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Tomato "Andromeda F1". Characteristic and description of the hybrid

We already know all this, but after all tomatoes are not just fruits, they are a large species, where there are different varieties that each has its own qualities, ripening terms, shape, size, and so on. The knowledge of these varieties allows the summer resident to grow from year to year an excellent harvest, despite the weather conditions in this season, the size of the space and place. Tomato "Andromeda" and its characteristics and description of the variety will give you useful information about one of the best tomatoes. He deservedly can become a resident of your garden in the new season.

general information

This variety ripens early, can be grown in regions with a cold and warm climate. It is often grown on an industrial scale. The tomato was bred by a domestic breeder in 1998. Mashtakov is a very famous scientist not only within our country, but also abroad. From under his light hand breeder came not one variety. A "Andromeda" tomato in the Rostov region was bred, but quickly began to spread throughout all regions. In our time, it is actively grown.

For information!

This variety is distinguished not only by its positive characteristics, but also by the fact that it has different types. So, the tomato "Andromeda" can be red, pink and gold (yellow). One such species can decorate the beds and the table. But the main breeders believe it is a red look.

Varietal characteristics

  • Refers to the hybrid species, which have a number of positive qualities.
  • Tomato has early ripening. To get the first yields, you need to wait only 92 to 115 days. If you take the golden variety of the variety, then it matures in about 104-110 days. The pink species will harvest very early - in just 77-89 days. If the season turned out to be overcast, cold and rainy, then the dates may shift by 5-10 days.
  • All three types of culture are determinant. The bush does not differ by thick branches, the trunk does not form, it is semi-sprawling. Its height is 55-70 cm. If the variety is grown in closed conditions, the stem can grow more than a meter.
  • One brush can form up to 7 tomatoes.
  • If we talk about the color of the leaves, then only in the pink species they have a slight silver shade, while other species are standard light green.
  • Cold-resistant grade. It is perfectly stored up to 120 days in certain conditions where it can ripen.
  • All types are very juicy, tasty, fragrant. Their skin is smooth and dense, the number of cameras - 4-5. Tomato "Andromeda" has great reviews. Photos show all kinds.
  • Productivity Red fruit weighs up to 130 grams. Productivity - more than 10 kg per square meter. Pink fruits will weigh 150 grams. The yield will be slightly less or the same. The most outstanding fruits give golden types of "Andromeda", where the mass of tomatoes can reach 320 grams.
  • All subspecies have a universal table purpose, can be used for the preparation of any canned food and used fresh. Nutritional value - high.

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Features of growing

Sowing seeds begin from the first to the second half of March. Seeds of tomatoes "Andromeda", according to reviews, it is better to process in order to eliminate the risks of infection with certain diseases. But, in general, the variety is stable. When the seedlings have formed a pair of true leaves, they dive in separate pots.The seedlings are planted on the street at the end of May, when the temperature stably keeps more than 17 degrees. If the variety is grown in greenhouse conditions, the transfer of seedlings is carried out earlier.

Tomatoes are intended for open ground, where 4 bushes per meter are planted. In street conditions do not require the formation and garters. If the climate in your region is harsh, then you will grow seedlings in the greenhouse, here you need to provide the seedlings with a garter and the formation of two stalks for the greatest yield.

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The peculiarity of the variety is that its root system does not differ in power, because it often cannot feed the whole shrub with fruits. This means that you will need to constantly feed the culture - once in 10-14 days. To do this, alternate mineral and organic supplements. The rest of the usual care - watering as drying, loosening, weed and pest control.

An interesting variety that deserves to grow on our beds. His farming is simple, and the results are excellent.

Video review of the Andromeda F1 tomato hybrid

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