More compact varieties give 7-8 kg. But it is important to comply with agricultural practices, take good care. One thing is for sure, that the whole series is considered very productive, that is, under different growing conditions, the crops are stable and high everywhere.


Breeders set the task to get varieties not only productive and versatile in cooking, but also highly resistant. And they did it, because most varieties do not get sick, do not rot. And our tomatoes “Cream of the Giant” are red and yellow as well.

But still, phytophthora can sometimes ruin the crop, it will largely depend on competent agricultural engineering and timely prevention.

Cultivation feature

Each variety is grown in its own way. Of course, a newbie may get confused, but just follow the main rules.

  • When buying a particular type of tomato from the series, you should always look at the information on the package - a good manufacturer will indicate the main subtleties.
  • Agrotechnology of tomatoes is very similar in many respects and depends on the variety. As a rule, all high varieties require shaping and garters; on the contrary, low-growing tomatoes are very easy to grow. But it is important for each variety to read information about diseases and pests.
  • Large-fruited “Giant cream” requires a lot of watering, stalk and branch garter, they also need fertilizer to productively shape the crop.
If you do not have the time and experience, then choose varieties that do not need to stepchild, form, tie up. After planting the seedlings, just grind the ground and all your efforts will be minimal.

Well, let's get acquainted with a brief description of one of the best representatives of the series "Cream". As you understood, these are our giants and their varieties.

"Cream giant red"


Very tasty and juicy variety. It has tall bushes that require strong support, when forming into two stems, it can grow up to 1.8-2 meters. In terms of ripening grade mid. Grown in greenhouses and on the street. In the northern regions - in warm greenhouses. The fruits are very tasty, large - have a mass of more than 250-300 grams. Productivity varieties excellent. He likes frequent feeding and watering. The color of the fruit is red and saturated. Fruits contain a lot of carotene, do not crack, are well stored.


Pests do not often bother with “cream giant red”, it has excellent resistance to diseases. Very rarely, from the wrong agrotechnology can get phytophthora. If you start the fight in time, then insects and diseases can be successfully eliminated. If you carry out prevention, there will be no risk. If tomatoes get a lot of nutrition, then they will have stronger immunity. Large-fruited varieties especially need feeding.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • big fruit, tasty and juicy;
  • very high yield - up to 11 kg per square meter;
  • good keeping quality;
  • sustainability.


  • requires attention during growing;
  • need props and formation;
  • large fruits are not preserved whole.

"Cream orange giant"


This is the second popular and quite popular variety from the subspecies of the series. As you understand, it has golden-orange fruit. They are always very popular with people with allergies, as red vegetables cause them to react. They are rich in vitamins, great for kids and for dieting. You can use it to make fresh salads, juice and ketchup.

Shrubs, like the red variety, are tall and powerful - 1.6-1.8 meters. Form them in 2-3 stalks. The variety can be grown on the street and in the greenhouse, has an average ripening time. Demanding on the composition of the soil, needs frequent feed and fertilizer. Bushes tie up and stepchild.


According to reviews, manufacturers really created a variety that is resistant to all common diseases. He is not afraid of wilting, mosaics, phytophtoras, vertex and root rot. But it is always important to care for plantings. Pests can also bother cultivars with average maturity. They are derived either by popular infusions or by effective insecticides.

During flowering and fruiting do not use drugs with chemical composition, only biological or folk infusions.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • large fruits - 150-300 grams;
  • ideal for diet and baby food;
  • high yield - up to 10 kg;
  • excellent quality, pleasant taste;
  • wide use in cooking;
  • sustainability.


  • requires attention;
  • not preserved whole;
  • insects can bother.

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"Cream giant"


This is the usual, so to speak, cream. The third grade and one of the best in the series. Fruits are large - from 150 to 300 grams. They have a crimson hue of the skins, very dense flesh. Not everyone likes it, because tomatoes seem dryish to someone. But they also have a lot of fans for the sweetness of the tomatoes and the thick skin. Maturing dates are medium early. You will receive your first raspberry cream for 110-115 days from the moment of sprouting. It is grown up, as well as all series and on the street, and in the greenhouse. Bushes are powerful, they need attention, like fellow giants. Seeds in the fruit is very small. Productivity of 8-11 from square meter.


Tomatoes "Cream of the Giant" have excellent immunity to common tomato diseases. In case of a poor agrotechnical process, fruits can become covered with late blight, but this, as a rule, happens due to a lack of nutrients, that is, if additional feeding is not made, also from a large excess of moisture in the soil. Therefore, the greenhouse should always be aired, the beds after each watering and rain carefully loosen. If weeding is not carried out at the site, then it is fraught with not only the stagnation of moisture, but also the development of a pathogenic environment.

Merits and non-deliveries


  • large fruits, good yield;
  • excellent immunity to disease;
  • sweet taste, the possibility of cooking various dishes;
  • long storage and possibility of transportation.


  • like all tall and large-fruited tomatoes, it is demanding of dressing, moisture;
  • bushes require shaping and pasynkovanie;
  • dryish flesh.
Varieties “Cream red giant”, as well as orange and simple very decent tomatoes. You will not be disappointed with them.

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If you plant early varieties and medium maturity, you will receive a harvest until autumn. Red and orange tomatoes are very tasty, and, most importantly, healthy.

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  1. Anna

    Since we have become accustomed to annually propping up and tying up tomatoes, the giant Cream has absolutely not frightened us that care is needed. Of course, we also water this sort of tomato.Why did we choose this particular brand? Because our preference is that they are not too juicy, but drier. Our family doesn’t really like tomatoes to be watery. And these are opposite, sugary. Salads are very cool, or just for a sandwich, because they are large and in a cut just fit in size to the bread.


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