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Tomato "Room surprise": decorate the apartment and diversify the salad

Considering the tomato “Room surprise” reviews, photos, yields suggest that this variety will feel great in the small space of the pot, decorate the house, patio, apartment and diversify the salad.

Official information

Applicant and originator of a variety LLC “Research Institute of Protected Vegetable Growing”, Moscow Russia and LLC “Gavrish Sem”, Moscow Russia. The variety passed the test and in 2011 was entered into the register of breeding achievements of the Russian Federation under the number 853152.

The grade is recommended for cultivation in all regions of the country in an open ground and cultivation as a pot culture in personal subsidiary farms. Tomato salad destination.

Artists overdone

Looking for seeds of this variety on the shelves of seed shops you can see bags with the name "Room surprise" from "Gavrish", but in the photo beautiful small tomatoes are oval, plum-shaped and weight is indicated up to 60 g.

In fact, the variety has rounded fruits, and apparently printing a photo of it was overgrown, and then someone, through ignorance and description, filed it with oval fruits. Weight is also not true. Yes, and a sprig of tomato in the picture is omitted, and the "surprise" perfectly keeps its tomato on the trunk.

Characteristic variety

Tomato of early ripening. After sowing the seeds in early March, the seedlings will be ready for planting in the open ground of the vegetable garden or pots in early May.

The plant is low, standard. The leaf plate is medium in size, green, not wrinkled.

The fruit is round, smooth, shiny. In the period of growth and ripening of light green color fully matured red.

Tomato fruit “Room surprise” has a weight of 20-25 g. All tomatoes are the same shape and the same size. Ripening their friendly. At a section 4-6 nests with small seeds are looked through.

Taste of the fetus on the evaluation of excellent tasters. Those vegetable growers who have already grown a variety, fully agree with the tasting assessment and talk about the excellent taste of tomato fruit. The ratio and balance of acids and sugars speaks in favor of the latter, but at the same time the tomato has a pronounced tomato, pleasant taste. For children, tomato is a true aesthetic and taste pleasure.

A pot with ripened fruits looks like a real tree, to which it is even a pity to touch.

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Fruits stay on the plant for a long time, do not become soft and do not crumble, which is an additional bonus in favor of the variety.

Very elegant look tubs with tomato in which are planted in several bushes. Initially, they are green, then covered with bouquets of yellow flowers, which also looks great. When tomatoes begin to ripen massively, the picture is extremely attractive.

Yield and processing

During the varietal testing of the variety, there was a clearly established yield of 2.5-2.9 kg per square meter.

Given that the variety is shtambovy, short and 5-6 bushes can be planted for one meter, up to 0.5 kg of tomatoes can be obtained from the bush.

The yield of the variety is not very high.Probably, naturally, there are no reviews of vegetable growers about how a tomato behaves in processing, since there is nothing to process, just enough to admire.

Tomato peel is not very dense, therefore, it is necessary to take into account that under the influence of heat treatment tomatoes can burst.

Disease resistance

Growing in room culture tomatoes "Room Surprise" will not require additional processing from you.

The registration commission did not file data on the sustainability of the variety in the garden; however, for preventive measures, all preventive measures should be taken.

Experienced vegetable growers regularly process plantings with fungicides, and this is what guarantees high yields.

In order not to lose a single tomato, it is enough to follow a number of not tricky rules:

  1. Alternate planting tomatoes, observing crop rotation. Return the tomato to its original place no earlier than in 3-4 years;
  2. Do not use the same fungicide drug throughout the season, alternate them using different active principles, this will prevent microscopic fungi from becoming addicted to remedies;
  3. Begin processing when the pea is as large as a pea, and then after 15-20 days depending on weather conditions.

Virtues of the variety

"Room surprise" has a number of advantages:

  1. Early maturation;
  2. Excellent taste;
  3. There is no need for supports and garters;
  4. Presentable appearance.

Lack of variety

  • Low yield.

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Features of growing

Sowing seeds for indoor cultivation can be done at any time of the year. However, it should be borne in mind that as soon as the seeds come up, they need to light up for 3-4 days, 24 hours a day. Further, the duration of daylight should be reduced, but not less than 16 hours. If there is no opportunity to light up, move the crop to the beginning of March.

Tomato sowing can be carried out in the following sequence:

  • Soak the seeds in a damp cloth and place in a warm place for 2-3 days;
  • Fill the tub with fertile soil and compact it;
  • Spread nakluvshisya seeds on the surface with a distance of 2-3 cm;
  • Sprinkle with soil to 1-1.5 cm and spray with warm water from a spray bottle;
  • Shake into a plastic bag and place in a warm place.
In 5-7 days, shoots will appear. Now it is necessary to lower the temperature to 18 ᵒC in the afternoon and to 14 ᵒC at night and put it on the lightest window-sill in the apartment.

During growth, seedlings should be watered with warm water so that the earth lump is fully moistened, but water does not stagnate.

Dive seedlings need to phase two true sheets and you can do it right in those pots or tubs, where it will be a constant growth of the plant.

Tomato "Room surprise" characteristic and description of the variety indicate that by planting such a bush you can easily decorate the room and the loggia, the patio and the terrace. Fruits obtained from a beautiful plant will be even more pleasant.

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Video: Growing indoor tomatoes in the winter

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  1. Svetlana

    That did not work for me to grow tomatoes at home so far: a few fruits and a huge amount of leaves. Apparently, she chose the wrong sort. We must look at this.

  2. Irina

    Planted this room surprise in the garden. Seeds sowed 7th April. Tomatoes are large.Size in length on average 5-6 cm. Weight up to 60g. Form ovoid, slightly elongated. The taste is ordinary. The rod passes through the entire fetus. Blush from the second mid of July, not together. The remaining varieties, medium early for a long time and more friendly blush. Did not like. I will not plant more. Planted on the windowsill Pinocchio, so has long since harvested. And then under the sun and does not blush.

  3. Tatyana

    In all the above photos in the article, tomatoes are oblong. You do not have pictures of this room surprise? Or is it still a surprise?

  4. Ivan

    Good day. Put the seeds on a fleece in a warm "lighted" place or in a "dark".
    - “Shoot up in a plastic bag and place in a warm place.”, I would also like to clarify what place it is. (Dark, illuminated)

  5. Oksana

    I also find it always interesting when I read articles about vegetable growing - why they never insert photos into articles with this particular variety in question. I understand that it is much easier to insert any photo, but it is much smarter and more informative to show real photos of this particular variety, whether it's tomatoes, cucumbers or anything else.

    And here it turns out to be absurd - even at the beginning of the article we are talking about how it is wise with the photos on the packages that the variety is actually rounded rather than plum-shaped - and right there they insert photos with tomatoes in general of various plum-shaped forms. Ridiculous.


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